VeerapaaNdi Kottaiyile (Thiruda Thiruda) with Shankar and Poornima

Lyrics & Chords

Song: VeerapaaNdi Kottaiyile
Movie: Thiruda Thiruda
Singers: Mano, Unni Menon, Chitra
Music: A.R.Rahman
Cover: Shankar(UM), Poornima (Chitra), Me (Mano)
K-track creation: V.M.Studios, Chennai


Thanks a lot to Anbu bro for volunteering to mix this one after hearing the lag issues. Now there are no lags and it sounds fantastic.

End of Update

Dear Friends, presenting a big collaboration between Shankar, Poornima and myself.

These days, after becoming a pro member, Shankar releases his songs only once in a month :-) I guess now this is the time for his monthly releases, he will release more songs very quickly :-)

Actually, Shankar and I have two big collaborations between us (involving more friends as well) including this one and for some reason our posts kept getting delayed, leaving a huge gap in his posts.

A high pitched song where both the male vocals sound together for most of the song.

It was extremely difficult song for two reasons (a) there were high registers throughout the song and (b) the male vocals sound together for most of the song.

It was tough to get the male voices in sync. We have made quite a few adjustments during mixing. To eliminate some of the sync problems, at places, there are two tracks of my vocals along with one track of Shankar‘s and at places it is one track each. Also my vocals are at a higher volume than Shankar’s because in the original song, Mano’s vocals are dominant.

Thanks a lot to Poornima for taking up the female part and she has rendered beautifully.

Thanks for listening and feedback is welcome, but post them in Shankar’s


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by Chandrasekar Ramaswamy Pro user

uploaded over 2 years ago


with Shankar Pro user

Lead Male Vocals - 2


with Poornima Pro user

Lead Female Vocals


with Anbu Mohamed Pro user

Mixing and Mastering




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