Vijetha (Original Composition - Telugu)

Lyrics & Chords

This is a very beautiful and original composition by one of my friend and muziban Mr. Satish, sung by me. Please listen to this song and do leave your valuable comments. We are looking forward to your comments as Satish has some plans for this song. So your comments will be very helpful.

The lyrics are by another friend Mr.Lakshman.

The song is inspirational and motivational and yet is a mellow song. The gist of the song is, Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen. Don;t just dream, make dreams come true….etc…

Song: Vijetha
Lyrics: Lakshman
Music: Satish Vammi
Singer: Vamsi Nadella



Meera Manohar said

Very beautiful Vamsi, your voice is a little muffled in this but then probably the feel needed that, I am not sure :-)

Such a soother, very very hummable!

Awesome awesome….

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Vamsi Nadella said

wow!!! that was fast……How?? will you get an indication that someone posted a song….Amazing….Thanks a ton Meera….I’m still composing a scribble to all you guys and here you are. Awesome. Thanks again.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Lakshmana Rao said

Hi vamsi, this is the proper stage to appreciate you. nice work. by the way iam laxman, lyric writer to this song :)


Esakki muthu K said

very nice….
keep it up.

please listen

take care


Satish Vammi said

Thanks for uploading, Vamsi. It was great pleasure working with you and Lakshman (I still didn’t get a chance to meet Lakshman. We worked virtually!).

It was hard for Vamsi to understand the feel Lakshman and I was looking for in this song….we want pathos and energy from the same voice and Vamsi did a tremendous job. Glad to find him at Muziboo. Surprisingly entire vocal recorded in less than 4 hrs.

There is still lot of scope for improvement in the quality and mixing and that will be my focus for next version! Song sounds squished because of my bad mixing practice i.e., mixing with headphones that too with Behringer headphones! :-)

We are a small team of only 3 people so I am looking for critical listeners who can help us further develop this song with your comments/suggestions. Thank you all for your time.


Anirudh Ks said

amazing singing …… loved it goes to my favirte….
“Music is a universal Language”
and I am proud to be a part of it :)



Sushane Shankar said

really nice…… very gud arrangements…. :-)
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Anirudh Ks said

yes i thouroughly agree with Bala , i scrapped satish too… the singer voice resembles a lot like ARR … rare!!! great going guyss
“Music is a universal Language”
and I am proud to be a part of it :)



Neha ........ said

That was a treat to the ears!! Beautiful! 5/5 frm me!


Narayanan Raju said

Very nice composition Satish. Great job with the lyrics, Lakshman garu. Very motivational.

Vamsi….excellent dude. Chimpesavu. Koncham voice lo clarity unte inka baaga undedi.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Vamsi Garu:Chala chala baga paderu.I do agree with the above comments that your voice sounded more like ARR.Offcourse,the tune and voice was more like in “vellai pookal” song.
@Satish:Amazing compostition!!!My full marks to you.Wonderful lyrics too…Overall brilliant effort put in by all the three of you.Many Kudos!!!!5/5 from me :).


Srujana Nadella said

Satish garu & Lakshman garu excellent composition & lyrics….loved it.

Vamsi good job kep it coming.


Ramyaa Narayanan said

Nice composition Satish and good lyrics Lakshman.

Very good singing Vamsi. Really liked the softness n feel in your voice. That said I did feel that your voice was not very clearly audible.

Hope to hear more from you soon……



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Beautiful composition Satish and very well sung Vamsi. The orchestration is wonderful – sounds very rich. Very enjoyable song. Looking forward to the improved version.



Murali Venkatraman said

Excellent work but the vocals need to surface better in the mixing. Keep it up guys !


Vamsi Nadella said

@Lakshman – Nice meeting you finally, or knowing you i should say. Commendable Lyrics. Hope to work with you more in future.
@ Anirudh, Devakinandan, Esaki, Sushane, Balamurali, Neha, Narayanan, Meena, Srujana, Ramya, Kumaran and Murali – Thanks a lot for your comments. We will definitely re-vist the vocals and mixing once again and try to re-upload this song.
@Balamurali/Anirudh – ARR?? WOW!!! No one ever told me that my voice resembles ARR’s. May the mix and the voice quality needed for this song made t appear like that. anyway,It is indeed a very pleasant comment. Thank you.
@all Regarding Satish – This guy is a bundle of amazing talent. Look @ the arrangement in the song. That speaks volumes about his creativity and keen ear to music. I was fortunate to meet him in person and record this song for him.

