Vakrathunda Mahakaaya - Self Composed Tune

Lyrics & Chords

This is the famous Vighneshwara slokam composed by me and recorded few years back…

I know that this was supposed to be my very 1st post… Anyways not too late I guess… :D

Hope you like it…



Rahul Soman said

This was brilliant :-) Your voice loud and confident. Nice to hear. But again you made lost it at ’kuru’me’ it was not audible. Because I know the slogam i know what word comes there. You shouldn’t compromise on clarity of words :-). But good song :-)

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do!!!”

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Sushanth Shankar said

That was real quick Rahul!! :D

Thanks a million for the very quick response!! Great to know that you liked it… This was recorded a few years back when we guys were pretty new to the recording arena… :D hence, the issues with clarity… But i will definitely work on it in future…. Thank you once again for the feedback! :D

- Sushanth


Satheesh Menon said

Wonderful. Could not feel that it was going to end….

would love to hear some more…


Meera Manohar said


Have got a real nice voice. Pitchy through the rendition, especially the alaap where you go up, the swarasthaanams don’t sound right as well.

Short, and the tune is nice!


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Sushanth Shankar said

Hi… :D

Satheesh – Thank you so much for the positive feedback! I would certainly try my best to bring in some good ones in future! :D

Meera – Thank you so much for teh feedback! I am classically trained though, but not trained very thoroughly… Hence, I apologize for any mistakes… Kindly, let me know of any mistakes, so that I could rectify the same… :) Thank you once again for taking time off to listen to my song!! :D

- Sushanth


Ganesh D said


You have a great voice, do work on those issues mentioned by others here.

Keep Singing

Best Wishes


Sushanth Shankar said

Thank you so much for the encouragement Ganesh! :D i will certainly work on the points mentioned…

Thank you once again!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Very good voice Sushanth. Pointers already mentioned by others. Nice tune – I liked it a lot.



Sushanth Shankar said

Thank you so much for the positive feedback Kumar! :D I am definitely working on the feedback provided by the others…

- Sushanth


Ravi Kichcha said

very nice tune…. one of my fav slokams …. keep going :-)


My few renditions :
Ninaithu Ninaithu Paarthaal
Kan Kanna Salige


Sushanth Shankar said

Thank you so much for the encouragement Ravi!! Very happy to know that you liked the tune!! :)

- Sushanth


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Sushanth,
Very nice creative work well-rendered by you!
5/5 for this.
Please keep on bringing out such nice creations.
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Sushanth Shankar said

Hello Thinkal Sir! :D

Thank you sooo much for the encouraging comments! Very happy that you liked it… Would definitely work on coming up with new creations!

Thank you once again!

- Sushanth


Priya B said

Hi Sushanth…it was very divine!! Nice voice!!
Keep them flowing!


Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Priya! :D

Thank you so much! Really very happy to know that you liked it… I will be back soon with some more… :)

- Sushanth


Babu Nm said

u just rocked ………great ….really loved it….
may god bless you and bw with you always


Dr. priya Rajan said

Sushanth …. good voice.
For slokas when sung too proper emphasis has to be given and stress has to be implied that is where the beauty of Sanskrit flows. Please rework and post for i liked the music very much.
Keep sharing and good luck.
MUSIC is the language of the soul! …Priya


Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Lovely lovely sush…….
Short n sweet.
Loved it.

  • Roshine *

“ஒரு சிற்றோடையின் சலசலப்பாய்… சிறகாய்…சிலிர்ப்பாய்…எனக்குள் ஒலி எழுப்பும் சங்கீத சப்தஸ்வரமாய்… நீ "


Sushanth Shankar said

@Babu – Thank you so much for those lovely words of appreciation!

@Dr. Priya – Thank you so much for the detailed write up! I will certainly re-work on this and will upload it when possible… :)

@Roshine – Thank you so much for the lovely words! :)

- Sushanth


Preety Reddy said

Liked this tune very much.


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Preety!

Thank you so much! Really happy to know you liked it! :)

- Sushanth


Rhyme_birds said

quite impressive & neat , hats off


Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Rhyme Birds!

Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

- Sushanth


Krishnamurthi Balaji said

wonderful composition ! you have a very good sweet voice! high pitchs you touch! the first one of yours I am hearing ! I know, the others are going to be a feast to my ears! Thank you! keep it up! God Bless you! (one small remark: the word ‘nirvignam’ before ‘kurumE dEva’ is not audible!)
With love and best wishes,
Krishnamurthi Balaji

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