My no.100 upload - 16 memorable songs of TALAT Saab

Dear friends, Heartly thanks a lot. Without your support this journey is imp...

4 months ago | 19 comments | 28 plays

Mahendra Kapoor - Ye hawa ye fiza - Gumraah (1963)

I have seen very very less numbers from “MAHENDRA KAPOOR” on Muziboo and like...

5 months ago | 19 comments | 34 plays

Hasrat hi rahi - Bambai ka chor (1962) - Kishoreda - Memo...

A melodious song with sweet tune of RAVIJI…………..& demanding voice of Kishored...

5 months ago | 15 comments | 29 plays

Aaj ki raat mere - Ram aur Shyam (1967)

A hit song from hit film sung originally by Great Leg...

5 months ago | 16 comments | 30 plays

Koi Lauta DE Mere - Door Gagan Ki Chhanv Mein - KISHOREDA

Heart touching songs created by the Legend – Actor – Artist – Director but ...

6 months ago | 14 comments | 26 plays

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Basically a Textile engineer from M S Uni of Baroda which is my native too.

Due to recession in the industry I took interest in computer hardware & networking, took huge experience in diff. compnies & now-a-days working as a tutor for “Computer Hardware and basic Networking” course.

In addition, working for “OLD-AGE HOMES” to provide entertainment via singing.

Also after an experience of a site, I am very clear to spare precious time for the persons who really spares some time for me and vice-versa.

Thanks for the support till now, my friends.


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