Zaara Jhoom Jhoom ( Cover Version )

Lyrics & Chords

Movie : Tom,Dick, and Harry ( 2006 )
Song : Zaara Jhoom Jhoom
Original Singer: Himesh Reshammiya
Music : Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics : Sameer
Sung By : Vishal

Ah …Himesh Reshammiya ….The name itself is enough for many to boil their blood …lol …Opinions are divided on him and he has been criticized right about everything from his nasal twang, cap, dressing style etc etc …Well despite that, he is immensely popular due to his style of music based on pop and techno beats, which is tuned with the current generation. He boasts of 36 hits in a year !

It’s not like I LOVE these type of songs but someone has to sing it ;) …….Apparently many Bollywood singers criticize him too but I guess that’s because he sings his own hit songs …lol…Well he has won “Filmfare Best Male Playback” Award in 2006 for “Aashiq Banaya Aapne” ! Can’t argue with that ;)

Just trying something different for fun and hope you will like it ;)



Deepak Nayak said

What I like about this track is the try… I haven’t seen many covers of songs sung by Himesh… However, I am a little curious if this is your usual style of singing or you adapted it in this particular song to sound like Himesh??

“Sathiiiyaaa” requires a little more practice dude…

Good try all in all… Great work… Keep it up… Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Krawdeejay™ - d@ ev0luti0n said


I’m one Himesh fan and I kinda liked your cover version!

Ya, I agree with Deepak that you need to practice on
that “Saathiyaaa” part.

You should put your scale up when you reach “…thi…”in the first time that you sing “saathiyaan”.

The rest was good.

And I liked it!

Sounded like a calmer version of Himesh!
Hehehe! ;-)

KRODEEJAY™ – Makin some love wid MuZiC!


Prem j Hans said

Good One ! Vishal….I like Himesh’s music too no matter what! …….his voice suits his music very much and that gets hit too….you have sung it very good 5/5
PremJ Hans…
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Sudhathee Sriram said

i dont have a liking for Himesh…but ya…ur voice is nice …and u have sung very well….high energy and good control:)
btw…where is asha bhonsle in this scene….:-O
I admire Asha ji and i think whatever be our personal opinions,we should respect people…thats my humble request:)


Vishal Khaparde said

Jay – Thanks for listening ! I like Himesh for his straightforwardness but I feel he went overboard with his spat with Ashaji. Anyone who has contributed to Indian music for so many decades should be respected. I like few songs by Himesh but saying he gave more hits in a year than RD Burman ever did in his life is way too much to digest for anyone ;) …Regarding the reality shows, oh well its all drama as we know ! ;) I’m totally with you when you said that such tv personalities are intentionally created for higher ratings for the shows… but Indian mentality isn’t like Americans …They expect everyone to be nice ……There is no place for Simon Cowell in India !

Dj Deepak – Thanks for listening and your encouraging words ! Actually this isn’t my style of singing …;) I feel certain songs should be sung in that style only, so had to adopt it in this song ….You are right about “Saathiya” …That was little high pitch for me and I struggled ….little more warm up would have helped …:) …

Krodeejay – Thanks ! Glad you liked it :) …Noted your points :) …Calmer version …haha ….I hope I didn’t sound nasal at any point !…That was un-intentional …;)

PremJ Hans – Thanks ! Haven’t heard lot of songs from Himesh but I like few of them …esp songs from “Tere Naam”

Sudhathee – Thanks for your feedback ! I’m with you about Ashaji on this one …:)

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Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Wellsung Vishal, I am not a great fan of Himesh Reshamiya however I liked the way you did the song.I dont think Himesh Reshamiya’s spat with Ashaji and comparing himself with RD Burman did anything good in any regard, he just made a fool out of himself. I agree with Sudhatee about Ashaji. Singers like Lataji, Ashaji, Kihoreji, RafiSaab, Manna dey , Mukeshji (the list is long) shouldnt be commented upon the way it was done above. Calling them names is bad in every sense.
Anyways I like your music , keep it up bro.


Vishal Khaparde said

Rakesh, Thanks for the feedback ! Agree with your views :)
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Dhiraj Barla said

Mixing was pretty good Vishal, it was as if I was listening to the original version, there were some pitch problems initially, loved your modulations(to suit Himesh style ;-})…. Agree with Rakesh on the first comment.

If you hate someone then keep it to urself don’t use a public forum to vent out your venom against them. They are legends of hindi cinema, you don’t have age nor experience to comment them period


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


Wow….It was really a wonderful attempt. I felt you did great justice too….except at ’Sathiyaa…" as all have said . It is not at all an easy job to sing such songs. You did pretty well. Congrats…

Coming to Himesh, I am great admirer of Himesh , the music director. He is not doubt very good singer too. I felt he overdid it and bored all by singing so many songs in similar syle, in such a short span. Many of those are excellent compositions if sung by other singers would have become hit anyway….

As regards his comment on Ashaji and R D Burman, he exposed his immaturity to the media and the public by saying so. He proved that he lacked humility and respect to seniors, that too legends, by all means…

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Ramya Harish said

Very nice attempt…enjoyed it…

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