Usire Usire - Kannada Cover

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This is a beautiful song from the Kannada movie, Huccha. Huccha is a remake of the successful Tamil movie, Sethu. This song is the Kannada version of “maalayen vedhanai.” I wanted to do a Kannada song on account of Kannada Rajyotsava and here it is. Please listen and leave your comments. Happy Rajyotsava to all of you!!!!!

Movie : Huchcha
Original singer : Rajesh Krishnan
Language : Kannada
Cover by: Kumaran



Adithi said

hhh…hhh….hhh…hhh… had to run to get here first!

Happy Rajyotsava to you too!

Expressionsla ungala adicchukka aaL illai pa! :) Beautifully done! I felt the pallavi could have been revisited after completing the song- the start did not make that much of an impact. Just my honest opinion! The finer sangathis very soooooo lovely!

The composition has a very heavy IR influence, dont you think?


Ajeesh Kumar said

Amazing feel, Kumaran. I don’t understand Kannada, but I got what the song conveyed :-). I think that says it all.
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Kumaran said

Hey that was very quick. Adithi matthu Ajeesh: Thumba thanks.


Prajna Ravikumar said

Beautifully rendered…… Nice addition on Rajyotsava…… Thumba chennagidde……


Meera Manohar said

Very nice Kumaran… recording seems to be a little different or the mixing— ennamo senjirukeenga :)) Your voice is prominent as far the mixing goes, sounds nice. IMO, the reverb is just a trifle more, but nothing that takes away the beauty

5/5 definitely!

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Harshan Nambiar - (busy till end of this week) Pro user said

Kumaran ….you sound a little different here. I dont understand kannada, also not familiar with the song ….but I really liked the expressions ……5/5 from me for that.
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Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Beautiful Rendition Kumaran!
Never heard this song ….
But a very nice song to pick n it suits ur voice.
5/5 From me…


Ravi Kichcha said

very nicely sung Kumaran…… Kannada Raajyotsavadha Shubhashayagalu :-) …… I also tried this song but it doesn’t sound like as urs…. Keep posting kannada songs


My try —→ Usire usire


Ravi Kichcha said

5/5 from my side …. and obviously goes to my favs…. :-)


Arun said

Wishing u too Kannada Rajyotsava…… Very Very well sung… Expersions were on the dot dear …. superb i loved ur version of usire…


Kumaran said

Prajna, Meera, Harshan, Roshinie, Ravi, and Arun: Thanks a million for listening to this and your comments!!!


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

My Dear Kumaran,
As usual, a heartening & perfect rendition full of expressions by your good self that won my heart !
You deserve 100 % for this !
Also reciprocating Kannada Rajyotsava Wishes !

Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Kumaran said

TGK sir, thanks a ton for liking my effort!!!!


Unnikrishnan Kb said

Kumaran, That was beautiful, I liked your presentation very well… You had that karizma in your voice… i am giving 5/5 ……. great singing…Great


Vishak Subramoney said

Amazing. Never heard this song before….but a wonderful rendition. awesome voice.
lovely feel in ur voice.


Kumaran said

Unnikrishnan and Vishak: Thanks a lot guyz!!!


Srividya Kasturi said

Very soothing as usual…ur voice sounds very good in this mix!!
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Kumaran said

Vidya, thanks a lot :-)


Dr. priya Rajan said

kumaran…. My awesome singer, nice to listen to some Kannada song too. Expressive singing and gr8 vocals…. chennagidhu – More songs beku…. Keep it up. 5/5
All the best.

MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Kumaran said

Priya and Sowmya: Thanks a lot for listening. I did not listen to the original song at all before attempting this one, which is very unusual for me. I will definitely try to improve myself in my next one!!!! Thanks again :-)


Ramyaa Narayanan said

Kumaran, you voice is very very nice. I loved your rendition. expressive. 5/5.


Murali Ramanathan said

Lovely….superb singing and excellent feel…sangathis were also brilliant. 5/5.
Warm Regards,
Murali Ram

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Kumaran said

Ramyaa and Murali: Thanks a million for your encouragement :-)


Tara Balakrishnan said

awesome rendition Kumaran!! sounds very nice…
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thumbi vaa

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Kumaran said

Tara, thank you very much :-)


Raj kumar Anjan Pro user said

Kumaran aka Mr Expresser of Muziboo!!!!!!!!!!!

At the outset, I genuflect and apologize for my late-commenting here, bro. I believe you would accept my apologies. Aptly picked number to cover as your life is affluent with love, care and affection. *Absence diminishes small loves and increases great ones, as the wind blows out the candle and fans the bonfire.* This would just be enough to concur if one has really fallen in love. And its the mortal and temporal feel of getting infatuated which fades away with distance. As u have said in the description, this song would have brought the necessary tint to the movie. In Tamil, Poet Arivumathi has penned the lyrics with top-notch delivery. Am not sure of Kannada as I am still struggling and jousting with the language. ;-) This was an awesome performance with a lively voice. Bro! Whats the magic behind this lovely & lively singing???? Sounds like u r the only lessee of expressive singing here. You gotta be generous and teach us the trick. I dont wish to analyse the song if u had adhered to the scale or something else. *Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.* Who cares about the off-notes and other nitpick stuff while u r singing out of ur soul in passion. Its quite irksome when I find someone throwing light on these things to show their prowess. Its unnecessary here as all are amateurs singing and delivering driven by passion except a few. Better to express it in a way which pampers and motivates to sing better than making someone feel awkward and stop the work altogether. Its just my opinion I had after a month’s tenure with Muziboo. But you are as usual flawless. Even a piece of sound which is so pleasant to the ears and pours something ecstatic into ur soul is a Music. I feel so. I end my outcry here. LOl

Bro!!I have my hands on the rate counter and of course tampered the number of votes with my 5/5 :-)
When it comes to a love song emanating from a soul, needless to say that it is safe with me as one of my favorites. ;-)

Loving bro,
Music is what our feelings sound like….


