Dekha Tujhe Original Composition

Lyrics:- Dekha Tujhe Dekhta hi mein reh gaya Kehna tha kuch Sochta hi mei...

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Sun raha hai

After a long's something I tried, few lines from the song Sun ra...

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Hey Bhagwan Shree Ganesha. (Original Composition)

<b>OM SHREE GANESHAYA NAMAH</b> <b>The story of this song:-</b> The person...

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Happy Birthday Vivaan (Original Composition)

Title:- Happy Birthday Vivaan (Original Composition) Lyrics By:- PremJ Hans ...

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Kahin Toh Theme

<b>Title:-</b> Kahin Toh Theme <b>Music:-</b> PremJ Hans Hi there, This i...

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Highly creative and fun loving.
I am a Software Professional. Music is my hobby I have learnt on my own to play keyboard and a local class for chords n all.I enjoy making music my way. I believe that music has no boundaries its wide open, there’s no rules, but has its pattern that should be quite appealing.
Here’s my Favourite…
MusicDirector: AR Rehman,Rd Burman,JamesHorner,JatinLalit, HimeshReshamiya,AnandRajAnand and VishalDadlani.

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Musical Instruments

Keyboards:-Yamaha Psr290 and Cakewalk A-300 Pro
Software:- Sonar LE and Audacity
Machine:- Dell Laptop