Ye Jo desh hai tera 'Swades' (COVER)

Lyrics & Chords

This is one of my favorites, and close to my heart. I have never done Cover version of any song. Yesterday i asked Deepak" whether i should try singing, he suggested to carry on. So i thought of this song. Made a track. And gave my first try. So presenting My first ever cover version. Do comment on it.!!!

Sunny – Lets make some music!!!



Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

This is one of my favorite too …. in my opinion this has come out really well …. certainly can be improved … but I would leave how and where to someone like Shashank :)


Nithya Muziboo staff said

pretty good man :) am sure u felt nice giving this a try!


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Thnx to u both….U r pretty quick ;)……I am really missing 128kbps :(


Sunny – Lets make some music


Tony Joseph said

boss………………its Koool…………


Sumit Rai said

WOW man!!… i cant believe you are not a singer. This was really well sung and arranged. 5/5


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Yeah sumit….thnx….Actually i generally use to RAP….And sing only if it is my own….Coz i am not as good as to justify someones composition with my singing….I love to sing AR’s song….


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Shashank Gokhale said

If this is considered as Sunny’s own way of singing….this has come out really well…. :D

But if we have to compare with the original….a lot to imporve….

PRONOUNCIATION….i already Listed few….
NOTES – Yes a lot to improve….
Expression – Very GOOD
Mixing – Very Good


Deepak Nayak said

Hmmm so finally we have the song here!! I told you Sunny, you could do it!! This is come out really really well…

About the song:

  • Great feel… I could feel the love for our Nation!
  • Some issues with pronunciation… Just to list a few, nahin (nayi), kabhi (kabi), bandhan (bandan)…
  • Great work on mixing… This was expected… LoL… Pro sound engineer… he he he… I know how you got this too!! ;)
  • I would like you to try something other than A.R. next time!! I am sure that would sound good too and bring the real Sunny out!! Trust me, at some places, in face most of them I felt it was the original song and not sung by you!! :P

Great work dude!! This goes to my favorites… Keep up the good work!! Cheers… \m/

“Its all bout music and it always will be!”


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Thanks shashank and Deepak for ur valuable comments….

I had a Rahman hangover and i accept my pronunciation were wrong….Had a deep impact of rehman…And in verge of singing correct and adapting his style\way (not the tone) of singing, i did those mistakes….Mite be in near future, will correct it….But do listen to the original, u will find many more Issues (pronoun). I know hindi and so i shud not compare it to AR and do watever mistakes he did…heheh


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Joseph Thomas said

Hey Sunny, good job. You made it sound almost like the original. It is hard to say if it’s you or A R R. :-)

Now that’s said, I think you should not try to imitate ARR’s vocals in your rendition. I think while doing the cover versions, we can take the liberty of adding our own Manodharma (in slight variations though) etc.


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Yeah absolutely rite….But sorry to interrupt u…I too dnt favor copying anyones voice…The thing is, thts my original voice :)….U can ask deepak,,, and he will tell u, how i sound….Wen i go high, i sound the same…Infact u can compare this voice with my other songs, and u will get a perfect idea….

Thankx for ur comments :)

Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Hey thnx farhan….Yeah sure….will mail u the trks by evening or nite, today itself :)…


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Sudeip Ghosh said

sunny…why arent u trying at singing more often !!
my vocalist actually got confused that i was making him listen to AR Rahman and then i had to tell him it is you !!! great stuff


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Hey Sudeip….Thnx….Yah…i m trying to do it….I was more into Rap singing and so never tried straight songs….Yah…I will definitely post more of my songs :) as soon as possible…Hope, i would try to do well!!!

Thnx again!!!

Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Sanour mohammad "sunny" said

Hey farhan, will talk to u about the samples on gtalk….Shahnai was from the original song….But the biggest fact is that the base shehnai TUNE used in the song is from a samples cd called WORLD MUSIC LIBRARY….Although this was re-recorded by Rahman, but the melody is same…I will send u the original sample file too….This we can call as an inspiration!!!


