tujh mein rab dikhta hai

Lyrics & Chords

Binish and I again!! we had like to know the feedback…



Ankit Rawat said



Deepak Nayak said

You have a nice voice… Good effort… What is Binish’s part? If I have not mistaken did he play the keys? If yes, good to start… Some more work needed to get the edge though…

Singing was well rendered… Feel was also pretty good… “Kya” at 1:01 mins was flat…

Don’t use a lot of delay… You could do it with reverb instead… Mix it to make your vocals a little crisp… All in all a good job… All the best… Cheers…

Its all bout music and it always will be!


Shaniruh said

nice try ;-) you can do much better with more practice.
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Cheers :-)


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