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Pyar Ka Pahla Khat singing again

Yes I wanted to sing this song again... This song is near to my heart... So h...

2 months ago | 32 comments | 49 plays

Tujhse naraz nahi Zindagi- Masoom

A new trial.. One of the song from my wishlist... I love this song for everyt...

4 months ago | 25 comments | 77 plays

Aj Kal Paon Zameen Per

As I promised to myself and to everyone here that I am coming back this time ...

4 months ago | 39 comments | 62 plays

Chura Liya hai tumne duet with Pransh

I had this unfinished song from two years. I was unable to match singing leve...

5 months ago | 31 comments | 64 plays

Ami chini go chini tomare... Rabindra sangeet

Here I am after a long time.. sorry no spankings please ;) ... as you know I ...

7 months ago | 28 comments | 54 plays

Jane Tu Ya Jane Na

My take of this ARR rocking song. It was really hard to modulate voice to mat...

over 2 years ago | 51 comments | 381 plays

Tu Hi Re Duet with Harsh

A duet with one of the most Talented person I ever met! "Harsh Shah":http://w...

over 2 years ago | 52 comments | 260 plays

Enathuyire - Bheema (Duet with Kamu anna)

This song blew me away from the very first day I heard it while mixing it for...

over 2 years ago | 0 comments | 189 plays

Ye Raaten Ye Mausam Duet with Chandrakant Page

Here is a sweet and romantic duet (and a tough one too :D) which I have sung ...

over 2 years ago | 65 comments | 143 plays

Sajda- dard se mera

Ah! this song was DAMN tough... I fell in love to this song when I heard it F...

over 2 years ago | 59 comments | 239 plays

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