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I’m a huge fan of Tom & Jerry. These days I keep watching it along with my daughter :-). The whole imagination & the ideas that come in every small story of Tom & Jerry has always amazed me. Its an all time best animated series I’ve ever watched. Infact the original series has won Academy Award for Animated Short Film, 7 times.

So, here it is my small theme music(more of a bgm for the scene :-)) that I hope could be visualised. The Scene:Tom is practicing for an Orchestral Concert and playing his cello part. Jerry plays in between to disturb & irritate Tom. Then what else could you expect. Jerry tries to run away from the scene and Tom tries to knock him down while chasing. Finally Tom thinks he has done the damage and comes back to practice but Jerry is still active & again plays those disturbing notes. Tom is now furious and all set for the next chase :-). I’ve only added music (if you can call it music lol) for the 1st chase hehe…

Nothing fancy but it was fun doing this :). Pls do pass on your comments :-).



Harry Jassal (inactive) said

Nice One Kitcha, Great Experiment. Loved it !!!

“When you’re up in life, your friends get to know who you are.When you’re down in life, you get to know who your friends are”

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Tha Kathir said

I believe that Harry Jassal could be right, He is one of my friends on muziboo and I don’t know judge of your performance. But I liked and appriciate your upcomings. Keep it up.
Thank you dear friend.


Saroj Nair said

good one Kitcha, something different from usual :)
i dont think anyone gets fed up of watching Tom and Jerry :)


Kala Vijay Pro user said

Nice one children will also start joining muziboo….i think.well done.


Shreedhar Ganapathy Pro user said

Gotta agree – great experiment :)
Going through the Tom and Jerry maze now with my second one :)
One really cannot get over T&J :)
Nice work Kitcha.
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Sushane Shankar said

First comment before listening….
Awesome: being a die-hard T&J fan. :P

Kudos to the thought!

ARR -————————> GOD!


Sushane Shankar said

HAHAHAHAH! Lovely!!!! :)


ARR -————————> GOD!


Babu Nm said

beatuful kicha thampy you always come out something really enjoyable loved it and liked it
"""Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead."""

may god shower all his blessings upon you and be with you……. ALWAYS……


Shaniruh said

Nice :)

Cheers :-)



Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Kitcha, who’s not a fan of tom & jerry? enjoyed it-Congrats!


Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Great imagination Kitcha and very nicely implemented too. Kudos to your creativity. Enjoyed this a lot :-).



Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Kitcha!

Very imaginative and creative indeed! Love the T&J series! :) Loved the use of Bugle (if i am not wrong) tht you have used in the piece… Sounds very cute! :)

All the very best!

- Sushanth


Chondryma Chakrobortti (inactive) said

Loved your creativity with the theme n compo…. Keep them coming :)
- Chondryma

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