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Shashank Gokhale posted

Shashank: : “Music has no language and more importantly NO Borders….Our Today’s Guest is one of the Oldest member of Muziboo and a owner of a very Famous Band in Pakistan called ‘Taal Band’. Asad Zeeshan is a Story Writer, Play actor and more importantly a great Musician. Asad composes for his own band and they have there First video out named Kal-Jug which is hitting the chart and also ONE of the Popular tracks of Muziboo. We know how music flow in INDIA but it would be interesting to know how Music carries its colours at neighbour’s home. Lets talk to Asad Zeeshan about his musical journey till now.”

Shashank: Hello Asad, Can you please tell us about yourself ?

Asad: : “I am from Lahore, Pakistan. My father is Dr. Younus Javaid. He is a famous play writer and wrote plays like Andhera Ujala and Pat – Jhar etc. I have done MBA in Finance from Pakistan and International MBA courses in Strategy, Hr and Global economics from Cyprus EU. I am a consultant in management projects. I am a short story writer, English poet, and music maker. Music is my hobby.”

Shashank: Wow ! Lot of things you do besides Music….How does Music Started in your Life ?

Asad: : "I know and what I heard from my parents that I started listening music when I was 1 year old kid. I still remember that I liked ghazals and ragas most at the time with some English songs. I composed Kal-jug when I was in 9th class, as the poetry was in my school’s Urdu language book.

Shashank: How Taal Band Started? Who are members of the Band?
Asad: : ""Taal band": was started when I completed by matriculation. I and my friends were enjoying holidays and we started recording songs at home. It was the year 1995, and I named this band. “Taal” is a great part of the music which is actually the rhythm and life of the music.

At that time there was nothing much about the bands and pop culture in Pakistan. We continued slowly because of studies. After completing my MBA and specialization from EU, Taal Band formally started in 2006.

Taal Band has 2 permanent members like me Asad Zeeshan, I compose with studio technicians, and Hammad (the vocalist) and it has some part time instrumentalist and other vocalist like Qasim, Naveed, fahad, Ustad Akmal Qadri etc. I strongly believe that single vocalist cannot sing every type of different songs. It’s unfair so I always look for new voices as to have melody and natural style into my songs."

Shashank: We know you like witting Stories and Plays too, can you tell us in brief about that ?

Asad: : “Yes, I do write short stories, you can say its all in genes. As I told you about my father, He is a famous play write and has great voice (but he never sing for me ) So There are few germs in me about that. I have also acted many of his plays with PTV (Pakistan Television) and some theatrical plays at Govt. College Lahore and Alhamra Arts council Lahore.”

Shashank: How was the experience of Kal-Jug ? How did that happen?

Asad: : “I and Hammad still enjoys that time. It was great experience and working with some of instrumentalist was great learning and fun. Actually Qasim was selected for the vocals of Kal-Jug but due to some problem Hammad took the chance. He really justified his chance. Lyrics were hard but he kept his cool and here we go.
The video of kal Jug was too much fun as I have done some plays so I have good experience of shooting. We have done shoots at famous studio called Bari studio Lahore. The story was well prepared, and I tried to make something which should not look a simple one as by standing and singing is old kind of video making technique. As you can see in the video, the story of rickshaw driver was made and after 2 weeks of hard work its all in front of you guys. Now you have to tell me how u find it.”

Shashank: Who compose tracks for Taal Band ? What genres of Music do you guys play ?

Asad: : “I compose for Taal. My music is about melody and rhythm with some of the greatest instruments of our time. Melody is missing these days in music and I like to work on it even still I am just a student and learning day by day.”

Shashank: Did you do any LIVE Performances in Pakistan ? Can you share one you would cherish….?

Asad: : " No unfortunately we haven’t performed because of lack of time. Hammad is a businessman and busy in his projects and same as me. But we are planning something on it. Hammad had perform at some of our private functions."

Shashank: Have you ever considered making a career out of music, if not full time at least part-time?

