Vaaraayo Vaaraayo- Aadhavan duet with Ramesh anna

Lyrics & Chords

This is the song which went through many ups and downs and it tooks many days to make it final. Weeks ago me and Ramesh anna thought to do a duet and were not sure about song. Many songs selected and rejected. At last anna suggested me this number. I was not sure how will I do in this one but still we started.

At first we had problem of K-track. A k-track we found was not up to mark. So Ramesh anna asked Saroj chechi for the track and she readily gave us the track. I changed the tempo of k-track to match it with the tempo of original song. Thanks chechi for quick help :)

Ramesh anna is such a good teacher and critic, he helped me to rectify many flaws. I was so desperate to do it as soon as possible that I kept him bugging all time and he was too patient to attend me in his all busy schedule :) He have done great job in singing.

We don’t know what is mistakes in our tamizh diction coz we both are non-tamilian. Few words were tongue twisters for both of us and we tried our best to come out with a less disastrous diction :) Hope you all tamil guys pardon us for that :D We just wanted to give a surprise to you all so kept the song as our SECRET MISSION :D tell us how it came out. Thanks in advance!! Happy to have eggs, tomatos and stones :P

You can enjoy the song with video HERE

Film: Aadhavan (2009)
Original Singers: Chinmayi & Unnikrishnan
Cover by: Me & Ramesh Anna
Mixing by: Me
K-Track Courtsey: Saroj Chechi
Video editing: Ramesh anna


f: vaarayo vaarayo kadhal kolla

come on you lover boy
poovoda peshadha kaatru illa

No flower not caressed by breeze exists
yen indha kadhalo netru illa

Why didn’t I feel this love yesterday?
neeye sol maname

Tell me you heart

vaaroyo vaaroya monalisa

Come on you mona lisa
pesamal pesudhey kangal lesa

Your eyes seem to have a message to tell

naal thorum naan undhan kadhal dhasa

ennodu vaa dhinamey

come to me everyday
ennodu vaa dhinamey

come to me everyday

f: ingey ingey oru marlyn manroe naan thaan

I am like Marylin Monroe
un kayyin kaambil poo naan

I am flower in your hands
nam kadhal yaavum then thaan

Our love is very sweet

m: poove poove nee bodhai kollum paadam

O flower, you’re an intoxicating lesson
manam kaatrai pola odum

Mind will fly like wind
unai kadhal kangal thedum

With passionate eyes I search for you

f: ah lai lai lai lai
kadhal leelai sei sei sei sei

It is the spirit of love
kaalai maalai

Do it in the morning and evening

m: un silai azhagai

I am surprised at your statue like beauty
vizhigalal naan viyanthen
ivanudan sernthedum

Cindrella, dance with me!

f: vaaroyo vaaroya kadhal kolla

come on you lover boy
poovoda peshadha kaatru illa

No flower not caressed by breeze exists
yen indha kadhalo netru illa

Why didn’t I feel this love yesterday?
neeye sol maname

Tell me you heart
neeye sol maname

Tell me you heart

m: neeye neeye andha juliet-in saayal

You are like that Juliet
un dhegam endhan koodal

Your body yearns to unite with me
ini thevai ellai oodal

No need to sulk any more

f: theeye neeye naan thithikindra theeye

Fire! I am a sweet fire!
enai muthamiduvaaye

Come to kiss me
idhazh muthukkulippaaye

Hunt for the pear in my lips

m: nee nee nee nee my fair lady

you are my fair lady
vaa vaa vaa en kadhal jothi

Come come my lover girl

f: naan muthal muthalai
ezhudhiya kadhal isai

You are the tune for my first love song
adharkoru aadhara sruthi nee

vaaroyo vaaroya monalisa

Come on you mona lisa
pesamal pesudhey kangal lesa

Your eyes seem to have a message to tell

naal thorum naan undhan kadhal dhasa

ennodu vaa dhinamey

come to me everyday
ennodu vaa dhinamey

come to me everyday

ennodu vaa dhinamey

come to me everyday



Kala Vijay Pro user said

very cute singing by both of you.i think Ramesh deliberately sang it to match with swati’s style of singing.good selection.
nice mixig too.
(by any chance if i missed out any of your uploads and not commented,pl feel free to scribble me.)
‘cannot live without music’


