Where'd You Go Linda? (Fort Minor Parody Remix)

Lyrics & Chords

whered ya go, prosser misses you so,

we love you linda, just so you know

get out of jail and come back home

you were the one, who fucked a freshmen and got caught,
rockin stilletos and a dress at 50 but still lookin hot,
damn the times never caught up with you but the law did,
didnt anybody tell you it was illegal to sleep with kids,
and hows kevin doin, with his heart still broken,
he was at the school workin when you were deepthroat chokin,
whos gonna feed the kids breakfast when your gone,
whos gonna tell them where you went wrong,
when your in prison these are the days youl miss,
and regret the moment linda lusk and bubba frank kissed,
because the best fall from power some point in your life,
we still give the kid props for fuckin the principles wife,

youve got a family that now sleeps in a broken home,
just because you sent pictures to bubbas cell phone,
your stories quite popular, i always see you on the news,
the ex mayor whos in jail that used to sell purses n shoes,
first we all thought that you would get probation,
now a cell with a lesbian is the sentance that your facin,
so maybe its not polite to write the songs about you,
but what else is an aspiring musician to do,
because everytime i see your picture i just laugh and smile,
it even gave me a conversation starter for a while,
so if they give you music in prison listen,
because laughter at your mistakes is all that you will be missin

bubba’s prolly happy your out his life sayin good riddence,
but for you bein 50 id hit it and never quit it,
if you gotta cell phone text me i know ya got my number,
this time it can be my place and we can play hide n seek in the covers,
im not talkin about a relationship like were lovers,
but one night with linda and im like a nascar blowin rubbers,
ive always liked women that are older and shorter,
so just dial the digits and il come be your lawyer.
tell the judge your innocent, your just dick addicted,
that you suffer a disorder of teenage cock affliction,
your daughter and friends hate me for these songs just so you know,
they hate h2o, but im still askin linda whered you go


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by H2o

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