The Iceland Prize fosters global technological as well as humanitarian progress

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I have read that China is putting funds towards big physics as their government craves nobel prizes A Taiwanese Chinese physicist has gotten a nobel prize for work done n China, as has a literature nobelist who emigrated; numerically though China has more than 60 times the population of Taiwan[b]Thats rather a bunch of hidden talent [/b] Perhaps as China permits civil liberties these peple will communicate Nationalism is the snack food of idiots though, thus carefully edging away from the snack tray I suggest a different idea

there any things I can do to foster global cleverness[/b]

here are two things Iceland could do

Iceland could grant two EU citizenships to persons that solve problems from a list These citizenships would be fully transferrable, even auctionable A Chinese dissident could thus have a new place to live plus a big wad of cash from doing meaninful productive research This is absent cost to Iceland while promoting, rather nobel-like notable scientific as well as humanitarian advances

thing two:

basically I thought Norway should provide funds to the New Icelandic branch of the European Patent Office so that people anywhere on earth could get a complimentary european patent at the Icelandic office

The scandinavian countries would get a year of first rights to the ideas People everywhere could have their go at making society more wonderful. further based on the fact that MIT as well as perhaps UW Seattle’s tech transfer offices are funded from royalties it might possibly be lucrative The benefit to Iceland is the rapid formation of numerous companies to employ people as to use the technology during the first year a corporate entity would create an icelandic corporation The benefit to Norway is that it builds the scandinavian group economy beyond petroleum plus they could rotate the complimentary patent country

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