Pro Account

Pro Account Benefits

  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Higher Quality Streaming
  • Larger File Upload
  • MP3 Re-Upload
  • Private Sharing
  • Detailed Stats
  • Advertisement Free Pages
  • No-catch Refund Policy

Compare with Basic Account

Feature Basic Account Pro Account
MP3 Uploads 3/month
(upto 1 per day)
Photo Uploads 10 Unlimited
Streaming Bitrate Upto 64 kbps Upto 128 kbps
MP3 File Size Upto 10 MB Upto 30 MB
Stats Basic Detailed
MP3 Re-Upload NO YES
Private Sharing NO YES
Advertisement Free Pages NO YES

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Paypal account to make the payment?

No. You don't require a paypal account. All you need is a credit card to make a payment via Paypal.

I don't have a credit card. Can I still upgrade?

Yes. You can make the payment through a cheque deposit or an online bank transfer. For bank account details email us at or use the contact form. Mark the subjest as 'Pro Upgrade'. However, this option is available only for yearly subscriptions.

Will my Pro account get renewed automatically?

If you are subscribed to our monthly plan, your account will be automatically renewed on the last day of your subscription cycle. However, if you are subscribed to our yearly plan, your account will NOT be automatically renewed. You will be sent an email reminder for renewal, 15 days before the date of expiry.

Can I cancel my future renewals?

Yes. If you are a monthly subscriber, you are eligible to cancel your future renewals at any time by cancelling your subscription here. Once you cancel, your account will be downgraded in your next billing anniversary. As yearly subscriptions are not auto-renewed, this cancellation step is not required if you are subscribed to our yearly plan.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. You are eligible for a refund within 5 days from the date of subscription in the case of a monthly plan or within 14 days from the date of subscription in the case of an yearly plan.

Are there any special discounts that I can make use of?

Yes. If you are a student or a non-profit organization, kindly contact us to avail a discount. This discount is NOT available for the monthly plans.

I have a question which is not answered here. Can I contact you?

Sure. Please mail your queries to or use the contact form. We would be more than glad to assist you.

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You can use your Credit Card to pay at Paypal. You don't need to have an account with Paypal.

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