Kumaran said

Hey those were truly wonderful comments, bro!!!! It is a pleasure reading your comments here and elsewhere. Really glad you liked this. I would love to listen to the Tamil version (maalai en vedhanai) in your wondeful voice daa thambi. Let me hunt for the track :-)


Meera Krishnan said

commendable rendition.enjoyed it. wonderful/ expressive singing.keep singing.all d best.5/5 from me and goes to my favs.


Bharathi Dinesh said

Hi Kumaran,
Excellent feel and great singing!


Kumaran said

Meera and Bharathi: Thanks a lot for listening and commenting.


Uthra said

Beautiful voice and nicely sung. I don’t understand the language but it really didn’t matter. Ee…. usire… was enjoyable every time. Sangathis were nicely done.


Venkat S said

Usire, hey nanna usire ….!

nanna usira kondhe, ninna haadinindha….!!!

Feeling Guru… Fantasitic renditions. Raj has done a wonderful job of expressing our feelings in his nice write up above. Kudos to you Kumar.

with 100 / 100 it goes to my fav…



Kumaran said

Uthra and Venkat: Thumba dhanyavaadhagalu!!


Neha ........ said

I dont understand the lingo, but loved the melody… very well rendered Kumaran… will check out the rest of your songs soon enough! 5/5 from me!


Kumaran said

Hey Neha and Ramya: Thanks a ton for listening and commenting!!!


Bala (composer/producer) said

I think this is your original voice – very nice. So far, I remembered you as a ‘SPB style’ singer. I think your dry/wet proportion in the reverb needs some more work. Your expressions are very apt for the situation. Who is the composer?
- Bala

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4) Thaanae – Feat. Rashmi Nair
5) Aariro – Feat. Srividya Kasturi


Kumaran said

Balu, romba thanks. The MD is Rajesh Ramanath for this movie.


Priya B said

Hey Kumaran….awesome singing yaar!!
I heard it along with venkat last time and now could not stop listening to it again and again….
Loved it a lot….hats off!


Kumaran said

Hey Priya: Sorry for missing to acknowledge your appreciation. Thumba dhanyavaadagalu!!!!


Usha R said

nice to listen to this song. Nalla padi irukengo ennum enna venum. Inghe sila peru allarudiya paatai kekamatanga. Adhunalai indha patuku ennum kammi ya marking irukaradhu. sila peru vethala pakulai anju rubhai vechu kudukaramadhiri nan ungha patuku anju tharen neenga engal paatuku anju thange ni solluvanga. ennnamo. naanga yarukum anju rubhai kudukamale allam free lai kekarom. allam kutamum hindi paatu pinnadi ye odarathu. avanga ungal kutatai upayogham panni panga adhan. Naanga allam kepom. nanna irundhal anju rubhai tharuvom. Onnum thappa artham panni kadhango. engal manasila thoninadha edo sollurukom. aanal adhu sathiyom.
Happy new year. Thank you.


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Kumaran! :)

Always love to listen to you sing! Voice of yours and the feel when added to it is truly mesmerizing!

This is such a lovely song sung by Rajesh Krishnan, one of my fav singer! You have done complete justice to the song!

What a voice and feel have you been blessed with my friend!! Really love it! Looking forward to singing with you again soon! :)

Obviously goes to my favs! All the very best!

- Sushanth


Kumaran said

Hey Sushanth: Really happy to know you liked it yaar. There is a musical evening planned this month. I will surely get back to you with a detailed mail my friend. Again, feeling really happy to have got such a positive feedback from a talented singer like you :-)


Krishna Srinivas said

channagi hadiddira kumar!


Kumaran said

Krishna, thumba thanks!!!


Kirthana V said

Kumaran uncle,
Your feeling in the song was ovverflowinnggly good :D
Aweeesomme rendition
Nice to listen to a kannada no. from you….
Do sing more kannada songs :)

I love Music…


Manohar said

Brother Kumar,

Amazing voice and so is your performance!!

Keep singing!!!Will wait for more of thez kinda numbers!

brother, just a quick question, how do you record this?I have got tracks but not sure which is the best way to record ! Please advise!I am interested. :)



Kaaviyam said

Even though I don’t understand anything in Kannada your awesome voice with wonderful mix of lovely feel……makes me to listen some more kannada songs. :-)


Kumaran said

Kirthana, Manohar, and Kaaviyam: Thanks a lot!!! Manohar: Please mail me at I will try to help you.


Sarada Pro user said

Sakkath Kumaran. Great expressions. You have fabulous voice.

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Kumaran said

Thumba thanks Sarada avare!!!!


Kumaran said

Prasanna and Prithvi: Thanks a lot!!


Vijay Keerthi said

Nice rendition Kumar… keep it up


Kumaran said

Thank you very much, Vijay!!!


Krishna1038 said

kumaran nange e music beku nanu e hadanna helta edini collegeli so hege download madkolodu musicna?


Marysandra03 said

Great voice……….!!!! Highly romanticcccc voice…… ur voice resembles rajesh krishna’s voice…

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