Vaanile Thenila - Kaakki Sattai (By Anbu & Hamsarishi)

Lyrics & Chords

Hello all,

It’s been a tough time for me in the middle of company training for the past few weeks and some more to go……Just digging through my old recordings, I wanted to post when I joined Muziboo. Those were times, I was so new to mulitrack or multitake recordings….I downloaded few songs for male singers and did a single take recording of this song.

There are certainly lot of mistakes, I felt myself in the song. Still, wanted to upload this due to the long gap of being inactive here… Hope my co-singer Hamsarishi wouldn’t mind me posting this song…without her knowledge. She is indeed an amazing singer. I have just added some effects to the already mixed version.

The song is a wonderful duet from Kathal Ilavarasan Kamal’s movie with Ambika as the heroine. Not to bore you with my write-up, here are the details

Movie Name : Kaakki Sattai
Music By : Isaignani. Ilayaraja
Original Singers : Great SPB, Janaki Amma
Cover by : Anbu J. Mohamed, Hamsarishi.



Theagaraj Dhanapalan (busy will be back soon) said

Nandraga paadirukkireergal….Migavum kural thelivaaga irunthathu……. vungal azhagiya kuralil miga nandraga irunthathu….

Sister hamsa rombha nalla bhavathoda arputhama paadirukkanga….

oodalgal nalla irunthathu….

Migavum rasithen…

Vaazga valamudan


Raj kumar Anjan Pro user said

Varuvom la******************
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

If there is affinity, no matter how bitter it could be, one is always contented… If there is no affinity, let love be in your heart…


Tha Kathir bye bye my dearest ppl forever said

Very nice singing by both of you.
Excellent mixing.
Keep it up dear friends Anbu & Hamsa.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, but not language or place.


Kameshwaran Sevugan (yippee..finally back to india) said

Dear Anbu anna,

Fantastic song selection!…Athuke ungaluku en paarattukal:)…Miga azhagu vaaintha paadalai neengalum, Hamsa sis avangalum paadi vazhanginathu romba romba nalla irunthuthu:)

K-track inum konjam nalla irunthirukalam!…but unga renduperoda singing athai overtake paniduchu:)…superb feel!…Liked urs and hamsa’s expressions!…

Please keep up the good work:)…Expecting more uploads from you anna:)…Tc

Thanks & Regards
Kameshwaran Sevugan
Music = My Life, Hope it is the same for you too:)

Love you friends forever:)


Hamsa Rishi Pro user said

Anbu Bro

You have sung so well- loved the expressions & your vc- My fav part is your humming (i think it is the tough part!)

I wish i had sung it better- Sorry!!I got a bit carried away esp with “vaanile thenila” line- sounds so broken- guess i was dancing when i was singing this song (LOL)

All I can do is to apologise at this point & try to do better next time

Enjoyed your singing so much & Thanks bro

My love to Raji sis



Anu Anand said

Nalla song !! :) Both of u have sung very well ! :)
My music


Raisudeen ( little busy ) said

HI Anbu,
Adada…Super Nanba…kalakkitenga……Arumaiyaaga Paadi erukeenga…Hamza vum nalla paadi erunthaanga….
Very Good Effort Andu nanba…:)
I liked It!! Goes to Fav List….:)

Pls Listern My Uploads and Give me a Feedback
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Saroj Nair said

Anbu and Hamsarishi well sung


Nalli said

Nice singing Anbu and Hamsa!


Musique said

Anbu sir….superb…enna feel and Hamsa…as usual kalakal…liked the performance

“ What you cannot count, counts "

musique solos


Karthika Venkatesan(infinitely away.. ) said

Hi anbu ji,

a peppy number from u :) like it :) as usual hamsa ji is great in her part :)

u both have carried the song superbly and effortless singing :)
When you are free please listen to my tracks and leave your valuable comments

Karthika’s songs


Kala Vijay Pro user said

Anbu and Hamsa wonderful singing with great energy.foot tapping music.
cannot live without music


Thangarajah Selvarajah said

Hi Anbu………summa nalla rasichu paadi irukkeenga…….nice,,,,,,,,enoyed………Very Good Effort Andu…kepp it up……reagrds
Endrum Anbudan Ungal Thangarajah Selvarajah.


Ramesh Tadi (starting fresh!!) said

Anbu and Hamsa, very beautiful song and wonderful rendition…

Anbu, even when you were new to this you sound awesome in vocals and perfect singing… such is the quality of your singing… loved it

Hamsa – you have beautiful voice and very well sung
Ramesh Tadi


Babu Nm said

great vocals and beautiful song pick

hamsarishi loved your konjal singing at places

anbu…….haaaa on a roll ? great going brother
loved your voice and singing…

may bless you and be with you always


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Anburaaja & Hamsa,
Felt like the legendary Maestro himself singing his own composition !
Beautifully rendered by both of you with apt expressions !
Felt that Hamsa’s vocal track could be mixed better.
LIKED it overall !
Kudos !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Jaishree Pro user said

Anbu and Hamsa- Super song pick!…Want to cover this one some time :)…Good singing !…Could be better I felt!


