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Pennsylvania, USA.


I am a research scientist by profession and singer by passion. I am a Telugu guy, now settled in the US. I have learned Carnatic music (vocal) in Bangalore and then in Houston—continue to do some practice by learning some new krithis and sing in aaradhana sabhas, temples, etc. whenever it is possible while trying to keep rest of the life activities afloat. I also sing light/film, Karaoke in Telugu, Hindi and some Tamil/Kannada/Punjabi, etc. And, once-in-a-while, I also get some urge to pen some Telugu words to my most favorite Hindi and Tamil songs (if those versions don’t already exist in Telugu)—but do not consider myself a poet or lyricist by any stretch of imagination, and I would love to out-source this job to more talented individuals—any takers? — :).

Above all, I just love singing. My favorite singers include legends as well as unknowns—my inspiration comes from singers/composers/lyricists of all grades and levels.


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My voice, Shure mics, Behringer PA system, etc.

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