The Forest is One Big Thing

Lyrics & Chords

This song interleaves the words of Payakan of the Kayapo in three voices and guitar. By developing it as a “round” Ben demonstrated the complexity and interconnectness of the works of this Kayapo leader….

More details, below is a speech given at the University of Chicago, Payakan of the Kayapo (indigenous to the Amazon rainforest) said the following:

“The forest is one big thing; it has people, animal and plants. There is no point in saving the the animals if the forest is burned down; there is no point in saving the forest if the people and the animals who live in it are driven away….the groups trying to save the animals cannot win if the people trying to save the forest lose….none of these groups can win without the support of the Indians, who know the forest and the animals and can tell us what is happening to them. No one of us is strong enough to win alone; together, we can be strong enough to win.”


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