Swati Prasad said

thanks so much Aunty :) yes Ramesh anna did a great job!!!!
Swati Prasad


Gowri Gopal said

wow… i must appreciate both of u for the effort u ve taken to learn and sing it so well…. thumbs up… Swati liked ur voice and ramesh liked ur pronunciation… can make out tat swati is unsure if the diction is right…. but really appreciate ur effort…. good job guys… :)

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Swati Prasad said

AH!!! that’s a relief Gowri!! thanks dear :)
Swati Prasad


Swati Prasad said

thanks Leo …. really appreciate !! we too did not know what it meant until we get its translation :D
Swati Prasad


Hema Shamal Pro user said

WOOOOOO…. Secret mission……Giving you both a bunch of flowers for this lovely song.
Swati-Very sweet singing
Ramesh- ‘Muskurati hui Awaaz’….As always…
Loved this one.


Swati Prasad said

hehe thanks Hema di …yeah very secret mission TOP SECRET :P
Swati Prasad


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Swathi & Ramesh garu – Beautiful pick ! Wonderful rendition by both of you ! Liked it !:)


Swati Prasad said

Thanks so much Latha didi ….really happy that u liked it :)
Swati Prasad


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Kala Madam – Thanks alot that you liked our humble attempt of this beautiful song… I learnt alot from Swati in this quick collab… we really appreciate your feedback

@Gowri – For both of us, your feedback really means alot… thanks alot for the encouraging comments and wonderful feedback, we are really glad you liked our humble attempt.

@Leo bhai – thanks alot for comming back…
Leo Bhai… Thanks alot for listening to our Tamizh Duet, sorry we had to delete that upload as there was a tech glitch…

Thanks alot for LIKING and FAVOURING our humble attempt… we both really appreciate it.

@Hema Didi – Thanks alot for your wonderful comments, i am really happy you really enjoyed our humble attempt… we both really appreicate your sweet comments… :D thanks for the fav’s

@Latha Garu – Chaala chaala thanks andi… we really appreciate your feedback… Glad you liked it and thanks for the Fav’s.
Ramesh Tadi


Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Nice rendition guys, quite melodious. Special Kudos for trying out a language which is not a mother tongue. Awesome !!

Have a listen to Rafi Sharddhanjli


Sreesha said

Swati, very nice voice and beautiful singing

Both of you did great job… nice duet


Gautam Parekh said

Swati & Ramesh brother! I am also not understanding lyrics, B’couse not familiar. Anyway aap dono ne bahot khubsurti se nibhaya hai….Diction ke baare me kuchh bhi keh nahi sakta par mujhe to ye duet bahot hi pasand aayi aur GOES TO MY FAVORITE….Congrats….Thanks so much….
My Lafango Stage


Neil swanson.. Still not doing well but keeping the faith .surgery looking re october thanks for the prayers and well wishes ! Pro user said

HI Swati and rAMesh . could not agree more
with the comment.s all are well said. and
i could not say better ….jst love ur vocals
beautiful duet style. great job. god bless
My Newest originals


Raja Mohamed.j. said

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow: siter Swati and Ramesh beautifully sang both of you yar. Im exciting realy. What a song selection Ramesh. very lovely sing both…ummaah.!! . very surprise Swati. Hats Off,…!!infinity like Ramesh…! well well well….I appreciate yours Guys.keep it up more…@@. congrats…God bless you Ramesh and Swati .Goes to Download…!!!Enjoyed me.
Music are my breath:)


Swamy Kitcha said

wow. great to see you guys singing a tamil song :-)

I loved both your renditions. Diction was cool & very cute too :-)

Keep it up guys. Great to see you exploring it in a language you’re not comfortable with. Keep them coming.

