Teri Aankhon ke Siva

Lyrics & Chords

Hi friend’s For A Change….Attempting a Rafi-Saahab’s Song,Which I Love a lot…
…From the film Chiraagh……Music by the Great “Madan Mohan kohli’ji”
.Lyric’s by “Majrooh Sultanpuri”….Based/Influenced—-On/by Raag Jhinjhoti….This particular Raag has many Hit song’s like “Chalo Dildaar chalo”…. “kya se kya Ho Gaya”……“Ghungroo ki tarah” etc….

This Song was Sung by lata’ji too with Same Mesmerizing Style…

Chiraagh is a 1969 Bollywood film directed by Raj Khosla. The film stars Sunil Dutt and Asha Parekh in lead roles……

There are Certain Areas in this Song which I would’nt have perfected it to the Core,
To be Honest ,But ,I Have Given my Best to my capability & I know,that the Much,I Enjoyed Singing it,You will love it too…

Also,I have Recorded this Song,With an Altogether Different pattern this Time,by Keeping the Track Sound Very-Very low,And My Vocal Recording Track Also At a very low of -7db………So,You’ll Definitely Find it Very Different from the Normal….Pl let me know,How was The Final Effect……Hoping Some Suggestion’s for Sure….Many Thank’s in Advance for the Listen……



Saroj Nair said

excellent rendition Jivan……
well sung with great expressions….


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Saroj’ji Many thank’s for Being the First to Encourage ,And Give Such Enlightening feed-back….Tc & God Bless….


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Chandra-Sekharan’ji Nice to See you On my page & I Do Remember Your Rendition sir….Really a Pleasure to See you On my page….Thank’s Again….


Manoj Bondre said

one of those romantic tough songs…wonderfully done by you and with little or shall i say subtle variations…wonderful going …keep it up!!


Anand Sawkar said

Jiwanji, FANTASTIC!!!Very noble & great dedication To Rafi saheb by way of this awesome rendition in your golden voice with shining expressions.



Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Manoj’ji…So thankful for your listen & posting A Pleasing Comment….Yes !! This Song,Infact Any Rafi-Saahab’s Song you take,they Look simple ,But Actually,It has Some Intricate Variation’s ,Which Really takes an Effort to Come near it….Thank’s,I Could Do little justice……

Anand’ji——What an Expressive & Over-whelming feeed-back Sir,Coming from One of the True Music lover,Makes this Rendition very Special After-All for me….You Made my Day sir!!


Sohag Mia (back in action) said

very Impressive Singing Jivan bhai……I love your every song and this one is also too good. Enjoyed your wonderful rendition. Thumbs up for nice mixing and to my fav!
My Latest Covers


Srini S said

Always love the depth in your voice jivan bhai.You did a great job.Nice song and felt like kishoreda singing.Keep it up.

My latest upload,

Nenje kadhal unakku vendaam (Original composition by Adwait ranade)


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Sohag Bhai…Thank’s for Being Supportive Dost….

Srini-Bhai—-thank’s for your Encouragement & fav the Song….Probably Some-day,I’ll learn the Mixing technique So well,that,It will Sound like the Original singer…Haha….Anyway,As,In the previous version’s too,I have mentioned,I Alway’s Go with the flow of Song,without Actually 100 % Imitation,which is next to Impossible by Any-One….That Heaviness in my Voice,Does make it a Bit Difficult to Somewhat Replicate Rafi-Saahab,But Kishoreda’s Voice becomes fluent with it….But will try my level Best to Get closer Someday…….Thank’s Dear…

Rahul-Bhai….Very Happy with your Introspective & Detailed Review,Such Review’s Can Only Help Getting Better & Better….I am Very Much Aware,that the Delicateness & Softness with which,Rafi-Saahab Used to Render his Song’s is Impossible with a Heavy voice of Mine,Also his Subtle Harkat’s are Again next to Impossible to Exactly portray….But,Will Surely Keep in Mind these Minor Detail’s to perfect them,As,previously,I Used to love Rafi-Saahab’s Song’s ,But,Now,I Adore it to the Core……And Will Surely Give my 100% next time….

