Black Delhi Bohemia

This track got conceptualized while I was walking amidst the Old Delhi's narr...

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down to the core

How does it change your child if I am bad? Alive doesn't mean that you can’t...

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tunneling screams

feel it

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as the desires lie (raw cut)

do we really have to…go this far? did we make it too the dream? ...

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New Delhi.


Partha Anant (aka mustang of ‘mustangsown’) is a communication arts specialist who likes to experiment with words, sounds and visuals in order to utilize them for any given situation.

“As a writer, I practice the style of ‘spontaneous prose’ or ‘automated writing’ while at my workstation and deliver as per the client’s brief and needs.

As a musician I’ve finally graduated to a level where my music can be considered totally genre less; even after starting off as a rock driven lead vocalist cum rhythm guitarist. Today it is everything that makes sense and leaves the audience entertained and well communicated.

Apart from all of that I am very adventurous & experimental, detest control and believe in zero boundaries in all respects of life. Take every day as a new one which ends when and if night falls me off to sleep to the next morning of that afternoon to live another one as an, another me.”

The Band:
‘Regards for Retards’ is an experimental industrial metal band from India. The sound is electro-Industrial, Progressive, Techno-metal and pretty aggressive & intense at times; carries ensnarling hard-edged electronics, pulsating rhythms, heavy guitars, and screaming vocals in as jazzed -up way possible.

Zilch belief in the existence of boundaries in any art form. The sound is the representation or depiction of success, failures, love, hatred, violence, morbidity, drug use, religion, sex, experiments, adventures, machines, domesticity, driven, domination, getting used + abused, soul-rapes, ruthlessness, sanity, insanity, power, force within, art in its various forms and other elements seen through his lens as well as rest of the members, from all possible angles.

In all, pure strays who learn everything from the roads and by-lanes. By going through it all rather than learning from some hypothetically created situations what they show on the TV or scribble on black-boards.

The Sound is the point of view.


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Musical Instruments

Guitars: ESP
Guitar stomp: Dunlop’s MXR Distortion + (Rhandy Rhoads series)
Couple of processors by digitech & BOSS….including virtual ones too
Machines: Mac, dell, compaq
Applications: Audio tools, GarageBand, Nuendo, Audacity

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