@Satish – As someone said above, you SHOULD bring out all your compositions and post it here for these people to listen and comment. Hope to work more with you in future. Thanks for an excellent composition and oppurtunity.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Lakshmana Rao said

@ ramya narayan, srujana nadella, narayanan raju garu….thanks a ton to you all….very motivating & encouraging compliments.

i liked the way you pronounced the words. very clear…


Girish Kumar said

Hey Satish…. Bro I know you from the time you’ve been makin music as a rookie….I can now tell you that you are a PRO….for sure….it was just wonderful and perfect timing….Keep it up…. I am proud of you….


N.gopinath said

Excellent composition & excellent singing by Vamsi.
I think mixing of vocal to be rechecked. It was not very clearly audible!!!

Overall enjoyed your work. Congrat….
Goos luck
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Psychuck said

Awesome effort guys…. everyone!
Good tune…. can build in some more variations to strengthen the structure of the song…. also the arpeggio could’ve been used sparingly instead of the whole song….

very nice lyrics…. good feelings and message, I thought it could have used a little more punchy lines within the same amazing tone….

…. and Vamsi….
I’ve seen him exponentially improve over the years…. I donno where he gets to practice, but I was impressed the way he took it to the high notes…. definitely not the final take, but still displayed the potential….

overall a tremendous piece of work….
congratulations to Satish, Lakshman and Vamsi for a job well done! :-)


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Lovely composition Satish ji. Wonderful singing by Vamsi… As said above the vocals need to be coming out more clearly…especially in the pallavi and the first charananm…

Overall a real treat to ears…Thanks a lot for a good song – Satish, Lakshmanan(though dont understand the language Teleugu) and Vamsi….

ENVEEK-In my “Second Innings”.
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Prashanth Ravi said

Wow….Satish,Awesome composition and Vamsi,its really soothing to hear u sing.only thing wht i felt was with the quality of recording!!Keep rocking dude…!!!
~Life full of music….!!~


Radhika Nair (away) said

Vamsi, Satish & Lakshman – i have no clue of the language, but thought this to be a great package.

Satish – very nice composition. The flute interludes and the spacing sounded very good before the first charanam.

Vamsi – very good singing.I too thought there was quite a lot of ARR in your rendition espec in the lower registers.Minor off at telusu (03:08) – but nothing major.

Lakshman – am sorry, cant comment on the lyrics. Sure it must have been good.

5 to the trio!

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Ramya Harish said

That was so soothing and beautiful, Satish. Vamsi, very nice singing! Great work guys. I wish you mix it again n re upload! I also wish u paste the lyrics.

My recent covers:
Kadhal kavidhaigal with Joseph
Thendral dhaan with Kumaran


Joseph Thomas said

Great job guys! Loved the composition, orchestration and the singing. Vamsi, your voice should have had a bit more volume in mixing. Keep it up.


Rupesh Kumar said

Good job team, enjoyed. Good luck.



Roshini said

i was just wishing for a song-update from you and here it is!!! Vamsi, Satish & Lakshman, Congrats! this is teamwork at its best….what an awesome composition. I dont understand a word in telugu but i could relate to the feel of the song 100%. Hope to hear more songs from you…
Best Regards,


Srikanth Sridhara said

Vamsi, awesome singing. Enjoyed a lot. As others have noticed, the mixing should be varied a bit to pull out the vocals. Excellent composition.


Surya Vakkalanka said

Nice tune, great arrangement. Keep up the good work guys. Vamsi, your voice suits the mood of the song very well, but the vocal quality can improve. Keep them coming.


Dhiraj Barla said

Great Job by the team.

Vamsi: you have sung this really well, feel was there through out, a better mix could have brought more value to your vocals.

Satish: Great job man with the composition, its a complete original, i loved your orchestration.

Laxmana Rao: Chala baga rasarandi lyrics, pada vupayogam/prayogam chala baga nacchindi meedi.


Rashmi Nair said

Great work, guyz.
Vamsi, you have sung very well, but would have sounded even better if you voice was more prominent and clear in the mix.
Loved the music.

Please listen to Aandolanam


Uthra said

Vamsi, Satish, Lakshmanan:
Great team work. Best wishes to do more.


R Jeedigunta said

Good teamwork. I thought little more work in lyrics department and singing out loud to stress on lyrics would easily give much better effect. Good job overall.
Ram Jeedigunta


Lakshmana Rao said

@ram jeedigunta: since this is a mellow song we thought of using simple words but deeper meaning. I take ur advice and come up well in my next work. thanks for ur comments.


Venkataramana K said

Very good composition by Satish. You made the composition in such a way that , one could hear it peacefully at the same time the lyrics appeals.

Vamsi your voice suits the music very well . all the best.

Lakshman Rao, I knew you are very good at lyric writing. I saw your poetry in orkut telugu community. Yes, these are simple words and deeper in meaning. My heartful wishes that you will be on the evolution path.


