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Hi Guys,
I’m right now in the process of making a CD of karaoke songs I’ve sung. This is my first post up here. would be great to hear any comments to improve my songs.



N.gopinath said


Very good attempt. Your voice perfectly suit for this Bombay Jayashree superhit.

I felt some area u need to concentrate more for improvement…. Vocal volume felt less compared to BGM volume. Practice bit more on pitching.
1st charanam last ‘veettileyum…etc .’ portion
has not come rightly… With little more practice u can sing this song much better…

Good luck

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Mohammed Ashraf said

meera….ur voice perfectly suits for this song. as mentioned by narayan, there are areas of improvement. the song demand little more involvement from you, felt u r little hurry :)

all the best for your cd.

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Rashmi Nair said

Good attempt Meera. You have a good voice.
What this rendition lacks is expression and feel. You can surely do it by understanding the lyrics and involving yourself when singing.
Slight off pitches (like at 2:12). Be careful of that too.
You have good talent. Practice well, and you can do a much better job.


Do listen to Cheera poovukal

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