Yamuna Theeram - Telugu cover with Aisoo

Lyrics & Chords

Hi Friends…. :)

This is my second telugu cover on Muziboo and my first duet with Aisoo….

I fell in love with this song when I first watched this movie… It is a lovely movie too… Hariharan and Chitra have sung this song so beautifully… When Aisoo came up with this suggestion, I was all excited about it, as I had wished to cover this the moment I first heard it… However, there was no track available… Thanks to Aisoo’s firend (sorry, dnt knw the name) :D who helped us get this track!

This song is a favorite of Aisoo’s dad too… Actually she wanted to dedicate this her dad and mom on their wedding anniversary which was a couple of weeks ago, but then it did not happen… However, it is never too late for a dedication… Wish them both a belated anniversary and wonderful years ahead! :)

Me and Aisoo have tried to sing this song to the best we could… We have sung it in our own way… So in short we own the copyrights to what you are about to listen now!! LOL!!! :D

Hope you all like our humble effort!

Movie: Anand
Music: K.M. Radha Krishnan
Lyrics: Veturi
Original Singers: Hariharan, K.S. Chitra
Cover: Sushanth, Aisoo
Mix: Naane Thaan! :D


yamuna teeram, sandhya raagam – 2
nijamainaayi kalalu, neela rendu kanulalo …
niluvagane tenello poodaari, yennello godaari merupulato

yamuna teeram, sandhya raagam
nijamainaayi kalalu, neela rendu kanulalo…
niluvagane tenello poodaari, yennello godaari merupulato…
yamuna teeram, sandhya raagam …

praaptamanuko ee kshaname bratuku laaga
pandenanuko ee bratuke manasu teeraa

sidhilanga vidhinaina chesede prema
hrudayamla tananaina marichede prema
(maruvakumaa anandam aanandam, aanandamaayeti manasu kadhaa) – 2

yamuna teeram, sandhya raagam …

okka chirunavve pilupu vidhiki saitam
chinna nittoorpe gelupu manaku saitam

sisiramlo chali mantai ragiledi prema
chigurinche rutuvalle viraboose prema
(maruvakumaa anandam aanandam, aanandamaayeti madhura kadhaa) – 2

yamuna teeram, sandhya raagam – 2

- Sushanth



Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Sushanth: What a fantastic vocals you have and beautiful song pick, nothing on ur copyrites (style) :D you are spot on the diction seems u did ur home work… you have kept the ambiance of the song intact… thanks for sharing… Aiso, is good too abit of work on diction wld be good… Liked it very much…

Ramesh Tadi


Latha Ganti Pro user said

my most fav movie of sekhar kammula !!love this song soo much … Not an easy song to sing !! a very high scale for both portions ! very well maintained by both of you good singing …liked it :)


Ramya Harish said

sum problem…not buffering fast,… am not able to listen to this right now… one of my fav songs… todya also i was humming this one… will listen n comment later…


Akhila... :) said

lovelyyyyyy :) just loved d song n d rendition by bot of U! :):)


Rashmi Nair said

Nice rendition, Sushanth & Aisoo.

Please listen to:
Deva Kanyaka


Saroj Nair said

very nice rendition Aisoo and Sushanth


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Sushanth and Aisoo….not familiar with this song. Both of you sound awesome in the mix…enjoyed it very much. However felt that the BGM volume sounded a little low when compared to the balance of your vocals……overall very nice work ….liked it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Sushane Shankar said

Sushanth! I’d kill for dat voice u’ve got man…. gonna spend sometymn now in ur page…. ;-)

Aisoo: Gud singing…. :)

ARR -————————> GOD!


Srividya Kasturi said

Nice song…recently watched the movie…Well sung Aisoo and Sushanth!
My Playlist


Tha Kathir said

Very well sung by both of you and great to listen.
Keep it up dear friends Sushanth and Aisoo.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Uthra said

Nice melody and well sung Sushanth and Aisoo.


Adithi said

Haven’t heard the original but will address that crime right after this comment!

