Lakhon Hain Nigah Mein - Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon (Cover)

Hi Folks! I am sorry for not being around lately. Have got associated wit...

over 1 year ago | 18 comments | 59 plays

Dilbar Mere - Satta Pe Satta (Cvr)

Hi folks! Another humble attempt of one of the maestro's popular numbers. ...

almost 2 years ago | 19 comments | 134 plays

Meet Na Mila Re Man Ka - Abhiman (Cover)

Hi Folks! Just recovered from the laptop breakdown. Been over 3 months sin...

almost 2 years ago | 12 comments | 32 plays

Hamesha - Swabhimaan (Cvr)

Hi Folks! The 'Svetlana Banerjee'... 'Keshav Malhotra'... 'Rakshanda' and ...

about 2 years ago | 22 comments | 186 plays

Ye Hawa Kehti Hai Kya - Aryans (Cvr)

Hi Folks! Again been caught up with office work. With time I got today, I...

about 2 years ago | 28 comments | 144 plays

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A Mechanical Engineer who started his career with project management in Strategic Naval defense projects, moved to business development in Refineries & Petrochemicals (Oil & Gas), then into Shipbuilding and now into “business development, strategies and project management” of process plants producing industrial gases.

A Maharastrian by family, but my job has taken me to many cities like Vizag, Hyderabad, Surat, Mumbai, Chennai and now finally to Bangalore, my official native.

Am a total music freak!! The passion for music has always been there, but could never hone my skills through a formal training. Nevertheless I sing as an hobby and try to get better with every song, every try and every line that I sing.

I also play some musical instruments like Synthesizer, Guitar, Congo, Drums & Octopads. Never formally learnt them either, so am very much a jack of all but master of none.

I also do spend time trying to create music and put some words to it. Never really came out with something great, but hope to come up with some good numbers soon….



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Musical Instruments

1. Audio Technica Condenser mic AT2020 USB
2. Yamaha PSR 295
2. Givson Acoustic Guitar
4. My Laptop with Kristal and Audacity on it. Also have AcidPro but yet to learn how to effectively use it.

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