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Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

My Dear Ramesh and Swaaaaaatimaaaaaaa……

You both are rocking this unknown language great number…hearty welcome….and congrats dears….

Really diction is too good my dear brother and sister…

I loved it …great job….

Best Regards


Saroj Nair said

wooooooooow Swati and Ramesh this is a cute duet by both of you
can’t believe you both are not tamilians
diction sounds perfectly ok to me……well i am not a tamilian either :)
Swati stop planning to collect tomatoes and eggs :)


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Harry Bro – Really appreciate your wonderful feedback… it means alot for both of us esply comming from you… Thank you Harry

@Sreesha – will let Swati respond to it… Thank you very much… :D

@Gautam bhai…. mujhe bhi Tamizh samaj mein nahin aata but love this song iss gaaneney dil ko chhooliya tha… so we gave a humble attempt… glad u liked it.

@Neil – really appreciate your wonderful support and feedback thank you

@Raja – we both are really happy to know you loved our performance… thanks alot for ur wonderful feedback

@LK – really nice to know you liked our humble attempt… thank you
Ramesh Tadi


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Kitcha – Getting such wonderful comments from you realy means alot to us… we both really appreciate your fantastic feedback and glad you liked our humble attempt… it really means alot to us…

@Theagaraj Anna – Wow!! we both are really really happy to know you loved our performance… we both are worried about diction but hearing from you it is good means alot to us… Thank you anna…

@Saroj Di. – First of all sorry for not thanking you for the K-track you provided… i will ask swati sister to update it in the write=up…. pls appologise…
Thanks alot for ur wonderful words of support and encouragement on our humble attempt… it means alot to both of us… thank you again
Ramesh Tadi


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Ramesh and swati….some what familiar with this song….very nice tune.

All I CAN say is that this was a very enjoyable rendition….and the fact that this lanugage is alien to both of you….like they say in gymnastics……for the degree of difficulty……I would say very very good attempt….loved it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Priya Shankar said

Wow….wow…. Great job Swati and Ramesh……hats off…. U guys have put in lots of hard work…… otherwise for a non-tamilian to sing a tamil song is not easy…. keep it up guys.

Swati : Very cute and sweet voice…. u have improved a lot da…. but still need to work a little more on the diction…. otherwise its amazing…. always love ur singing. Love it da.

Ramesh : U always rock man…. first time hearing ur tamil cover…. its simply superb…. ur diction is good as well…. love to listen more tamil songs from u :D Keep up the good work.


Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart


Sonu Kanna said

Good one both sang so well Swathi & Ramesh lovely song good
“A perfect stranger to music Involvement generates liveliness no Prejudice comparisons”


Priya Shankar said

am back again to ur page Swati…. its simply amazing da…. the best of the week…. enjoy listening the cute tamil from both of u…. love it a lot :D

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart


Ajay m nair said

nice one swati and ramesh…. keep them coming!!!

“The above comments are made upon my v.little knowledge…. the recipient plz forgive if iam wrong”


Kumaran.k.k. ( i am back ) said

ramesh…. :) welcome to tamil :) totally superb pick to enter !!! no issues on diction or anything… just i express my warm welcome to you !!!! great singing man !!!

swati…:) amazing dear !! great singing with lot of feel !! cute !!!!!

nicee !!!!!

cheers !!
always yours,
“music, the language of universe”
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Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Harshan ji – Very happy to know you enjoyed our humble attempt of this unknown langauge for both of us… you comments means alot to us.

