Thuli Thuli - Just an attempt... :)

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Hi Guys!

Am sure this song needs no formal introduction… :D A well known song and am sure a favorite of almost all… Such is the magic of this song… This song has already been covered by a lot of ppl here… Here is my humble attempt at this one too…

This is not a song for my kind of voice to be honest… But I am just trying it out of sheer love for this song… I mainly tried this song, as it is a learning experience in many aspects… One is the voice modulation… I have tried to modulate my voice, in order to suit the mood of the song… Hope I have been able to do it pretty decently… :)

Second thing is the use of the head voice… When singing the higher notes, we need to try using the falsetto… Need to use the head voice for this… I have practiced and tried this… However, I am not too sure how sucessful I have been… Please listen to this and let me know… I had to record this higher notes seperately owing to the issues with my voice… Rest of the song has been recorded at a stretch… :)

Movie – Paiyaa (2010)
Song – Thuli Thuli Mazhaiyaai
Singer(s): Haricharan, Tanvi Shah
Lyricist: Na. Muthukumar
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cover & Mix: Sushanth

Hope you all like it… Please feel free to share your thoughts on my humble effort… :)

- Sushanth



Unnikrishnan Kb said

Just an attempt??? The feel and curves were absolutely nice. This song is completely out of your comfort zone, I appreciate you for trying thing. The voice texture… (ur best asset) had to shrink in places to fit with the shallow singing. But you have done really well. Kudos da.
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Sushanth Shankar said

Hey Unni!!

That was lightening fast bro! :D Really happy to receive the first comment from you! Thanks so much da! Indeed I had to compromise my full throated voice at a few places to fit the feel of the song… Hope I done OK… :)

- Sushanth


Vishnu Mohan ( busy mode) said

Sush dear super selection and singing :D valare nannayitto, title mathram kurachu kaduthu poi :P

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Ramesh Tadi Pro user said

its not just an attempt, it is very good, we love ur voice as it is… n you have done a good job here too… keep it comming…

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Ajay m nair said

nice song…… lovely singing…. liked it…. keep it up


Chitra Sundararajan said

Hi Sushanth,

I feel sumthing went wrong sumwhere in ur singing, i dont know how to explain it but i didnt feel the mood of the song, may be u stressed the words too much n at sum places it sounds like pathos……sorry to say this. You have got an amazing voice, i still remember ur en iniya pon nilaave, just could not forget it. May be u have choosen a wrong song or if u r confident its ur genre then u need rectify the corrections.

This comment is not a just like that comment i usually dont like to talk discouraging but i listened to ur version n imm to the original version n compared each n every places word by word then only posting this comment. Hope u will take it in stride. All the best.



Anil Pillai said

Hi Sushanth
I liked it. I had not heard the song, but went and listened to it on youtube.
I think you have done a real good job. I know it is out of your comfort zone, but did not feel it.
Sure there was strain in certain parts.
Not an expert – But I thought it was very good.

Regards and Best wishes



Tha Kathir said

You did very well. Good singing and nice to listen. If you have something to improve, you could update. But I don’t have anything to say.
Great. Keep it up.

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Roshine Gnanatharshan. said

Simply Lovely Sushy.
The expressive voice of yours really worked out with this song. even though the song was out of your comfort zone The high notes were handled very nicely too….

  • Roshine *

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“இன்னா செய்தாரை ஒறுத்தல் அவர் நாண நன்னயம் செய்து விடல்”

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Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Nice rendition & LIKED it in your great voice & unique style !
Hats off !
Cheers !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Ajeesh Kumar said

Good one man. Take care of the mixing, I could notice clipping all throughout. Sure its not just an attempt, enjoyed it!
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Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Sushanth ….it was refreshing to hear this song in your tone. I have a different philosphy while singing covers….the music director has done his work and selected the most suitable voice for the track. Why should we continue to hear or render it in the same tone….a different voice and tone ….makes it very interesting. I loved it in your voice….agree with Ajeesh on the clipping on the higer registers……overall loved it man.
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Sudha Kumar (back to listen to all of you..) said

Followed Harshan here, Sushanth. I have to listen to your other solos… Nice rendition of this popular Muziboo number – but I wished I could hear your lovely textured voice in this too… very nice experiment. Keep it up,

Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.
-John Keats
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Vishak Subramoney said

another good rendition by u. well done.