Asad: : “Yes, I am seriously thinking about as part time. I like to compose for plays or films if possible and I will work on this later.”

Shashank: Do you feel/see any difference in Music When We talk about music in India-Pakistan ?

Asad: : “Technically India is far above than Pakistan when it comes to music. India has introduced great legends like Burman da, to A R Rehman. We had Ustad Nusrat Ali khan but unfortunately he is no more. He was the legend for both of our countries. Real difference is in the opportunities. In Pakistan there is no opportunity for musicians to work in projects like bollywood and for multibillionaire television groups. There are multitalented musicians like SAM from Akash Band etc, in Pakistan but due to very less opportunities it difficult to survive.”

Shashank: What do you think about MUSICAL awareness or Popularity in Pakistan ? Can you brief what kind of Music People like there ?

Asad: : “In Pakistan people like to listen to all kind of music. Indian bollywood music is at top than pop music of Pakistan, than we have very good folk numbers. People listen to every good thing which is there. It depends upon culture of different provinces and background. Ghazals of ABIDA Perveen, Jagjeet singh, and Legend Mahdi Hassan saab are very much popular too. So people do like as depends on their mood. Qawalies are popular in Punjab and Sindh. People are very much aware of every thing which comes to market or even about the underground bands. There are huge numbers of concerts and musical programs going on these days as we have a good number of music televisions of our own spreading these days in Pakistan.”

Shashank: Is it a common practice to take music as a career in Pakistan ? Does Parent Support children to go ahead with Music ?

Asad: : “No it’s not common as I said above that there are very few opportunities to make it your career. Parents are neither encouraging nor discouraging but If someone don’t see any opportunity how can they go for it.”

Shashank: Any plan to come to India for Music. Live Shows, Movies in near Future?

Asad: : “I would love to come to India any chance I get. I want to join the music school of Rehman so let’s see what happened next :D”

Shashank: Would like to have a word from you about what things one would need to follow their career in Music….Just like you !

Asad: : "First, it’s very important to complete your studies, have some knowledge about the tasks and world, than you can do anything about your music with respect.

2nd, Always create your own things don’t follow trends or other as by doing this way you will loose your identity.

3rd and finally Respect your parents and elder in order to be successful in your life and try to take your own decisions in consultation with your family.

I like to say that, it is the time now that we should make a global band with people from both countries India and Pakistan. I ill love and welcome everybody if muziboo can play any role regarding this.

I would like to thanks Shashank and muziboo administration for providing me this opportunity to talk to you guys."

Shashank: “That was really very encouraging to see people go for opportunity instead of waiting for it….So the most influencing part of Asad’s journey is to keep alive the musical spirit whataver happens. I must say its important to respect the elders in your life as its the tradition in both the countries. Information about Musical Scene in Pakistan was nice and I hope we would build more bridges using MUSICAL Stuff. Thanks Asad for a nice interview and realistic answers.”

- Shashank Gokhale

Posted on April 18, 2008



Ronak R. said

Thanks Asad. It was wonderful informatic-interview. I’m also an MBA… :) so I do agree with the advice you’ve given. Its really important to know what the world is doing.

Thats an amazing idea about the cross-cultural band. Touching. :)
I liked the video too, you can see my comment over there. ;)

The advice you gave here reminded me of “Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)” by “Baz Luhrman”.

One of the best interview so far. Keep rocking!

~ Ronak R. / RokZRooM

Music – My Beloved Obsession!


Prasanna K said

I’m normally known as a cynical B******* :-)

But I found this to be seriously inspiring.

Shashank, I hope you can do a lot more of these. Thanks!


Asad Zeeshan said

Thanx Ronak R


Asad Zeeshan


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

Certainly very encouraging … I wish someday we can have a gig where all the musicians from different countries can come and play together :)

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A.k.a Ali said

Well i am frm Pakistan & i ddin’t knew about u guys anyways gr8 team u r working with Ustad Akmal Qadri is a legend.Best of luck.
Giive a listen to
Regards Stay Happy


Georgina said

hello i guess im a bit pissed off now !!!

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