@Priya – we are really thrilled and happy to know you liked our amature attempt of this beautiful lovely song… thanks alot dear… we both really appreciate it

@Sarmi- Hey BB, nice to know you enjoyed our take on my 1st Tamizh mission and glad you liked our way of singing… thanks alot buddy… comming from you really means alot to both of us

@Rahul – Thank you yaar, for your wonderful comments and pointers… being Tamizh we tried hard to cover all but it was like too many things for us… but glad you liked our attempt

@Sonu – Very nice to know you liked our attempt… i heard your attempt on the same song few weeks back. you have done a great job too…

@Sai – Thank you very much glad you liked it.

@Alpana – Thanks alot, very nice to know you liked our humble attempt…

@Ajay – Thank you

@Kumaran – Thanks for the greetings… glad to know there are no diction issues at all… all credit goes to Swati for her confidence and teaching skills… thanks alot again

@Sandeep – hey sandeep, nice to see you take time to come and hear my songs for sure… thanks alot for ur nice words and wonderful comments… keep the support comming…

Thank you all for your warm welcome on our Tamizh Duet and thanks to those who LIKED it and spl thanks to those who FAVOURED it.
Ramesh Tadi


Adithi said

Hahahaha Two Non-Tamilians singing Tamizh soooooooo sweetly! Very commendable effort! Your diction wasn’t bad at all! Rocking performance! More Tamizh songs pleeeeeease! :D
Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Jami said

awsome singing swathi:)well done both of u:)
Where words fail, Music speaks.


Swati Prasad said

I am feeling so lucky to have such sweet friends :) thanks so much for showering your love to us :)

Harry ji- i am very much thankful to you for the continuous support…….thanks a lot :)

Shreesha anni- anni you came here to encourage us!!!! so sweet of you anni…. love you a lot :)…… big hug >:D<

Gautam bro- It means a lot when someone favs a song which he/she does not understand…. appreciate that …. thank you so much :)

Neil- thank you so much …. you are such a humble and wonderful person to support us all time :)

Raja anna- glad you loved our surprise package!! sooo happy to see that u enjoyed it :)

LK ji – thanks a lot ……really glad you liked it

Kitcha- it such a big thing for me to get a “wow” from a talented person like you…. really appreciate that :)

Theagaraj anna- thank uuu sooo much anna…. thrilled to know that you liked it so much :)

Saroj chechi- I thought i will get free tomatoes and eggs to prepare my evening snack ;) hehehehee thank you chechi :D

Harshan ji- Really glad that you liked out attempt :) so many thanks to you :)

Priya akka- soooo sweet of you akka… really happy that you liked it this much…. >:D< biiig hug to you :)

Sharmi dids- thanks diiii but can’t be as sweet as you…. :) love ya……

Rahul- we are very much happy that you liked our effort…. we tried hard to come up with an output which have less errors…. thanks so much for great support always :)

Sonu ji – thanks so much for liking our effort :)

Sai- thanks so much Sai…. yes we had to do a hard work with this song… to be at correct [pitch correct timing… nearly correct dition… exressions…. etc etc …. LOL :) happy to know hard work, worked out!!!!

Alpana- thank you so much alpana :) happy to know that you liked our surprise song :)

Ajay- thanks so much for visiting this page and liking our song :)

Kumaran- thanks for greeting us :) a tamil person liking our song is a great thing …. thanks a lot buddy :)

Sandeep ji- it means a lot if someone says awesome to their effort… really thanks buddy ….appreciate that so much :)

Adithi didi- phew!! you liked it :D…… was really scared of getting beaten by tamil ppl for dissecting tamil so disastrously :P thanks so much didiii

Jami- thanks a lot buddy :)
Swati Prasad


Raisudeen ( little busy ) said

HI swati & Ramesh,
wow…wow…wow…wht a surprise…!!?? Tamil song….ware wah….superbbbbbbbbbbb!!!very excellent effort both of u…

swati :- wow….excellent singing……very cute voice and beautiful rendition this tamil song…plss…try more tamil songs…Keep it up…!!

Ramesh :- aaha….ramesh…superbbbb!!!excellent rendition….Keep it up Ramesh…:)…

I liked it Million!!

Goes 2 fav!!

