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Kiss my smiles on your smiles


Gezz Raynier uploaded 3 months ago | 0 comments | 36 plays


Love Turns To Lies


Frontaxle uploaded 4 months ago | 0 comments | 2 plays


Baarish Cover - Yaariyan

My version of the new love ballad Baarish from the movie Yaariyan! Self-arran...

Shireesh uploaded 8 months ago | 3 comments | 20 plays


I Wanna Be Here With You - Dubble Seven

I'm sorry that I made you cry I'll love you til the day I die Don't leave m...

Dubble Seven uploaded 9 months ago | 0 comments | 4 plays


Oh Darling ----Beatle cover

Paul McCartney wrote and performed this song on the album track I hope you...

Blue Sky uploaded 12 months ago | 0 comments | 6 plays


After The Lovin (Englebert Humperdink Cover)

So I sing you to sleep After the lovin' With a song I just wrote yesterday ...

Rod Mcwade uploaded about 1 year ago | 2 comments | 2 plays


The Young Ones (Cliff Richard Cover) Rec Kar in China

The young ones, Darling we're the young ones, And young ones shouldn't be a...

Rod Mcwade uploaded about 1 year ago | 1 comment | 3 plays


When The Girl In Your Arms (Cliff Richard cover)

When the girl in your arms Is the girl in you heart Then you have got every...

Rod Mcwade uploaded about 1 year ago | 1 comment | 4 plays


Evergreen Tree (Cliff Richard Cover) Karaoke Rec

Oh darling, will our love be like an evergreen tree Stay ever green and youn...

Rod Mcwade uploaded about 1 year ago | 3 comments | 19 plays


My Foolish Heart (Cliff Richard Cover)

The night is like a lovely tune, beware my foolish heart! How white the ever...

Rod Mcwade uploaded about 1 year ago | 0 comments | 2 plays

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