Sush- Kalakki tto! I do agree with Sush, only that I won’t sound nice with a man’s voice! LOL! Some parts were very nice. Some need some more work- you are quite capable of getting it right, I know.

Aisoo- Very happy to see your steady performance. High pitch singing is like “halwa” for you. But also be careful that it doesn’t go too sharp and doesn’t compromise with the feel and joy of singing :)

Very brave attempt that turned out good! :)
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Adithi said

Just heard the original!!! Thanks for sending me whirling into depression! :P.

Mr.Hari and Ms. Chithra: Why this Kola veri!!!! :( I wont even want to sing again after listening to your heavenly voices!!!! :(((
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Sowmya R said

Hey…Good pick to render…Suits aptly for both of your voices.Aisoo, lovely inno voice you have.
Sushanth,could have opened a bit more to reach the energy needed for this song.too much controlled singing felt at your end.but it dint take out the charm of your singing.Liked it much !
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..Love the music in yourself, not yourself in the music ._.


Sunitha Sanjeev said

both of u have done a very good job…very nice and soothing to listen.


Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

Superb song selection. Not familiar but loved it lot after hearing your cover.

Aisoo Sister very clean and mesmerizing voice. High notes are found very comfortable with you. Very much enjoyed. good treat.

Dear Sushanth Always very admirable voice enjoyed well. Good singing.

Congrats Regards


Divya Dharshini - away !!! said


Sushanth n aishooo wat i can comment abt thz song…

Am struggling now wat to comment…

Amazing singing…

Aishooo Ur voice s just like original song….

Anand Movie s ma fav fav Movie…

Waiting for nuvvena song from same movie from muzibians :)

Enjoyed a lot :)
*Regards ,

Divya:)* A Frnd z A Gift Given To U By Ur Character

Parasu K said

Great singing by both…. Nice aalaaps and I know how tough it is to take this track…… very minute / tough sangathees…

great job Sushanth and Aishoo….


Naadham Yen Jeevane……


Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

Hi Sush & Aisoo….

Ayyo….I dont know how i missed it……Coz , i am very keen about the covers from you two ,always……………

Great one !!!!…………….Superb……

Sush:- I feel really envious to you on the high quality voice of yourself…….It’s crystal clear…………I think Adhithi akka had pointed out things correctly…………No alternative for your voice….This song particularly hits each & every areas with your cute voice…….Amazing talent pa you are……….

Aisoo:- Excellent……….You are always very perfect in high pitch level…………Dictionwise , it was fantastic……….Adhithi akka sonnathe naan thiruppi solluren , “Kola veri” Hari sir & Chithra mada’thukku mattum illa “Sush – Aisoo”ukku thaan romba adhikam……………Amazing effort yaar.

All the very best & goes to my favourites….

“Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule.”


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

excellent singing by both…
superb voices and expressions….
loved it all the way.


Swati Prasad said

whoa what a song :)
lovely singing by you both :)
Swati Prasad


Babu Nm said

beautiful dedication chotooo

and here i can hear chotoos vocals ……loved it

sush……hmmmmmm….great work kutta……loved it…

and what to say more….two lovely voices sings a song ……hatss offf to you both

when you both gets time listen to my first telugu song heheheheheh

Kadhaga kalpanaga Kanipinchenu (My first telugu song)

may bless you and be with you always


Meera Manohar said

Good effort on a seemingly tough song :P Loved the way you both emoted…Felt recording and mixing could have been better though.Wish I could hear both your voices clearly!!

Kudos for introducing this number…



Devan S said

Superb rendition by both of you guys.
Loved a lot.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

aaaha oru poovezhuthum kavithi :D aa song pole undu actualy ack song paadanai kure nalai nadakkua track kittunilla

nalla feel ulla song sush dear randalum nannayi paaditto :D

sangathies kurachode clarity il paadan sremikkutto


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi friends!

Thank you so much for all your support and feedback! Will definitely look into the mixing issues and shall try to re-upload it… :)

- Sushanth


Sudhakar said

wonderful job by both of u. keep it up.
Thanx & Regards

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