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Kadavul Thandha Azagiya vaazhvu - Maayavi cover by Bhupalan

hi all, here is one of the good karaoke that I wanted to make use of... sorry...

Bhupalan uploaded 1 day ago | 5 comments | 13 plays


Idho idho en nenjile....Cover by Hamsa & Thanvi

*20th August 2014* Friends I am delighted to present a female duet with...

Hamsapriya Pro user uploaded 1 day ago | 0 comments | 24 plays


KaNNaadi nee kaNjaadai naan by Bhupalan with Hamsa Mam :)

Happy Independence Day Everyone! found this karaoke for male singers uploa...

Bhupalan uploaded 6 days ago | 0 comments | 16 plays


Kaadhalin Pon veedhiyil- Cover with Hamsa ji

Film: Pookkaari Music: MS Viswanathan Singers: Originally by TM SoundarRaja...

Sridhar G uploaded 9 days ago | 14 comments | 12 plays


Oh Priya - Idhayathai thirudathey cover with Hamsa Mam :)

thanks for Hamsa Mam for this track... :) Film: Idhayathai thirudaadhe Mu...

Bhupalan uploaded 24 days ago | 14 comments | 29 plays


Penmaane sangeetham paadivaa with Hamsa

*17 July 2014* Dear Friends, This is a very special day for me and so, ...

Vino... uploaded about 1 month ago | 25 comments | 39 plays


Engiruntho Azhaikum with Hamsa Rishi

Engiruntho Azhaikum with Hamsa Rishi

Kumaran T uploaded about 1 month ago | 3 comments | 12 plays


Kandangi Kandangi - Jilla cover by Bhupalan along with Ha...

hi everybody... :) thanks to Hamsa Mam and Chandra Sir for providing this ...

Bhupalan uploaded about 1 month ago | 9 comments | 44 plays


Chandrodayam Oru Pennanado - Duet with Hamsapriya

Song : Chandrdayam Oru Pennanatho Movie : Chandrodayam Music : MSV Lyrics ...

Sridhar G uploaded about 1 month ago | 4 comments | 11 plays


Naan pesa ninaipadhellaam nee pesa vendum- Cover by Hamsa...

*24 th June 2014* Friends *We are so honoured to select few Gems of MSV...

Hamsapriya Pro user uploaded about 1 month ago | 22 comments | 31 plays

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