Yaman Taan and Tarana

Lyrics & Chords

This is a recording of my Music class session with my Guru Shri Kiran Kamath, whose voice you will hear as a guiding post to a weaker and learning voice of mine that follows him. The Tarana is a composition by my Guruji Himself!



Shashank Gokhale said

Yaman sounds quite a well….I like the the way your GURUJI teach you……I tried myself here what are trying….I felt so nice singing this….

You sung well….


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Wow….just enjoyed this very much. It was indeed a nice thought to upload in this form in the site…. As Shashank said I too liked the way your Guru is teaching you… So tempted to join some class like this now….Wont know if any Gurus will accept an elderly person like me….:)

Thanks …

ENVEEK- In my “Second Innings”

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