The Lucky Ones

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Recorded this one on my laptop real quick. I prefer writing upbeat songs, but I guess the ballads are good too. The premise of this song is that a girl and guy start falling for each other, and they go off to their friends about how much they are into this person. All they get is negative feedback. Well, I say forget what other people say because they don’t know what you are going through, what you are feeling. Too bad for them cause love is one of the most incredible things in this world. Hope you all like.


And she said
“What are they talkin’ about?
I think it goes
Something like ‘Why are you leaving your bro’s for hoes?
Trust me girls are just mischief
Carbonless, heartless misfits
You’re probably better off alone’
Forget the pessimists,
Their anti-relationships
They don’t know what you’re speaking of
That’s because
You’re feeling love”

And I said
“What are they talkin’ about?
Well my guess is
‘Can he afford to buy you a thousand dresses?
Don’t give him what he wants
Till he shows what he’s got
You better take full advantage’
Forget the games girls play
They always wind up with the pain of
Not knowing what you’re speaking of
That’s because
You’re feeling love”

Don’t hold back, let it out
Feel free to scream and shout
Damn it’s good to be the lucky ones
That’s because
We’re feeling love



Nicole said

Such a beautiful song……and such a sexy voice, great vocals. Looking forward to your next recording.

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by Ben Smythe

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