Yeh Dooriyan (From Love Aaj Kal)

Lyrics & Chords

First of all I would like to thank Harry for providing me this wonderful track and for introducing me to this song (his cover was the first time I heard the song). I loved it right then. Theres something about Mohit Chauhan songs that is very captivating. I hope you all like my attempt at this beautiful composition.



Harry Chops said

Hey George,
Good to be first on this block. I am surely taking some tips from your rendition to improve my next take on this beauty. You sang “In raahon ki” in mukhda and “kar jaati hain” in first antra differently. Was that intentional….
Liked your version. Full points…

Please check out-
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Ae dil hai mushkil-Anu/Amit
Ye Dooriyaan

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Saamne tum yun baithe ho-original

my first duet with Neha
Baahon ke darmiyaan

and more
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As always, please provide your valuable feedback



George Kuruvilla Pro user said

That was fast Harry :) Thanks again for the track and the comment. Normally when I sing, I dont try to sing every line exactly as in the original. I have an idea of the structure and then I add my own variations. So in short, those were intentional. I am sure there are other differences as compared to the original as well.
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Rupesh Kumar said

Wonderful George… You did excellent job. 5/5 and adding into my favs…


Dr. priya Rajan said

George dear…. Just got a word for U ‘Amazing’:)

He KHUDA jaane anjane mile hum edhar
Meherbhan aap ka sadha rahe
Hamari dua sadha kabool kare
Bina mange hame mili khushi edhar

Meri dua sadhaa ek he rahegi
Aapki pyari madhurvani har dhil ko pahunche
Aap sadha sukhi rahe
Aap duniya ke roshan bhan kar rahe

Duniya ke sabhi pyar tumhe mile
Khuda aapki har tamanna poori kare
subah aur raat mangenge hum aap ke liye
aap sadha gaathe rahe

Love is God and his voice echoes so much in every song of yours. Liked it a lot.
10/5. and sure for my fav’.

Thanks a lot for sharing.
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Fantastic rendition ……your hindi diction has improved considerably ….you sound like a seasoned hindi playback singer here:)

5/5 from me and to my favourites.
Check out

Aye dil hai Mushkil


Soumitra Sarkar said

that sounded very good and clear. Recording was excellent. I think that you could have improved on the overall mood of the song. A bit more pathos would have improved your rendition even further . Just my point of view. Nonetheless very well done :)
- Soumitra
Pls listen to my Don’t Say Alvida attempt.


Subbu said

thats very nice George….you sound totally different from any of your songs I have heard before……very very nice and highly appropriate for a desi number with kinda native feel……did you do anything differently here?just curious…….as usual enjoyed.
Straight From the heart, Always


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thanks for the feedback guys. Subbu – Nothing different as such man…I was suffering from a sinus/chest congestion… wonder if I sound a little different coz of that.
Do listen to my uploads


Ravi Kichcha said

just love this song man…… from now onwards am not going to listen the original song…. added to my playlists buddy…. thanx a lot for sharing this song…. u sounds very better than the original one… 5/5 and goes straight to my favs :-)



Vijay Krishna (back.... lets make some music) said

Good one Geroge… I liked ur version way better then the original one:-)… Very bollywood type:-).definite 5/5 gos to my fav as well.A lot to learn from u.


Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

George – have always told u that over and above the fact that you sing really well, your presentation is generally impeccable.

w.r.t this song – great singing. The feel was also there really well throughout except at a very few places, i guess the softness in the voice could have been a bit more, and in some, a bit more punchy. Just to make the it emote even better.

But nonetheless – this is by far the best cover of this song I heard, and am sure will remain so :)

A 5/5 for sure…! :)



Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

One more thing – I think the way you time yourself perfectly with the track, not only while mixing, but even while singing, is really commendable. Ffor instance, in this song, the the two antaras start after a bit of silence, and even a millisecond difference in starting with the vocals would be audible. But yours is on spot! Great work :)


Nehu U.k said

w0w… George… what a voice… excellent vocal quality… loved your expressions in this… superb singing …. this is going in my favourite list…

such a beautiful song…superb mixing !!!
well done !!!!
Nehu_UK :)


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

Hey bro this is one of your better Hindi posts I guess :) ….Great Rendition …Keep it up…5/5



Satyajit Sahu said

Mohit Chauhan’s voice & these type of songs suit you very well…. I think you have done anoter MC song in the past, right?
Very well sung. I actually think you have done a great job to the emotion behind the song. Its a song of longing, your voice has that pathos.
Life’s a lot like jazz…. its best when you improvise!


Veena Rajeev said

Hi George
Nice song….good feel
u have got a wonderful voice
keep singing
Best wishes
MUSIC — My Life


Meera Manohar said

Haven’t heard this before…. liked it immensely George….

I am not sure if Mohit Chauhan songs are a perfect fit for your voice, but you sure have rocked each and every one of his songs to date. And based on the lyrics, think you were very good in the emoting dept, connected with your tone and intonation.

