WHy By lex SOta black verse

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Why- Sota black verse
WHy it gotta be like this i know im ya man chick but where its a main dish that mean its a side bitch so my heart is where it hit thats when traniqua gettin lit im tryna smoke this pain away im so sick of the same shit do you know i hate you no i don’t think you get it im bout to tell yo ass kick rocks just fuck it nigga forget it i aint with it you say you had a friend but when I have one its a problem then you tell me i sized ya gangsta boy you know you need to stop it we gon be together reguardless so aint no sense in all this arguing you mi nigga im yo queen its been like this sense we started you did me dirty yet i know we won’t be parting lay down hand off my thrown i will not role-play a part in so tell them other hoes sit down sota black gon be around Im the H-B-I-C the new sheriff in town but if you wanna leave you can leave give it time and we going to see i won’t be running after you you gon be chasing after me.


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by Sota Black

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