Pls Listern My Uploads and Give me a Feedback
Raisudeen Uploads


Swati Prasad said

thanks a million anna……really very very much happy to have you here and supporting me always :)
Swati Prasad


Harish Nambiar said

beautiful song and excellent duet….i heard ths song recently in a reality show and thats when i heard it fr the first time….loved ur singing vry much


Swati Prasad said

thank you very much Harish anna :)
Swati Prasad


Karthika Venkatesan(infinitely away.. ) said

very very beautiful song, so beautifully rendered by both of u… liked it a lot :)
When you are free please listen to my tracks and leave your valuable comments

Karthika’s songs


Swati Prasad said

Karthi- thank you so much daaa :D love ya!!
Swati Prasad


(( anil Aryanad )) here said

Swati & Ramesh
Very Nice Performance……:)
*anil aryanad
GSM: 0091 9633235130

“Someday I will give back what you have given me. Thank You.”


Swati Prasad said

thank you so much Anil for stopping by and listening our song :) appreciate it :)
Swati Prasad


Sheba said

Swati and Ramesh…One of my fav song…
well sung by both of u…
Liked both voices…


Srimathy (not active ) Rajagopalan said

Ramesh and Swathi – first of all a big Kudos to both of you for having learnt a tamil song properly and render it beautifully. it is indeed a tough task to pick another regional language and sing……. Musically there were some offs on the sruthi but that u could overcome by practice…… keep sharing the good work…. i enjoyed it very well.
A boys decision after Love failure


Swati Prasad said

thank u so much sheba di
Swati Prasad


Jay Kumaran said

Hahahaa… Am tellin u… simply fallin for ur tamil … KEYUUUT singing !!!

Ramesh Met the expectations!! Gud1 Mait!


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Adithi – Sairam – We are really happy to know that you liked our attempt… thanks for ur nice feedback it really means alot to us

@Raisu – Very very nice to know you enjoyed our attempt… thank you very much for ur nice feedback

@Harish – Thank you very much dear

@Karthika – Very glad to know you liked our humble attempt…

@Anil – Thank you very much for the nice feedback…

@Sheba – Very nice to know you liked our attempt. thank you again for the support

@Srimathy – Thanks alot for your pointers…. we both really appreciate your feedback and it means alot to us coming from a singer of your calibre.

@Jay – We both are really happy to know you liked our cute Oops!! KEYUUT singing LOL!! Thanks alot for your encouraging feedback too…

Thanks all again for your wonderful support LIKING and FAV of our cover… we both really appreciate it alot…
Ramesh Tadi


Madhukar Mehta said

I always admire artists who perform songs in languages other than the ones they know…. so right off the bet, my admiration for you two!! Additionally, not knowing the language is a big handicap for me to comment but your singing sounded very good to me (except for a few offs here and there) but nothing major…
Chookar Mere Man Ko


Satheesh Kumar nair said

Swathi has improved a lot, good duet, ramesh too did very well, liked this


It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error.— Adrian Rodgers


Bijayashree ( listening & enjoying all your tracks) Samal said

Very well sung Ramesh & Swati. Beautiful track:)


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

lovely start and nice singing, Ramesh bhai and Swati! Superb track and mixing added to the already enjoyable singing :)
It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. Music is nothing if audience is deaf – Walter Lippmann


Jaishree Pro user said

Good pick Swati and Ramesh. and good effort. :) especially in an unknown language. :) Enjoyed.


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Swati and ramesh VEry nice cover like it
both of u sung really well



Nikita Daharwal said

Loved your vocals Ramesh ji and Swati ji….Enjoyed
the beautiful, expressive and charming duet by you….Thanks


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Swati & Ramesh……
Nice attempt of this great song that is one of those soft melodies which are presented in my indoor stage programme !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Satheesh ji – Getting a FAV click from you is equal to a Gold medal for me… both Swati and Me really appreciate your wonderful feedback and we are very glad you liked our duet. It really means alot to both of us.