5/5 and definitely goes to my favs!

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Celebrating Shankarabaranam-2-Maanasa Sancharare with Murali Venkatraman

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Aditya Mertia said

George, Goods have already been told to you so i would like to bring forward one thing that i have felt for the first time in any of ur rendition. Initial few lines were a bit off-sync with the music. However tht was only at the start few lines. If i put the original track besides then this is what i felt. Other than tht after those few lines … its almost awesome. In any case a 5/5 from my side. Surely u can make this one better i know :).


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you all for your feedback. Much appreciated!
Do listen to my uploads


Unnikrishnan Kb said

Very nice… i liked the soft tone and false takes…. really came nice…
Please listen to my latest uploads…
Ennavale (Tamil Cover) – Kadalan
Jashne Bahara – Jodha Akbar(Hindi Cover)


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Vidya, Unni, Rahul – Thank you for your feedback.

Rahul – Thanks a ton for the detailed feedback. I will take the relevant stuff out of it and make the changes.

Regarding the track, I got this from Harry. It had the Yeh Dooriyan in the chorus, but I masked it with my vocals in the mix.
Do listen to my uploads


Smitha Passanha said

Flawless! Favorited :-)

- Smitha

Do listen to:
Kuch Khaas Hai


Shaniruh said

George ! Awesome vocal quality… loved your expressions in this… superb singing ;)
superb mixing !!! 5/5
Listen To My Latest :

Jab Koi Baat Biger Jai
Suhani Chandni Raatein
Zindagi Kay Safar Main

Cheers :-)



Bharathi Dinesh said

Hi George,
Great singing and mixing!


Adithi said

Excellent singing! Have learnt not to expect anything less from you anyway :)


Roshini said

oh george this is simply superb. the mixing is just awesome….goes to my fav and to facebook too!!
Best Regards,


Pratane said

Didn’t hear this before. but this sounds like an original

~Chitra K.S and I share the same birthday. But she isn’t sharing the Shruti Perfection.~


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Wow!! Thanks a lot folks for the overwhelming response.
Do listen to my uploads


Vijay Iyer (away...) said

very nicely done George ! Enjoyed it.



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Perfect song for your voice and singing style. Great job George, could easily pass off as the original – awesome.



Shampak Chakravorty said

Hi George….

Sorry for being late…. was not at home :D
By far the best Hindi cover by you…… 5/5 n straight to fav…. Can’t get any better…… :)


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My Previous Uploads
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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you Vijay, Kumar and Shampak for your feedback. Appreciate it!
Do listen to my uploads


Tara Balakrishnan said

loved it!! beautiful flow George!!!
My latest posts…

“Ye tumhari meri baatein – Rock on! "

thumbi vaa

Mundhinam with George


Ashutosh kumar Jha said

Superb work George :)
Nothing more, nothing less. Period!

Btw, can you share some of the karaoke tracks with me. Not looking for anything specific, just want to compare them with my current method recording songs by removing vocals using Virtual DJ software.

Also if you could share some websites for free karaoke songs, apart from which is blocked in our IIM campus, that would be gr8!



Radhika Nair (away) said

Very nice singing. Not very familiar with the song and i could be wrong – thought that the sabhi at 1:44 , khali at 02:31, begaani at ~04:07 could be better? Modulations were very nice at aa raha and the feel was apt too.

Pl do listen to my latest
Ennu Varum – Kannaki (Mal)
Kandu Kandu Kothi – Mambazhakkalam (Mal)


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you all for your feedback.

Ritesh – I dont know about the lyrics man. I just used something I found online. As far as pitch, not sure what u talking about. Please be more specific as I dont think there are pitch issues. “Continuous high-lows to hid the original v r talking ocals” – Dont know what that means. The original vocals were not in the track except the yeh dooriyan in the chorus… n that too slightly. So overall I did not understand a lot of the feedback you presented man. Sorry.
Do listen to my uploads


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Radhika – I agree with Khali and Begaani, especially begaani. I might go back and fix those.
Do listen to my uploads


Dhiraj Barla said

Listening to something on Muziboo after quite a long time, George agree with others that this is by far the best of your hindi numbers. I like the way you ended each Dooriyan and each line with different feel and note, i found the initial lines were a bit out of place(not sure I am putting this right), compare to the rest of the song, first few Yeh Dooriyan’s lack the feel.


Meera Manohar said

The first time I heard it, didn’t honestly think this was your “best cover” in Hindi as some mentioned, maybe, a close second to phir dekhiye or kahin tho.

But, now that I have been listening to this song in a loop for a while, think you have done a brilliant job on the feel. Wins hands down!

Again, awesome work….