Fareej said

Sorry for being late to comment…… Whether you have uploaded the old recorded song or the newly recorded, for us, it is all the same with your beautiful soothing voice…. fantastic aalaaps…. and nice mixing…. another beautiful rendition…… Keep it up…

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Hindi Covers


Suresh r (slowly slowly slowly....on the track) said

“Anbu” Mazhai pozhikirathu….Vovvoru thuliyilum un mukham therikirathu………….

My dear Anbu & Hamsa00000

“Great song selection + Amazing rendition” is the name of this package !!! Really………Great one………Anbu bro , ennaathithu…….Ore kalakkalaa irukku………Mathavangalukku inge vaazha vendaamaaaaaaa…….Neenge ippadi “perfect” aa paadi kudukkirathinaale thaan ellorum engalode paadalkalukku “sruthi pochu” “thaalam sariyaa varale” appadi ippadi’nnu sollurathu……Ennaa sir !!! Engaleyum vaazha vidungale……he he he………Amazing job dear……Intha padam enakku romba pudikkum….Kamal sir , Ambika madam & Villain role by Sathyaraj na……

Hamsa:- Very cute voice ma……Such a neat job……….You have excelled in most of the areas………Cool one……

All the very best & goes to my fav.

“Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule.”


Jiyavul Haj said

Dear Anbu anna
First time in your space.
Very nice singing.



Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

dear anbu,
nice peppy helps to relax…
v well sung yu both.
enjoyed listening…


Swati Prasad said

very beautiful song :)
love it in your voices :)
simply superb!!
Swati Prasad


Anbu Mohamed (listening mode) said

Thank you all so very much for listening, commenting and encouragement that you are providing to me as usual. Unable to respond to each and everyone due to the busy days, which is going to last for another 2 weeks. Will be back in action after that……

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫


Raja Mohamed.j. said

அன்பு மற்றும் ஹம்ஷரிஷி……நீங்கள் பாடும் பாடல் கேட்டேன்,,மோக ராகம் பாடிய வீணாய்ப் பாடி பின்னிட்டீங்க.எஸ்.பி.பி குரலில் கேட்ட பாடலை இளையராஜா குரலில் (உங்கள் குரல்தான்) கேட்டது…இன்னும் கூடுதல் இனிமை. ஹம்சா…லாஸ்ட் பர்ட்ல கொஞ்சம் ப்ரீதிங் ப்ராப்ளம் உள்ளது போல இருந்தது….ஐ லைக் இட் திஸ் சாங். நன்றி நண்பரே!
Music are my breath:)


Priya Shankar said

Hi Anbu sir, sorry for being late here….

wow…. another great song from you…. beautiful song selection and well sung Anbu sir and Hamsa sis…. to my fav.

Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart


Kaushick M said

@ Anbu and Hamsa… excellent singing…
Please do listen to my SONGS


Srinath S said

I liked it a lot…
Please share your thoughts upon my latest upload :


Harish Nambiar said

nice rendition chettaaaaaaaaaaa


Kumaran.k.k. ( i am back ) said


super song….

inthe song ku inthe k-track than iruku, so vere vazhi illa…

arumaiyaa paadi irukinga….

hamsa, sollave venaam, superaaa iruku…

but inum konjam jolly a padi irukaalaam nu enaku thonuthu…, but itha solla enaku thaguthi irukaa nu theriyala :d

always yours,
“music, the language of universe”
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Abdul Subahan said

Nice song selection and very well sung. Enjoyed it.


Sushmita Mishra said

gr8 melodious song anbu ji…….what a singing……nice voice also………i wish to dance with the song even not understading.
plz comments on my new upload.which is a different one.first time cover a oriya song.
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.with regards,sumi


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Anbu and Hamsarishi…

Never heard this song before… Good attempt in singing this by both of you… Quite a few flat notes in the anupallavi and charanam… This apart good singing by both of you…

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Sonu Kanna said

Anbu good one just heard yours enjoyed the flow gr8 one bro
“A perfect stranger to music Involvement generates liveliness no Prejudice comparisons”


Vinod Kumar (away) said

I am not too sure that IR version of this song is there …it sounded exactly like IR…enjoyed it and loved it…:)
Warm Regards
Vinod Kumar


Anbu Mohamed (listening mode) said

Ha…Ha….Thanx Vinod, You know….I wanted to cover a lot of non-IR songs, but because of such comments even by others……I started concentrating on IR songs. Truely, I am unable to hide IR’s shade in my voice….

♫♫♫ Anbu J. Mohamed ♫♫♫

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