Thendral Vandhu Ennai Thodum

Lyrics & Chords

Here is my first duet with Meena. A beautiful song by IR. Thanks to Meena for suggesting this song.

Song: Thendral Vandhu Ennai Thodum
Movie: Thendrale Ennai Thodu (Tamil)
Music: Ilaiyaraja
Original Singers: K J Yesudas, S Janaki
Covered by: Jo, Meena



Mohammed Ashraf said

Jo / Meena : Great jod done. What a voice u got man! Terrific!! Excellent singing too. Even though I’m familiar with this song,,,i enjoyed a lot. 5/5 from me.

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Mohammed Ashraf said

oh one thing…the track is not in good quality.

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chehra hai-saagar
oru poo thannaal


Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam (no longer active on muziboo- pl visit me at said

Nice singing by both of you. Most sangathis, barring a few (which were more crisp in the original rather than sustained as you two have sung) were very nicely done. Wish the k-track was better. Sounds like a vocal cut was done.



Rashmi Nair said

Both of you have sung very well. Great expressions.
As Ashraf and Sindhuja mentioned theres something wrong with the track (or an error when uploading). Jo, could you try to re-upload the song into muziboo?


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Rashmi Nair said

I just heard the upload by meena ……the k-track has the same problem. So its not an uploading issue.
Singing-wise, Excellent!!



Kumar Srinivasan Pro user said

Very good singing by both of you. Charanams were very well done. In the pallavi, sangathi at ‘paaykkodu’ could be handled better by you both.


Ramya Harish said

Beautiful song n raga. Good singing by both of u.
Jo, Great feel thru out. You cud have done ‘paay kodu’ sangathi.
Meena, Very nice singing,expressive aslo. Sangathis can be more clearer.
Thanks for doing this song.



N.gopinath said

Both of u have sung very well, very good voice and expressions…

about Karaoke track i join with others view…

Keep on singinging…good luck

when time permits, please hear my latest songs and comment.

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Joseph Thomas said

Ashraf: Thank you! And I agree that the karoke track was not of good quality.

Sindhuja: Thank you Sindhu. Yeah, the K track seems to have vocals cut off using some software, but there was no other option. :-(

Rashmi: Thanks Rashmi. :-) The K track was not so good like you said.

Kumar: Thank you Kumar. I couldn’t attempt the sangathi at ‘Paaykodu’ as the K track was faster than original and adding that Sangathi in this tempo sounded odd. So I decided not to include it.

Ramya: Thanks Ramya. See my comment above for the ‘paaykodu’ sangathi. :-)

Narayanan: Thanks a lot.


Subbu said


Such nice effort spoilt by poor quality track…it seems to have inconsistent timing in the first place….you have done a commendable job in adjusting to the variable tempo…



Srini S said

one of the toughest composition n tough song too.
Great singing by both of u.The k-track is rushing.
Appreciate the effort.u can re-upload it.Gudluck



Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Subbu and Srinivasan. We appreciate your feedback.


Meena (on & off from muziboo) said

Regarding the track it was recorded with poor mic quality and also it gives a hiss.Which is why even the vocal cut has been done,as rightly pointed out by Sindhu.Apologise for that.Regarding the sangathi tried attempting it.Would try my best to give a better quality recording in future.

Ashraf: Thank you.K-track wasn’t good.Sorry for that.

Sindhuja:I know nothing escapes your sharp ears Sindhu.K-track was n’t really gud.Apologise for that.

Rashmi:Thanks a lot Rashmi for your kind words.Would listen to your enveetu thottathil soon.

Kumar: Thanks a lot for those encouraging comments.

Ramya: Thanks a lot Ramya.

Narayanan: Thanks a lot for your feedback.Would listen to your’s soon.

Subramaniam:Thanks for the comment.

srinivasan:Thank you very much.


Arun Nair said

That was very nice Jo! :-) Loved it….except for the K track problem, the song was amazing. :)

Gurubhyon Namah!


Murali Venkatraman said

Jo : I left my comments on Meena’s page.


Priya B said

Hi Joseph!
Your singing was very nice inspite of the bad track…Loved it.
Meena’s done a wonderful job too!!


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks Murali and Priya. :-)


Susheil Kumar said

Nice singing Jo. Good job by Meena…. overall a very good one….


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Susheil. :-)


Nithu Music freak.. said

whatt aaa voiceeeeeeeee….appaaaa apadiyae attract agitaennnnnnnnn……….great job by meena n jo….well done……


Vamsi Nadella said

Great work you guys!!!…loved it.

Check out my first song here
Please do comment. They help me encourage and improve.


Music Lover said

Hi Joseph Thomas, you have got a mesmerizing voice. i loved your singing. Thanks


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks for your kind words.


Nithya Muziboo staff said

Very nice rendition by both of you….



Sonu Kanna said

Good effort and nice singing, I have a good k track if u dont mind extend the email, so it can be forwarded. A gr8 singing talent hat off to you both a tough song to.


“No Prejudice comparisons
Perfection from Imperfection”


Joseph Thomas said

Thanks Sonu. My email ID is jocalling at gmail


Janani V said

Totally luved both ur singing:) track cudve been better…. It is one of my fav songs :)
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My Band: Ilayaragam


Prahalad r said

@ o.38 iravae pai kodu was missing the original touch… marbil sayum bodhu… pls listen to the original… this was kinda off d track. mogam vandu en marbil was awesome feel…

overall, you gave it a good feel. but felt u can listen to the original track a few more times n can give it ur best shot…


J c p Prince said

Jo, Your voice has resemblence to KjY. Nice feel and very good singing. I dont think we need to sing exactly like the original track. Even the original singers on live performances cant do that. I enjoyed listening…
Can you please share the K-track ?
Pls send to


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Prince. I need to look for the track and will send it to you.


Ambily said

Joseph – Lovely rendition! :) Excellent feel and a great voice.

Meena – Your singing is so clear. Loved your vocal tone too. Keep it up! :)
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Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Ambili :-)


Sunil Krishnan said

Well done guys, love this song!
but hate the low bit-rate Track ;)


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Sunil. Had to make do with the available track. :-)


Jeyan varghese said

Nice dear. Its a difficult song for singers. You have choose, well. I hope you have to take little more concentrate for this song. You both performance is good. I am not discouraging you dear. Don’t mistake me. At the starting, “Thentral vandhu…. Pagale poi vidu; Irave paai Kodu”, that place you have to take care dear, when you are in stage. Don’t mistake me. Take care! (I have never went to music classes and never learn music from teacher. Colombo International Radio was my teacher, at my child hood. And my Mom, when I was at her Utress. I am not a Karnatic singer) Jeyan Varghese – Chennai


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you for the feedback Jeyan. I take it in the right sense. :-)


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Nitheesh


Shanthakumar said

nice vioce Joseph Thomas


Joseph Thomas said

Thank you Shanthakumar

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