Lakshmana Rao said

Thanks for your encouraging comments venkataramana garu. may your wish come true. with Regards…


Subbu said

this one amazed me so much of ARR in arrangement,possibly the lyrics and singing……I felt was listening to some numbers which were not screened from Bombay or Vande Matharam……awesome work
Straight From the heart, Always


Mohan Lal said

Great job vamsigaaru. Although I don’t know much of telugu I like the songs and do listen to telugu songs. learnt most of telugu songs thru tyagaraja and annamayya keertanams. Kudos to all of you and creating original song gives you great satisfaction and fulfilness. Keep on doing….




Mohan Lal said

When I heard second time I noticed that some portions you sound like Shankar Mahadevan.




Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks a lot Gopinath, Trinath, Srividya, Psychuck, NVK Sir, Prashanth, Radhika, Ramya, Jo, Mohan Lal, Subbu, Rupesh, Roshni, Srikanth, Surya, Dhiraj, Rashmi, Utra, Ram, Venkat and every one else….

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments and feedback. I really appreciate your time.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Satish Vammi said

Thank you all for your generous comments and suggestions. I was really not that confident about this song initially but reading your comments/feedback I am starting to feel good about this song….I was pleasantly thrilled to see so many people listening to our song and taking time to comment….my parents for the first time felt all the noise I generated is worth tolerating!

This song was a great learning experience for all of us….the amount of work it takes to create this 4 min song is stupendous especially when the team is just 3 people and I am the only one working on the music. I have some 10 different backgrounds before we finally came up with the current arrangement. Hardest part is to mute a track after you spend significant time composing it. Finally when it started taking shape I moved to Mac and I had to do everything from scratch again….even after all this we are not totally content with our work but that keeps us on the learning curve….

@Vamsi….AR, Shankar Mahadevan? I am starting to worry that I will not be able to afford you for our next project! Thanks a lot for your confidence on me.

I started working on improving the mix and especially Vamsi vocal….hopefully revised version will be here soon.

I met many great people with amazing talents here at Muziboo….How about exclusive Muziboo album?


Ravi Mukkamala said

Satish, Lakshman and Vamsi,

What a beautiful melody all three of you created togethter—a team of artists at work. I just heard this for the first time and I have already become a fan of you guys. I am new to this site and am finding such a lot of talent here.

Satish garu, I thought this composition sounds like it may have been based on Hamsadhwani ragam(or any other Sankaranbharanam janyas?). If you know please let me know.

Lakshman garu, mee saahityam adirindi andi—by the way nenu kuda KKD nunche nandi – lets catch up at some point.

Vamsi garu, your singing really rocks. keep it up.



Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks Satish. Exclusive Muziboo Album is a GREAT idea!!!! I ’m pretty sure many people will want to pitch in.

As for you affording me to future projects. I guess you were the one to give me a break into this world so i will always be there for you :-)

Also, what is going on with my song. I sent you one song to compose!!! Lets do that as Project #2.

Lakshman Hope to work more with you in future….

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Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks Ravi for your encouraging comments.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Amit Jain said

Lovely singing Vamsi :)
hmm… you know this is a real good composition, it has a soul. Some parts are a little dull. A more range of instruments, like a Bansuri for that small part in between, instead of keyboard(i suppose) could add to feel. The way the lead guitar piece dissolves in at somewhere near the start and rythm gains importance is really done well. Scope of improvement in making this all neater may be. But indeed very very well sung with all the feel and soul. Great work and a pleasure to listen. Only if i could know the meaning, i could relate even better :)

Keep it up and ll the best to you and Satish :)

I just think, if there are Bathroom singers around, there must be few Bathroom Dancers hiding too ;)


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

I apologize for not having visited your page thusfar. My bad!

This is an excellent composition and very well arranged. I thought you did a very good job with the singing as well.Theres so much feel and it is quite evident from your singing how you feel about this song. Especially liked the high parts. I dont understand telugu, but I still really connected with this song. That is a testament to how good this is :)

Do pass on my feedback to Satish as well!

5/5 from me on this.
My latest posts: Viva La Vida , Keh Lene Do , Kahalikkum Pennin with Tara


Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks Sowmya, Amit and George for your encouraging comments. Satish check the same link for comments and he will see your comments George. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Check out my Latest Song here
Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Bakfire said

Excellent song.
Liked it very much.

Adding one note, if i may, in the first part the voice is covered up then it opens up…….may its like that eh?
Loved the in transition from the first stanza to second. Although i don’t know Telugu, i wold love to know the lyrics……checking out Telugu dictionary :)


Tara Balakrishnan said

Excellent team work guys. enjoyed listening to the song! very nicely done.
My latest posts…

“Randakka with Karthik”:

“Ye tumhari meri baatein – Rock on! "

thumbi vaa

Mundhinam with George


Rajesh Raman said

Nice composition….Sustained notes were rendered fine…I think the mixing could have been better…I think for th lyrics, bit more ‘emotions’ and a ‘consolation’ type of modulation might have taken this to next level….
Rajesh Raman
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Suresh Bhagavatula said

Singing and music seems very professional. Great effort!!