@Madhukar ji – Really appreciate the nice words and feedback on our Tamil Duet… very happy to know you liked out perforamance

@Bijaya – Thank you very much

@Adwait ji – Thanks alot for stopping by even in ur busy uploading schedule… really appreciate your feedback.

@Jaishree – Glad you enjoyed our humble attempt…. thanks alot again

@Vishnu – Thank you very much buddy

@Sridhar ji – we are really happy to know you liked our performance… thanks alot for ur wonderful fb.

@Nikita – Glad to hear you liked our vocals in Tamil… really appreciate your wonderful feedback…

@Thinkal ji – I am really amazed by your down-to-earth attitude and humbleness… you never miss to encourage and support newbie singers like us… Thanks alot again… it really means alot for both of us comming from you…

Ramesh Tadi


Kavitha kondapalli (away!) said

Ramesh garu…. so so sorry for being late here!
U were jus sounding very very different in this song and definitely it is perfect to the song… Good that you have started taking up other languages now. baagundandi :)

Swathi… Ur voice is as cute as u are :) such a sweet vocals urs were felt like listening to a l’le girl :) I am not sure abt ur mother-tounge but yah… u did a great job here… Good luck ma… keep going!


Karthigaa Vijayakumar said

@Swathi:wow u have given great feel to the song only thing is u have to push ur voice deeper n it will be done by practicing ……….u r in a right track ,,very expressive voice and sangathis came with ease…nice singing n practice on sruthi :-)cheers
@Ramesh:you are rendering was seem to very sincere .i noticed the sincerity in your rendition……….u r amazed me by maintaining the feel of the song throughout the song that was an energetic performance by both of u ………came out well ……keep it up Guys:-)…….


Sarada Pro user said

Very nice rendition, Ramesh and Swati. Liked it!
Good choice :)


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Ramesh and Swati- Beautiful tune and pick. You both have executed this song very nicely. Keep them coming.


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Adina – thank you for the fb

@Khawar ji nice to know you liked our take

@Sarada garu – Glad u liked our attempt of Tamil song

@Nivedan I run out of words to respond to ur appreciatio Thank you

@Karthigaa u thank you very much glad u liked it

@Kavitha garu no problem andi, nice to know u liked our Tamil take

Thank you everybody once again
Ramesh Tadi


Loknath Mishra said

nice song & u both hv maintained the flow over the whole song nicely.
like this very much.
good job


Ananya Ramprasad said

Swati such sweet vocals……….mixed with Ramesh is a heady concoction :) superb guys …


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Ananya… Thanks alot for your listen… Yes Swati sis vocals is lovely and sweet… I am sure a takng ur mention of “concoction” in a nice way… :D We are glad you liked our attempt… Thanks again…

@Loknath – Thanks alot for ur nice words… thank you
Ramesh Tadi


Sojan Chacko said

Wow!! Swati:) Sorry for the late comment
Wow!! Ramesh:)
Very very sweet voice Swati! bahut hi badiya gaya hai aapne. One of your best upload!

Ramesh you have a fantastic voice and you have sung this song very nicely. Lovely rendition. Aur aane do aise duet:)


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@Sojan Bhai – Really sorry for responding back late on ur feedback on our humble attempt of this Tamil duet. we both are really glad you liked our attempt;

@Manikandan – Thanks alot

@Praveen Pandit – welcome to our space, glad to hear you enjoyed our tamil rendition and thanks for the nice words… means alot to both of us.
Ramesh Tadi


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Seems to be a successful undercover mission… :) Don’t know how I missed this cute cover… I cannot forget this song at all for some reasons… The same base tune from Harris Jayaraj but with some different orchestral arrangements… Good pick to venture into tamizh… Felt the tempo is tad higher compared to the original…

Sairam Ramesh gaaru!! Welcome to world of tamizh music… Thought you wanted to avenge me for having taken telugu for task in a couple of songs… But you were too good with the pronunciation and diction except a very few places… :D Commendable work in deed… Don’t stop with this… Please do cover more tamil numbers… Good Luck!!!

