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This song is nearly 60 years old, and yet is fresh in our minds. Mukeshji’s magical rendering combined with Naushad saheb’s music, have made this song immortal. It is from the film “ANDAZ” (1949) where the main actors were Nargis, Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar.

Here is my version.
vs gopal
1 Mar 2010
Tu Kahe Agar, Tu Kahe Agar
Tu Kahe Agar Jeevan Bhar
Main Geet Sunaata Jaaun
Man Been Bajaata Jaaun
Tu Kahe Agar

Aur Aag Main Apne Dil Ki
Har Dil Mein Lagata Jaaun
Dukh Dard Mitata Jaaun
Tu Kahe Agar

Main Saaz Hu Tu Saragam Hai – 2
Deti Jaa Sahaare Mujhako – 2
Main Raag Hu Tu Binaa Hai – 2
Jis Dam Tu Pukaare Mujhako
Aawaaz Mein Teri Har Dam
Aawaaz Milaata Jaaun
Aakaash Pe Chhaata Jaaun
Tu Kahe Agar

In Bolon Mein, Tu Hi Tu Hai
Main Samajhun Ya Tu Jaane, Ho Jaane
Inamein Hai Kahaani Meri, Inamein Hai Tere Afasaane
Inamein Hai Tere Afasaane
TU Saaz Uthaa Ulfat Kaa
Main Jhoom Ke Gata Jaaun
Sapanon Ko Jagata Jaaun
Tu Kahe Agar….



Chandrasekharan Nair(always with music) Pro user said

Great singing Sir this great song of Mukeshji. Love to hear it alwayes. Enjoyed so much
Be always with a music mind to be a good person

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