Vamsi Nadella said

Thank you BakFire(Feels Weird Thanking that name :-)), Tara, Rajesh, Suresh and Kuhoo. Thanks for your encouraging comments.

Thanks all who have taken time to listen and comment on this song. Feels good to hear from so many people.

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Aanya v said

Very nice… Keep it up. You have a good nice. Very soothing song.


Ganesh D said

Vamsi and Satish

Challa bagunthi. Very soothing composition and good vocals. Koncham mixing fix seyyali anthe, vocals sounding little muffed otherwise great work.

Keep rocking.


Kavi Nagarajan said

@Vamsi, Satish,
A very cool and enjoyable composition.

@Vamsi, you have a very soothing voice.

I understand only a little bit of telugu. I guess this is “stop not until the goal is reached” kind of a song, right? If so, I felt the vocals could be a bit more powerful – Mixing probably to be blamed.


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Jane Mathew said

Excellent composition and beautiful singing….
Kudos to both of you…I do not understand telugu, but it did not stop me from enjoying the song at all…


Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks Aanya, Farhan, Ganesh and Jane.

Thanks Kavitha and yes you are right about the Gist of the song. The song overall had a mixing problem which muffled my vocals a bit and the composer (Satish) is working on it. Thanks for the pointer. Appreciate your comments.

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Srinivas Panda said

Nice song dude !! Nice composition & voice also. keep rocking !!
Srinivas Panda,
Music Composer


Naushiv Soni said

nice emotions, Good voice,Ready for playback
and ya original new voice


Shampak Chakravorty said

Hi Vamsi!!!
This is a very very good composition…. This song has touches of ARR in quite a few places…. Excellect singing by you…. Just appropriate for the song…… This could have easily ended in a film cover I swear. Nobody would have known. You people can actually send this accross to a few producers & directors if possible. M sure if you succeed to do that, they will like it very much…. Keep it up…. Great work….


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Pramod Gk said

Great singing… very soft and soothing… dont understand telugu much but its realyy a peacefl 2 hear… exceelent feel…


Satish Murti said

lovely composition…. loved the lyrics…very profound and melodic too…great singing Vamsi…!!! Kudo to you and the team for this is brilliant and most originalmusical effort!!!!


Bharathi Dinesh said

WELL DONE Vamsi…It was really nice.


Vishak Subramoney said

Very Soothing number….well done Vamsi and Satish


Vishwa Deepak said

Loved this song…. Since I don’t know telgu, I focused on music and singing. Both are excellent (I guess, even lyrics will be too good)

Vishwa Deepak


Vasanth Jayaraman said

firstly … so many reviews…. proves the quality of the work…. i really enjoyed listening to your song…. melodious….& refreshing……


Krishna M m said

Nice Composition and very excellent voice……
I can say….awesome….no more words…


Ravi Chandra khandavilli said

@Sathish: one of the finest composition i listen, very soothing music.great job.
@Vamsi: I thought first whether Shankar Mahadevan singing my friend’s(Lakshman) lyrics.very soothing voice you have.I’m sure u will be recognized as “VAMSI” in near future.
@Lakshman: Mama, nee lo talent inka chala undhi sample choopinchi vadhilesthe ela? Yeh dil mangeh more.Lakshman is not a Layman now right?.So I can expect a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot from u in future.


Rajesh Arya said

Satish anna……. super song anna……
vamsi aa singer …… super cheers… both of your rocked… and lyricist lukky wrote excellent words…
inko rahman song la undi….
satish anna…… aaa freshness maintain chestunnav…….
:) great work


Rajesh Arya said

anna………… nee composition okkati padali ani undi… already padanu… gaganam song…
nee composition with changed arrangements…
kaani nee arrangements lo padali anna…. :)


Harish said

hi hello dear satish vamsi and laxman did a spendid job excellent song. i loved it .
Want to see more from u ppl.All the best.God bless u .


Latha Ganti Pro user said

excellent lyrics ! good singing too …


Rahul Soman said

Vocals sounded like a Rahman…. great song…. loved it all the way….
Rahul Soman‍
“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

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Vamsi Nadella said

Thanks all for your nice comments. It’s been a long time since i logged in. So i could not thank you all earlier. These are some very good and encouraging comments. I will try to post more. Appreciate all of you coming to my space, listening my song and commenting on it. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Definitely, i agree too, Satish and Lakshman are really talented people.I hope to work with them again. Thanks all.

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