A few of my latest posts:
Door Na Ja (cover version) from Jannat
Oru Murai ( cover version ) from Manichithrathaazhu with Murali Ramanathan
Gems of Ilayaraaja- Idhu oru nilaa kaalam from Tik Tik Tik
Celebrating Shankarabaranam-2-Maanasa Sancharare with Murali Venkatraman

My song list on Muziboo

My blog
My Band:Thillana


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Nice to see your comment Dhiraj :) Waiting for you to get back in action!

Meera – Thanks again. I still like Phir Dekhiye better.
Do listen to my uploads


Usha R said

George We listened to it again and now like this song very much. Your voice is too good like that Mohit chauhan. Full marks. Keep singing. Thank you.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you Usha :)
Do listen to my uploads


Meena Menon (visit my blog : said

sorry for being late here…. :(
though i havn’t heard this song before……your singing is excellent as usual……
keep rocking……
Please check my new upload
“arikil nee undayirunnenkil” and give a feedback
arikil nee undayirunnenkil
Ennu varum nee


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you Meena.
Do listen to my uploads


Sunitha Shambulingappa said

wow! Amazing George…. I am listening to this now and forgotten abt the original….




George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Sunitha, Saqib – Thank you so much :)
Do listen to my uploads


Vishak Subramoney said

WOW!! Superb singing. very nice emotions in the song.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you Vishak and Bala :)
Do listen to my uploads


Abhilash said


Nice yaaar…!
Really Enjoyed your singing….
Expecting more songs from you……

Abhilash, Sharjah


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you so much Pradip and Abhilash :)
Do listen to my uploads


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Brilliant singing…Loved all the way…

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you NVK.
Do listen to my uploads


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you NVK.
Do listen to my uploads


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you NVK.
Do listen to my uploads


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Thank you NVK.
Do listen to my uploads


Rashmi Nair said

Excellent rendition, George. Sounded very similar to the original. Good job.

Please listen to Mann Mohana


Preety Reddy said

George………… sorry i changed the contents of the comments.

It is very nice to listen now and liked it.


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Hi George,

Nice rendition with nice feel. Good job.

My tribute to Legends




George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Rashmi, Preety, Khawer – Thank you so much!
Do listen to my uploads


Mustafa musaji (drifting away...) said

Excellent rendition as always! Everything just about perfect. I’ll just take away a fraction of a point on the ‘feel’ at some places in the song.

My latest:
Zindagi Hasne Gaane



Neeja Nair said

awasome george….


Ashutosh kumar Jha said

Hey….really nice George :)
Can you share the karaoke with me.
And yes thanks for the group invite……that would really help me in mixing my songs



Ankit Anand said

ur a rockstar…….amazin voice quality n confident singin……brilliant…….can i request for this track????i will be thankful to u…………regards


Dr. priya Rajan said

Georgy…… felt like listening to your voice. Came back to hear!! keep singing a loooot.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
MUSIC is the language of the soul! …Priya


Romit Gupta said

Hy George! Nicely sung man….Loved it very very much!! a deserving 5/5 for u….


Rahul Parakkat said

Chetta, amazing stuff as usual. Actually, felt this was much better than the original.

Rahul Parakkat


Rohin said

George Amazing talent! you are just marching ahead the whole crowd traversing any genre with ease. fav & 100/100.
Music is an expression of Love – Rohin


Supreeta Williams said

Excellent Vocals more than Originals. The best musician of ‘MUZIBOO’.God Bless.


Subhash David Pro user said

George, Good selection…Excellent singing and mixing. Enjoyed….


Archana Menon said

Excellent rendition. Loved it.


Nouman Khokhar (busy! will be back soon) said

Great attempt geroge!!
really liked your rendition throughout!!There were few off note words you sung but they aren’t major and also you have cleared above that you just had the structure of the song in your mind and took you own variations which is really impressive… I loved your beete lamhe version…Keep on singing…
Please listen to my recordings.
Dil ibadat
Beete lamhe


Kirthana V said

Love this song :)
I love Music…


Shakti Mohapatra said

Emotion and feel were great……but the texture should have been much softer…
Just my 2 cents :)

Will upload my cover of this one….soon.

\m/ Peace


Savolina said

i don’t understand anything of this language but it is too good to listen. i love your voice. Wish i could favorite it bad luck:(


Akhila... :) said

think this ones AWESOME! :) stright to my fav :)….!! :) the feel,the timing,the lyrics everthing was just soo perfect! :)
Please do hear my songs and please do comment -

Ore Manam – Duet wit Vishnu :)
Mannipaaya – Vtv :)
Bahon main chale – Anamika :)


Nilanjana said

George, you done 100% justice to the song….its just amazingggg
Love all your songs :)


Kaushik- in learning mode. said

you are boss….:) amazing stuff better than original
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Daniyelu said

sunne ki laayak awaz


Sanoop Robert said

as alwys sung very well….

bro.can u send the k track


Krish Nair said

Straight to my fav :)
Not better than original though original not better than yours :)
My Recent Upload-Tum ho-Rockstar

My Covers


Harika said

This is just as captivating as the orginal version :)

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