Anju Bennie said

Very impressive Sushanth. Very lively too. I dont understand why you said this songs does not suit your voice. Cant eliminate any issues with the higher notes too. Going to my favourite



Divya Dharshini - away !!! said

wowwwwwwww…… wat a voice u ve sushanth….

simply superbuuu… i liked it nd loved a lot:)

With Lots Of Love,
Ur Divya:)


Swati Prasad said

Nice singing of this cute song :)
I teased my tamil frnds to get the meaning of this song
really cute:)
like your singing :)



Jaishree Pro user said

Sushanth- Very good attempt . Liked it!


Harry Chops said

Nice one Sushanth….
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Devan S said

Late arrival. Great attempt mate. Alwaysove to hear songs in ur great voice.
Sangeetha Saagaram
“**** Music leads my life……****”


Ajay kumar said

first of all, Congrats on the “one-stretch” recording.

Your voice was too good… loved the rendition. But i felt the energy could have been more better. As you had given it 1-shot, i can understand that.

Lovely rendition….

p.s: I may not be an expert singer (leave expert, not even a good singer!); but believe that am a reasonably good critic – If you’re hurt by comments which are often raw & unrefined, I’d like to apologize in advance.

Luv & Cheers!
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Sukumar Varier said

U have tried ur level best and the involvement definitely needs to be applauded.U are capable to develop ur skill further by keen observation and practice.This might not be under the category of ur voice texture,but as a singer it is a challenge to be able to render any songs considerably well…U have the potential….but need to nurture a develop it


Krishnan N v ( nvk ) said


Not too familiar with the song …To me you sounded quite good… Only felt a bit strained at the high notes…Very good expressions too…

Keep singing and sharing…

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Deepesh A k(indefinitely on and off) said

wow……a lot lot more than an attempt….


Priya B said

Ah nice rendition Sushanth…. lovely ups and downs… i liked them totally….ur open throated singing is good yaar!! keep it up!!


Sushanth Shankar said

Hi Everybody!

Thank you so much for all the encouraging words! Means a lot to me…. I definitely feel within myself, tht I am improving with the constant support I get from all you folks! Thanks a lot guys! :)

@Chitra – Thank you for your feedback… I would definitely agree upon the stress on the words… However, I have tried my best using the limited knowledge I have in Tamil… However, it would be helpful if you could quantize what it is exactly tht you found going wrong… I might disagree with you on your opinion about this sounding like a pathos, as this tune cannot be given tht feel however badly u may sing… :) Anyways, I respect your thought, as perception differs from one person to another… Thanks for your time and looking forward to more constructive feedback the next time around… :)

- Sushanth


Kala Vijay Pro user said

wow,sushant wonderful got such a powerful voice.
sorry being late i was on a vacation


Radhiii said

Nice feel …. good work, Sushant


Babu Nm said

beautifully done sush……really enjoyed this one….wow what a start….ummmmuaaaaaaaah
"""Were it not for music, we might in these days say, the Beautiful is dead."""

may god shower all his blessings upon you and be with you……. ALWAYS……


Lavanya Voruganti said

superrrrb….loved it sushanth…fab performance


Navneeth Krishnan said

the song is really well rendered ….felt a bit lack of confidence in ur ur voice,its strictly my view of song…slight pitch out in anupallavi(kannam paarthal…)….


Vijayan said

I too attempted this song. We meet again Sushant :) Let me know your thoughts.

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