vilicho neeyenne vilicho (Sakudumbam Syamala) - Cover

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dear Friends, i’m back again with another song cover after a short break, as i was taking some rest due to a heavy throat infection. i had lost my voice for few weeks. (thanks to God, i’m able to sing again!)

this is a soft n melodious song from from the movie ‘Sakudumbam Syamala’, originally sung by Dasettan for the composition of MG Sreekumar.

here’s my humble attempt, hoping that you will enjoy it :)

(there’s a small story behind this song. when Dasettan came for the recording, my close friend was the sound engineer/recordist over there. after the song take, my friend had put Dasettan over the phone for me to have a chat with the ‘Gandharvan’!! but unfortunately my mobile was in silent mode and couldn’t pick up the line. that was a real ‘missed’ call. probably one of the most expensive missed call ever in my life…. although i got a chance to meet with him personally in 2004, when i was in Bahrain. Now it’s my wish to be present with him, while he is doing a recording :)



Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Jose….incidently I remember watching the post recording session of KJY on this song. Where he is listening to the raw version, before the mix……you were terrific ….sounded like Dasettan all the time….Dont worry you are probably destined to meet the legend in person….dont lose heart:)
Interpretation is the revenge of the intellect upon Art ………….Susan Sontag.

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Saroj Nair said

Excellent rendering Jose, valare nannayi paadi
thamasiyathe thanne Ganagandharvane kanuvan sadhikatteyennu prarthikam :)


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Josetta!

Very good song this and sung very well by you… :) Indeed I would agree that it was the most expensive missed call of your life! Wishing you get to hear him very soon…

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Jose,
Awesome rendition in “Dasettan style” !
LOVED your voice, style & expressions !
Nevertheless, this goes to my FAVOURITES too !
Hats off !
Please do not worry ! Your time will come !
Very soon GOD is going to give you the opportunity of meeting & spending some time with The Legend for which you have to wait patiently !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Kala Vijay Pro user said

wow,jose this is wonderful.suuuuuuuuuuuper rendition of this cute song.never heard this song so felt like listening to one of KJY’s new song in his earlier voice.dont worry u will sure get a chance to meet him.all the best.happy to know ur voice is intact.


Jose George said

dear Harshan ji, Saroj mam, Sushanth, TGK ji & Kala mam,

thank you so much for your good words & concern on me. i’m very happy to know that you all well received it :)

yes…. Gandharvanumai oru nalla koodikaazhcha udane undavum ennu njanum pratheekshikkunnu. i got an unforgettable chance in 2004 to meet with the legend and his wife Prabha Chechi, at their room in Bahrain Holiday Inn, when he came there for a concert.

there’s always a next time. i’m very positive :)

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Veena Rajeev said

MUSIC — My Life


Babu Nm said

omg what a rendering……beautiful brother …great one….njan thangalude fan ayi kazhinju…
"""Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies. ."""

may god shower all his blessings upon you and be with you……. ALWAYS……


Pratik Sawant said

I didnt undstood anything. but can judge you by your voice & feel. you have a wonderul voice.
fantastic singing

Meri kahani (Atif) in my voice…

Maa – dedicated to every mother.

PEE LOON… Sung by me.

Khel Mandala – The super hit song in my voice.

Pyaar ke pal – Sung by me.


Sanjai said

As usual, Your rendering is perfect with respect to the real song,
N you have an extra ordinary energy while rendering peppy romantic songs, keep it up……
thanks 4 the upload:)


Sheba said

Hi Jose….hearing u for the first time….
VALARE ISHTTAAYI…….Really…U r blessed with a perfect voice… :)


Radhika Nair (away) said

Jose – havent heard the song before, but have a fair idea of how the original would be, after listening to this cover of yours. Excellent singing, Jose. Special mention for the way you have sung ilamanjil, the melle that followed in the pallavi repeat. Superb feel throughout – a very enjoyable cover.



Jose George said

dear Anju, thanks for the compliments :) yeah…. Dasettan is still mesmerizing us in this age with his melodious rendering in recordings.

dear Veena, Sanjai, thanks for your good words & support :)

dear Babu, Sheba, thanks for your appreciation. most welcome to my page :)

dear Pratik, i really appreciate you sparing your time for malayalam. thanx for the encouraging words :)

dear Radhika, thank you so much for your compliments. i really appreciate your keen observation :)
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Ajay m nair said

Jose…. suuuuper…. and perfect singing…. loved it through out…. keep it up


Devan S said

superb Rendition. Loved the song in your great voice.

