Uravugal Thodarkathai

Lyrics & Chords

This is one of my all time favourite songs, from the film Aval appadithaan. A classic composition of Illayaraja and exceptionally well rendered by K J Yesudas.

I have been off the muziboo scene for almost a year and thought i will get back with a recording of mine. I was not successful in my attempts, since I was not able to find the time to get in terms with my recording gear and the technology aspects. It so happened that a very good musician friend of mine introduced me to a singer (Sathish) in Chennai last week. Incidentally, Sathish has a small recording set up and his past time is experimenting on Nuendo (the recording software). I thought that it was a good opportunity to record a song and decided to sing this number. The track is a beat slower than the original and so thought that this could be an “unplugged” version. Hope you guys like it. As my very good friend and singing mate Biju Ramachandran mentions; brickbats are always welcome. Cheers



Biju Ramachandran Pro user said

dearest suri,

v happy to be here first.
wow renditon.very good expressions.
voice clarity is highly appreciated.
keep up the good work.im sure yu will go places.(our singing sessions did a world of good for both of us.thanks for that)
goes to fav
biju ramachandran


Surendran Menon said

Dearest Biju

Many thanks for your feedback and good wishes. Yes our singing sessions have indeed helped us stay in touch with good music and also work on our singing. What started of as time pass and party entertainment sessions has now become a serious hobby. Thanks to you.


Surendran Menon said

Thanks a lot Anju. Glad you liked it. Shall post a few more songs in the near future.


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Hi Suri,

Nice to see you back with this lovely song. Very well sung. Keep it up.



Surendran Menon said

Hey kumar

Thanks my friend.

Atlast, got the opprotunity to record a song with a guy who knows the beans hahahahahah.In fact, this is the first time after the stint at your place in 2007. Been off muziboo for a long while. Thought it was a little too long. Got to catch up with the lovely numbers rendered by some wonderful talents on muziboo.


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said

Surendra….Loved your voice and the throw…Great singing too…Not familiar with the original song…Thought you were very good. Your voice is very much similar to that of P.Jayachandran’s…Would love to hear some of Jayachandran’s songs…like “Rasaathi ennai…”

Keep singing and sharing…


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Surendran Menon said

Dear Krishnan Sir

Many many thanks.

I am back to muziboo after a short initial stint. But, i remember listening to your soulful rendition of the song “ente veena kambiyellam”. Fantastic. I loved it. Therefore, these encouraging words, from a wonderful musician like you, has motivated me to do better. I shall definitely record a jayachandran number and post it.


Hari Bhaskar said

Surendran….simply loved your rendition my friend! Keep it coming….I would love to hear more numbers from you. Thanks for sharing. regards…Hari Bhaskar.


Surendran Menon said

Hari – Your feedback is indeed inspiring.
Glad you liked it.


Gopi Shanmugam said

Expressive singing again… Very good. Liked it.


Surendran Menon said

Gopi – Many thanks for your valuable comments. Very encouraging!!


Babu Nm said

you are very good at tamil surendran….great singing….flawless…great attempt this one…really enjoyed it and liked it…

ka karoon sajni aye na… cover by babu nm

SAMA HEI SUHANA SUHANA……………Cover by Babu nm

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may god shower all his blessings upon you and be with you……. ALWAYS……


Satish Krishnamurthy said

It was really nice hearing to yr version of the song…can u plz upload this karaoke or mail it to krissatish1987@yahoo.co.in…. would be of great help :)….


Surendran Menon said


Thanks for your feedback. Shall mail it to you at the earliest.


R Shivakumar said

U have good voice and expression
keep it up !


Surendran Menon said


My apologies for the delayed response.

Many thanks for your feedback.


Nalli said

Very nice Surendran! This song sounds better when the tempo is a bit lower.


ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Listened to this long back but forgot to comment… Such an endearing song this is!!! I wanted to cover this ever since I listened to the original… Your version sounds different in terms of the energy and attitude… Enjoyed this very much…
♫ ♫ Raj ♫ ♫

If there is affinity, no matter how bitter it could be, one is always contented… If there is no affinity, let love be in your heart…


Surendran Menon said

Raj – Many thanks buddy……glad u liked it….definitely motivates…thanks for faving it too.

Nalli – Thanks. You are right…i really liked it when the tempo was a bit lower….the mood and feel intensifies….

Nivedan – Many thanks my friend…you do inspire me to do better…Cheers


Tha Kathir said

Very nice song selection and excellent singing.

Keep it up dear friend Surendran.
Please listen my uploads and write your feel about it. I love Music & friends, n the god inside of me.


Surendran Menon said


Many thanks my friend…


Bhavani Gayathri said

Hey want karaoke for this song? cud u pls send it to sweetgayu92@gmail.com
URGENT pls send as soon as possible


Subba V said

Great singing with lots of passion, sangadhi and dedication. What a lovely classic composition by mastreo IR.


Balasundaram R said

hi amazing feel, nice top here such a kind of songs.please please forward this plain to my pi.sundar@gmail.com. Sundar
Bala.R (Chennai)


Sarawanan Ga said

Need the karaoke track of this song….anyone pls email me at sara_2967@yahoo.com.sg


Surendran Menon said

Subba & Bala – Many thanks

Bhavani & Sarawan – Shall do the needful


Jayamurugan said

Nice singing!


Saroj Nair said

i dont know how i missed all these wonderful songs….
nalla bhavam, layam, thaalam, great voice….
what more can you ask for….
great singing Suri….


Arvind R said

Very good rendition Surendran.
Loved it and it touched me.
Your version was very bright and moving.
Nice voice.
Been listening to this song all over muziboo today … as wanted to hear it.

~With a rhythm is born a song. From a pulsing heart is born music!.
~ Arvind ~

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