Thunbam nergayil

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This is a beautiful song from an old tamil movie Ore Iravu.

I hear a faint buzzing noise throughout the song and don’t have the mixing skills to rectify it. Decided to post this song with a hope that I would get some pointers from fellow listeners to fix it. Please listen to it when you get a chance.



Radhika Nair (away) said

Uthra – have never heard this song. Beautiful song and this suits your voice well. The first elimayum a bit pitchy? And the landing at the very end could be a bit better.
You are right…the hum was a distraction but your lovely voice came through to me despite the hum. The lo-fi streaming also must be impacting the hearing here, i guess.

Despite the audibility issues, i really liked this one from you – 5!

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Srini S said

Beautiful work uthra.Really loved it in ur voice.
Only one thing, some background music like tambura,c
ould have made ur rendition much better.only that
was missing,otherwise i enjoyed this lovely piece.
keep it up and enjoy singing.5/5


Dr. priya Rajan said

Dear Uthra – Thanks for mesg me and asking me to comment on this.

You have a lovely voice, and you captured the spirit. Great go for the first try.
Always BGM will help you not to slip with your notes at least a Harmonium with surely guide you.

Agreed with our few friends on giving their feedback which is very useful to you.

Why dont you try "kurai onrum ille kanna’ – M.S. Subbalakshmi. I want hear some gr8 music!

All the best and I enjoyed your song.
Keep them posting!
MUSIC is the language of the soul!


Srividya Kasturi said

Beautifully rendered, Uthra! Ur voice suited the song to the T…U must try out some classical based songs…:)
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Srividya Kasturi said

Beautifully rendered, Uthra! Ur voice suited the song to the T…U must try out some classical based songs…:)
My Latest Posts:
Kanasugalu – Original Composition by Anirudh
Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
Adiye Kollude…
Oru Murai With Pradip

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Cool Singer said

Beautiful Utra but keep the mic a bit away… Voice is really kewl… :) Sangathis are beautiful… :)


Uthra said

Thanks everyone for your comments. Rads/Srini: thanks for the rating. Appreciate it. Any pointers on how to fix the hum/buzzing noise?


αнмε∂ Khan said

Beautiful control voice and excellent singing! Expect more classical songs:)

Technical point is that those hum/buzzing noise is because of the amount of noise reduction level which u already apply in this vocal is too much haina? if i m right then u can decrease the amount of noise reduction level…


Ramya Harish said

Very very nice singing Uthra. I like this song a lot. You are very good at classical songs. As other s said, it wud hv been better with a tampura background. Also take care of diction of some words like kaNNE etc. And some places you seemed to pause for a longer time.

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Ramya Harish said

one more thing – Is it yaazh asaithu or eduthu? I thought it is asaithu

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Kadhal kavidhaigal with Joseph
Thendral dhaan with Kumaran


Subbu said

Hello Uthra

What a beautiful rendition and a pick……shows your fantastic taste……wow…thrilled to listen to it here….who cares if there is a disturbance or not for such a wonderful presentation…thanks for sharing….

Straight From the heart, Always


Meena Raman said

hello uthra,

hearing to this for the second time,
wonderful song and wonderful singing

thanks for sharing




Uthra said

Ahmed: Thanks for your comments.
Ramya: Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. I had learnt it as yaazh eduthu… it could be isaithu… will check it out. Did I pronounce kaNNE as kanne?
Subbu: Thank you very much. It is encouraging to see such comments.
Meena: Thanks for taking some time to listen to it twice. Feels good.


Kavi Nagarajan said

@Uthra, What a beautiful voice……
I am amazed how well you stuck to the sruthi for the most part w/o any reference.I am sure with a sruthi accompaniment, this wud have come out perfect.
Great job.

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Vamsi Nadella said

Great job Uthra!! Never heard this song before….you introduced me a beautiful number. You did a great job on this!!! Agree with all other comments above. Keep singing and post more with a BGM or Thampura.

Good Luck. No ideas about mixing. Sorry.

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Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Uthra said

Kavitha/Vamsi: Thanks. I had the tampura file but didn’t have a good experience in the past trying to mix that and the recorded track. Thanks to my mixing skills. Should invest some time in trying to understand mixing. Glad you liked my attempt.


George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Well sung Uthra… clearly some recording issue…Looks like your room is noisy. When you record, try to shut down fans/close windows, close doors etc. Try to keep the environment as quiet as u possibly can. You will still have noise, but too too much. The next step is to use a noise gate to cancel out noise above/below a certain frequency… this will help you get rid of things such as AC (current) Hum etc. The other thing you can try is to keep your mic input levels lower so that its less sensitive to external noise. I am not sure if you use a directional dynamic mic or a condenser. Condensers dont really work well in a noisy environment. Anyways hope these tips help… Good luck on future recordings!
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Murali Venkatraman said

Choosing a good song is a battle half won. And you have not lost the rest of the battle. A timeless classic handled well by you.

I think what you have done is record as a low quality wave and encoded as an mp3. That is when you get such a distortion.

Some places to watch : anbil"laa", kaN"NE",

Have you heard SPB sing this in “manadhil uRudhi vENdum” ? That is a beautiful interpretation that is a must hear.


Uthra said

George: Thank you for taking some time to listen to my song. Much appreciated. I have a voice chat microphone that I used for recording. I noticed that when I just play the recorded track, I had to increase the gain but when I mix and render it, it probably converts it/encodes it and makes it sound different. Don’t know if I have to use some other software for encoding it. will keep trying.

Murali: Thank you. Nice to hear your feedback. I recorded it using audacity and as I mentioned above, it sounds ok when I listen to the recorded track right away but when I mix and render it, export it as an mp3, it sounds different. Sometimes have to increase the gain level. When I upload it, muziboo encodes it. Don’t know if this is the right procedure but any tips are welcome.

Can you please tell me what I should watch for at anbilaa and kaNNE? I haven’t heard SPB’s song. Will look for it. thanks.


Rajeev Onv(away on a long break) said

Hi Uthra, Good composition in Desh well sung by you. A shruti with Tanpura or harmonium in the background would have made it more effective-you can try again. You have a voice suited for classical songs. Would love to hear more from you….


Ravindran Venugopal said

This song was written by Bharathidhaasan. The same song has been rendered by Sudha Raghunathan, Nithyashree, Sanjay Subramaniam etc., besides the original composer Dhandapani Dikshithar who explains why he chose that particular raagam. Each is a treat to listen ….


Amara said

Amma migavum arumai. Nandri

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