“**** Music leads my life……****”


Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

hi jose,
bro ,yu have done a superb job.
very soothing to listen.super voice.
pls upload an evergreen old mal kjy song.
eg parijatham thiru mizhi thurannu….

biju ramachandran


Cyril Abraham Pro user said

Dear Jose

One of your choice renditions, indeed!
I liked MG’s modern twist on a 60’s-type song. As the Mastercard ad goes, ….“Your passion, priceless!”


pls tune to my album:


Premjith Harivarma said

Josettaaa…. hats offf… u did it 100 times better than mine… seriously I realize how bad mine was especially with my immature voice…lolzz… feeling proud that I was the one who gave you the karaoke …hehe… I am not a trained singer……As a listener, I felt you tried to imitate dasettan (on some parts)… which could have been way better on your own style …….pinne minute slips in timing here and there….hope u dont mind my feedback… tc ettaa… keep checking my posts as well when u get time…


Jose George said

Vishnu, Ajay, Devan & Cyril Chettan, Thank you so much:)

Biju, Thanks for your encouragement :) i definitely want to cover some ‘old is gold’ songs.

Premjith, thanks for your appreciation & feedback :)
there’s no such comparison in singing. everyone has their own caliber. if i was little better here, there are other people who can do much better than me. your singing was not that bad, though you could give more care. your vocal masked karaoke was making your cover bit imperfect. btw, the karaoke you have given me is Kaathil Thenmazhayai’. i’ve got the minus track from the studio, where this song was originally mixed.
i didn’t understand where exactly is the timing slip! can you pls specify which area you felt it?
regarding Dasettan style: yes…. his ‘school of singing’ is been embedded in my life from my childhood itself. honestly i don’t think i have a style by myself till now other than his style :( but i never tried to deliberately imitate him, other than following his expression.

Thomaskutty, thanks:) welcome to Muziboo

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Sojan Chacko said

Jose what a great singing! loved the way you sung it.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


That was awesome…You have sung it beautifully…The song which has a retro feel in it, is indeed a nice composition by MGS.

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Sajna Taj said

well sung,Very expressive n clear voice…


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Jose, welcome back! Excellent cover-enjoyed it! Congrats!


Jose George said

dear Sojan, NVK sir, Sajna & Rajeev ji,

thanks a lot for your time and appreciation :)

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Meera Manohar said


Very interesting song, as in can’t imagine KJY singing this song- will surely check out the original :)

Your voice sounded real nice in this!

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Sunitha Kalyanaraman said

Liked and Enjoyed ur singing sooo much… :) goes to my favourite!


Jaya Ganapathy said

Hai Jose,
Very good rendering and modulations!
I liked very much!
Congratulations Jose!
One of my favourites of Dassettan’s new songs!
Keep it up Jose!!
With Warm Regds!!!


Jaya Ganapathy said

Oh, Jose,
Very unfortunate of ‘Missing Dassettan’ over Mob, ‘Good Luck’ next time!
So you were in Bahrain!
Where are you now?
Hope to see you in Bahrain again!



Jose George said

Meera, yeah…. KJY is still rocking with his youth attitude in his 70s. Thanx a lot for your appreciation :)

Sunitha, glad that you well received it :) thanx for adding it your fav list.

Jaya, thanx a lot for our whole-hearted appreciation :) i was there in Bahrain till 2004. Now in Dubai for almost 3 yrs.

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Shelly Kurian said

hi Jose ji

Very Nicely rendered. very stylish.
like this, MGS’ s Jerry amaldev style song:)
ishtayi Jose ji.

“Music is the shorthand of emotion”

Shelly Kurian


Jose George said

thank you Shelly :)
why can’t i see an upload from you since long!! you are a good singer bro.

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Rashmi Nair said

Excellent rendition, Jose. You have an amazing voice and you have captured the feel and modulations nicely. Really enjoyed this one. Well done!!


Please listen to
Mayangi Poyi
Yamuna Veruthe


Sushane Shankar said

Great voice!!! Loved ur singing… :)

ARR -————————> GOD!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Superb singing Jose. I am glad I stumbled upon this recording of yours – very nicely done.



Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Hi Jose,
Agree with everyone – you have an amazing voice, and this was a fantastic rendition.

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won’t. ~Henry Ward Beecher


Jose George said

Rashmi, Thank you so much for your encouragement. i’m so happy that you enjoyed it :)

Sushane, Kumar & Sudha, Thanks a lot and most welcome to my page :)

some of my uploads:
Vilicho Neeyenne Vilicho
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Santosh george wilson said

chetta!! adipoli singing!! such a nice composition by MGS.

Valare kashtaayi poyi aa missed call story… theerchayayum ini poyi oru KJY recording kananam ketto… ennittu update it here :)


Binoy Mathew said

Marvellous singing .some part of this song seems like dassettan. Very nice style of singing and mixing.Keep it up………….


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Now only I listen this song……:(
Great Singing…!!
Valare Yishttappettu……KJY Style….:)

*anil aryanad
GSM: 0091 9633235130

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Jose George said

dear Binoy, sorry for getting back so late. thanks for your time and appreciation :)

dear Anil, thanks for listening & appreciating. it’s always a nice feel when we get a comment while there are no comments for long :)

Pls tune to my latest uploads


Harish Nambiar said

valare nannayi paadi chetta


Jose George said

Thank you Harish :)

Pls tune to my latest uploads

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