Swati!! You should have informed me about this tamizh cover, since I am your tamizh teacher… x-( Manniththoam… Cute ah paadi irukka… sila vaarthaigaLa maaththi uchcharichchu arthaththa maaththitta… aanaa nee paadina sila vaarthaigaLoda arthangaL tamizh pulavargaLukku kooda theriyaathu… :D Good pick… Keep covering tamizh songs… Who knows you may get posted in Tamilnadu… :P All the best!!!
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

If there is affinity, no matter how bitter it could be, one is always contented… If there is no affinity, let love be in your heart…


Aditya music is life said

ur voice is sooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeet


Swati Prasad said

Srimathy akka – thanks so much…. your comment means a lot to us :)

Jay – i am really happy that you tolerated my tamil :) thanks

Madhukar ji- so many thanks to you for listening and liking this song even after not understanding it :)

Satheesh ji – that means a lot to me:) glad to know that :)

Bajayshree didi- thanks sooooo much :)

Adwait ji – thank you so much…. really glad tht you liked it :)

Jaishree- thank you soo much :)

Vishnu- thanks so much :)

Sridhar ji- i m really happy tht you liked a non hindi song in my voice …. thanks so much :)

Nikita- thank you :)

Govind ji- thank you so much

Kavitha didi- thanks di :D really happy that you liked it :)

Karthigaa – thanks so much for support and encouragement :)

Nivedan- thanks so much :) really glad i am :)

Sarda ji- thaks so much :)

Khawer ji- thank you so much :)

Adina- thank you :)

Loknath ji- thank you very much :)

Ananya- thank you :D

Sojan bhaiya- thanks bhaiya :)

Manikandan- thanks :)

Praveen ji – thank you so much :)

Raj- aw!!! i thought you get mail notifications! :D may be you did not get :) thanks for considering it cute :),.,,,, i was not much sure abt diction ,… that’s y errors here and there :)will try to improve!!

Aditya- thank youu :)

Swati Prasad


Shruti Vasudevan- music makes me happy :) said

Very nice singing….Loved your voices…. :)
Keep singing!!!


Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

@ Raj kumar Anjan Sairam, Thanks alot for ur lovely detailed feedback on our humble attempt of this beautiful song from your backyard… glad you liked our attempt nice to know we did not messed it up alot…

@ Aditya – Yessssss, you are spot on, Swati sister sounded not only sweet but also cute as always …

@ Shruthi…. thank you… pls do visit more often… cheers…
Ramesh Tadi


Sanoop Robert said

Good Singing Dear .Keep it up


Jithu Karthik said

Good one Guys…
I enjoyed it….



Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

Thank you Jithu and Sanu… we appreciate your feedback…
Ramesh Tadi


Ranjith k r said

nice song selection….u sung very well…

u know one thing, My brother is the "live Sound FX " engg. of this film.
He put some effects in this video song.
His muziboo addr:

“May God Bless You”


Swati Prasad said

Ranjith, nice to know about your brother…. thanks for taking out your time for this song :)
Swati Prasad


Anbu Mohamed Pro user said

Wonderful Swati & Ramesh……Great singing by both of you……Not much diction issues….I could find……much better than some of the Hindi professional singers, killing the language in Tamil songs in recent times…Not to blame them, it is the composers’ choice….though. Good job guya !!
♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Kalaivanan Raju said

nicely sung swathi and your brother too……


Sunil Sankaraadi said

Hai…swati….very nice song …like it very much….Ramesh ji….very nice and soothing voice…excellent singing….Cheers


Janani Subash said

Hi Swati.,
Good to hear your both singing…
You have a very sweet voice…
just need practise on diction…
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by Swati Prasad

uploaded about 3 years ago


with Ramesh Tadi Pro user

Male Lead and Guide :)


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