Tum mile dil khile

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Asad Zeeshan said

Great command over voice.

Just try to be little bit more in rhythm as according to the song.

Its great try it again u will be perfect.

5/5 rated.


Asad Zeeshan


Shashank Gokhale said


It seems you are singing after long time….

But this is a great Try….and Great singing……

Few flaws but would be OK if you try it on some KARAOKE….

Please read some information in GROUPs about how to record track by Track….

You are on Correct Site….to get your music listened by all….


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said


Nice to hear you.Good voice. Would love to hear songs from you with karaokes. You can check with other members if you dont have….Keep it up!


Sudhir Khollam said

Wnderful, Wonderful and simply wonderful.
Looking for more from you….Try karaokes.


Prashant Singh said

you have good voice quality but u were running out of breath in the high notes try this song with a supprting bg track u will sound much better all the best…….


Satish Murti said

Good effort…keep singing….

Silence sounds Good!

Melancholy + Music = Melody

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