Come back Song of my Priya Akka (Priya Shankar) - GBU Pri...

Dear Friends, I'm very much thrilled and excited to post a song, that too ...

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Maaman/Maamey Oru Naal - A Funny Unplugged Version & Expe...

Dear Friends, Got bored of doing regular cover versions and was thinking o...

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Pachai Nirame - Cover singing by Kamesh

Hi Folks, Its been a long time since i wanted to sing the cover version of...

about 2 years ago | 11 comments | 85 plays

Va Va Anbe Anbe - Cover By Theagu Anna & Kamesh - Bringin...

My dear friends, Its been a very long time since I posted a song in my pag...

about 2 years ago | 17 comments | 65 plays

Po Nee Po - "3 Movie" - Cover singing by Kamesh

Hi my dear friends, I have tried to give one of my best cover songs. Tried...

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Hi Friends/Muzibooians,

Basically I’m a simple guy from Chennai/Tamilnadu. A chemical engineer graduated in 2008 and was working as a Senior Market Research analyst in a MNC, Chennai. Currently in Sweden pursuing MSc in Chemical engineering with a specialization in Paper and Pulp Technology.

Me just an amateur singer….learnt Carnatic music a month…I know for sure this will not help me to prove my singing talent, but have the fire in me to show off my talent a day to the world. Hope you friends will help me a lot to learn about music:)

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Musical Instruments

>Audacity 1.3 beta version
>Logitech Mic with headphones.
>Champion Mic, 600 Ohms impedance, -58 dB sensitivity and 3.5 mm stereo.