Happy Holi !!! (Piya Tose)

Friends..After a short break,back with a song well suited for Holi(Though I a...

about 1 month ago | 27 comments | 55 plays

Ruk Ja Raath

Friends,here is a beautiful classic from the film"Dil Ek Mandir" Dil Ek Ma...

3 months ago | 38 comments | 92 plays

Paadi Thodiyiletho(Mal cover)

Friends..Here is a Malayalam semi classical song by K S Chithra Film :Aa...

3 months ago | 42 comments | 89 plays

Aaj Kal Paao Zameen Par

Friends….After a short interval,thought of uploading a song today which needs...

4 months ago | 53 comments | 87 plays

Teri Aankhon Ke Siva

Friends...An immortal song which has always remained one of my favs,melodious...

6 months ago | 38 comments | 100 plays

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