Zack's Biggest Surprise

Lyrics & Chords

I tickled your mom’s cervix till the bitch shit you out.
I went two girls one cup all up in your mouth
I went tay zonday brought chocolate rain in the draught.
Your pussy smells like a month old trout
You just got shit showered. I devour cowards.
I went Jack Bauer for like 25 hours.

I heard you fuck baby dudes while they take baby poops.
I heard you suck baby dick while they take baby piss-es. Zack is a bitch
Zack is an intersex
Zack missed his period.

Zack will grab your nutsack and ask you to grapple.
His cologne smells like an old man’s asshole
He loves snapple. Motherfucker loves strawberry kiwi snapple.
He’ll smoke cigarettes and he sucks mad dick. The band cartoon is full of feminists and faggots.


The song is predicated on the belief that zack is preggers.


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