Sunny – Lets make some music!!!


Ganesh D said

Dude that was cool, unless one listens keenly, it sounds very much like the original.
You should start singing more man.

Good job


Arun said

wow very nice singing it was very close to A.R voice….keep rocking sunny…


Sonia Doreen said

Good Attempt…….keep it up! My producer says Decent mix


Rakesh Baro Pro user said

wow havent heard the orginal song but I dont need to listen to the orginal one now…u were great bro…


Prithvi said

this is simply wow…….i love this song….n have considered doin it quite a number of times….but never quite managed the courage……u r stunning in this Sunny……:)


Dhiraj Barla said

Sunny, Came here from George’s Jashne Bahara comments. I love this song and the feel in it is awesome, You have done a magnificent job in capturing the mood of the song, some parts of it could have been better, as everyone said you should sing more often man.


Maruthi said

well done on the mix the low cut and reverb really helped the distant tone mate…your singing relates weel too….keep posting more




Sudhathee Sriram said

wow….excellent selection of song…suits you soo well……Enjoyed this…:)


Soumitra Sarkar said

beautiful song and i really enjoyed your singing:)


Murali Venkatraman said

I second Pradip’s comments.


Satyajit Sahu said

Man, this is one of my fav songs, and you have done a fantastic job. Though pretty much close to the original, I would have liked it even more, if you did one of your own diversion, a la ‘oye majhi’ style!
Anyways, a great job.
Life’s a lot like jazz…. its best when you improvise!


Meera Manohar said


You have a very clean crisp voice, like many have said, with more practice I guess it can only become better.

Good work on the song, barring all the things with ref., to notes et al that have been already been mentioned.


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Smitha Passanha said

Really liked this one!!! Well sung!

- Smitha

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Rahul Soman said

Great voice……felt the feel…touched me….

“There is no way to peace. Peace is the way”


Rajiv Nair said

Very good song selection, feel,lovely voice. this remembr me abt the cammandos died in mumbai attack :( . one of ma favourite song and it goes to my fav as well. 5/5

My latest => ghar-se-nikalate-hii


Anup said

brilliant cover dude….thoroughly enjoyed it…


Bodhisattva Dasgupta said

Awesome, man…. the feel comes out perfectly…. n thats the biggest thing in this song…… and ya, your voice, as most people have already said, is soo much like rahman’s…. cool work…. 5/5 ….

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Pramod Gk said


It’ll be my favrite… and excellent mixing… and a lovely voice… slight pronounciation will clear all flaws… great work… Kp going…



Ravi Kichcha said

Very well sung man :-) …… enjoyed a lot …. keep going ……


Gowri Gopal said

this is one of my fav songs… i was really worried how u wud have sung… but i was really satisfied with ur rendition…. wonderful…. u ve done justice to the song… gud expression… very nice voice… 5/5 from my side… keep rocking…!! :))

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Karthik Gopalakrishnan said

very nicely sung….! Great work!


Priya B said

OMG……Sunny….that was wonderful soulful rendition!
Kudos to you….awesome pick and full justice!
My fav for sure…and for the song flow….5/5!


Shampak Chakravorty said

Hi Sunny……

Hey man sing more…. Fantastic stuff…. I was stunned after listening to this…. Maindblowing mixing…… Please sing more…. 1000 marks…. Straight to favs….


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Unnikrishnan Kb said

That was a treat…great sining mhd… I really liked your high notes and as sampak says you keep sining…great….Great


Gowri Gopal said

wow… loved ur rendition…. one of my fav songs… good one…!! 5/5 for sure…
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Rishabh Somani said

Wow… great work in mixing… impressive… How do you get it mix this well?


Bamini Kpd balakrishnan said

even being a Malaysian….this song has always moved me….and you did an awesome singing….loved it yaar……


Shahir said

Really good man, How did u add those effects,
I usually use adobe audition(reverb). Is there any extra effects to know?

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