baarish. .. unplugged with guitar

For the first time I am uploading a song with my guitar music. .. I qm unable...

about 1 month ago | 14 comments | 32 plays

Pyar Ka Pahla Khat singing again

Yes I wanted to sing this song again... This song is near to my heart... So h...

8 months ago | 32 comments | 65 plays

Tujhse naraz nahi Zindagi- Masoom

A new trial.. One of the song from my wishlist... I love this song for everyt...

9 months ago | 25 comments | 266 plays

Aj Kal Paon Zameen Per

As I promised to myself and to everyone here that I am coming back this time ...

10 months ago | 39 comments | 69 plays

Chura Liya hai tumne duet with Pransh

I had this unfinished song from two years. I was unable to match singing leve...

10 months ago | 32 comments | 80 plays

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Music fascinated me since chilhood as my mother used to learn music since when I was 1 year old. My father plays tabla to do sangat with my mother. Ufortunately I was not able to learn classical music, because when it was my learning time my mother ans father were learning it themselves and when they became able to teach me music, I was surrounded with loads of books to study. As I was a science student it needed more attention and I was not so bright student to get good marks on reading less time. But still I am eager to learn classical music, I will definitely learn it when I wont have any tensions and I get a good teacher :)

Till then i will try to sing as I can.

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Musical Instruments

A simple mic
My laptop
My throat :D
Wavepad sound editor
Adobe Audition 3.0
Cool edit pro 2.0