Tooneega Tooneega (Telugu) - Cover by Latha Ganti & Sarada

Lyrics & Chords

In the recent months, we started seeing some new talent joining Muziboo. Among them, Latha has distinguished herself with her refreshing, sweet and expressive voice and her marvelous singing abilities. No one can miss noticing the enthusiasm and the energy in her songs.

Latha was resourceful in arranging for this track and also getting it mixed. As expected Latha did a wonderful job on this song.

Some background on picturization: As you listen to this song, imagine two kids, both about 10 years old, bouncing and playing, chasing dragon flies, catching rain drops and watching flying cranes and moving trains in the country side……

For all my curious friends, “tooneega” means a dragonfly :)
Please listen to our version of this popular song and enjoy :)

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Title: Tooneega Tooneega
Film: Manasanta Nuvve (Telugu)
Music: R.P. Patnaik
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Original Singers: Sanjeevani & Usha
Sung by: Latha & Sarada Bhagavatula
Mixed by: Raghu
Chorus & harmonies : Sarada, Latha & Raghu


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