Sometimes,Mixing with his Song’s is Also Bit of a Task,I Believe A proper Mixing Technique will Also Help Getting Closer to his Style & Throw……Will Surely Consult you in that Case,Someday……Thank’s And Really thankfull for Sparing time & Giving Such Handy pointer’s….All the Best…


♪♪♪ praveen Pandit ♪♪♪ said

Jivan bhai, very nice song selection aur dada I loved this song in your bold voice…I think this song got another color!!khoob bhalo!!I found mixing was also great!!keep singing and sharing…Goes to Fav!
Thanks and Regards,
Pls check my latest upload
Shree Ganeshaya Dheemahi


Thinkal govind kumar Pro user said

Nice choice of Rafisaab’s great song well-rendered by your good self which was enjoyable !
Kudos !
GOD Bless !
Loving Best Wishes,
Thinkal Govind Kumar.


Harish Bhasin Pro user said

Jivan bhai,
Great choice of song! You have sung beautifully. It sounded like Kk is giving tribute to Rafi Sahab. Aapki gayeki mein harkatein bhi bahot pasand ayee. Singing wise aapney bahot he khoobsurat gaya, lekin aapke kuch geeton mein soulful singing hoti hai, wo missing lagee. Mixing bahot behtar lagee. I would consider this A+ rendition. Keep sharing, bro…
Keep singing,
Best wishes,
“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.”
― Robert Fripp


Latha Ganti Pro user said

Jivan ji – Did not get notification of your upload ! Followed Thinkal sir here
wonderful pick bahut achha gaayaa aap ne Melodic, and Charming rendition …thanks for sharing …


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Praveen-Bhai Chalo Aapko toh Kum se Kum Kishoreda in Rafi or Vice versa Also One can Say……Pasand Aaya ye Style….Lekin Sincerely Speaking,With Due Respect to Original Singer’s,Koshish zaroor Rahegi,Rafi’ji ko Apni Aawaaz mein Utaarne ki……Loved your Lovely feed-back praveen-Bhai & thank’s for All the Encouragement….Tc….


Harish said

Jivan, it is good that you are singing many songs of Rafisaab, and it shows clearly that you are now able to sing with more grace and sensitivity. Though it is a long process, you are on the right track. Really liked this rendition of yours!
Din Dhal Jaaye


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Thinkal’ji——Many thank’s for your Visit & Enjoying the Rendition…

Harish’ji-(Bhasin’ji)—-Bahut khushi Huyi,Aapke Comment’s Sunnkar….Aur Main Waqayi Sehmat hoon Aapke Raye Se,woh issliye kyun,ki Rafi Saahab ke Geeton mein Harkoton ki Taraf Dhyaan Zyaada Chala jaata hai,toh woh jo Ek Baat Reh jaati hai….Lekin Agli Baar yeh Thaan liya hai ki,Dono Cheezon ka Dhyaan Rahega….Tc & Loved your Honest feed-back & Encouragemnt too….

Latha’ji—.Loved your Sweet Comment’s latha’ji & your Alway’s Supportive word’s….

Actually,this problem is Occuring with my Mail too,Some Messages are Entering the Spam Area,& Sometimes not Getting too,Some Satellite or Site Disturbances Maybe….Tc Alway’s….


Hema Shamal Pro user said

Very tough pick Jivan ji,if considering mood of this song,but you sailed smoothly and with ease,very sincerely sung knowing each word’s importance.Very melodious singing.Wonderful take indeed.Enjoyed it very much.


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Harish’ji—-Khushi Huyi ki,You liked this Version,And,I am Sure it will Get Better & Better,the More,I Attempt it & learn the little Nuances….


Dj Wazif said

Jivan bhai what a selection here…. always loved this song and your take on it was also lovely…. whoever you sound like shouldn’t matter much than you sound like yourself…. though your notes are nice but I just suggest if you use lower octave more in singing and sing in “Kharaj” you’ll sound much better and nice…. the mukhda especially could be sung in Kharaj and would sound more better…. anyhow thats just a suggestion and you’re already doing great bro…. just keep sharing like that.

Wish you Gr8 Luck!

Please listen to my original here: Dekho Mausam

DJ WaziF


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Hema’ji—-Such a Comment can Surely Uplift One’s Soul….Thank’s Dear’ji…Tc….

Wazif-Bhai—-Aapne toh Bilkul Mere Mann ki Baat cheen-li,Was Just pondering On that,And Here you Stamped the Thought with your Apt Review….The Scale is not Much of a problem,As you have Correctly noticed,But Singing in Low Octave the Mukhda’s & Other Subtle places will Surely Give that Much Desired feel & polishness,Required for Any Rafi Saahab’s Song….

I Somewhat too thought of it,few times,But that Urge to Get into the Flow & Sing Whole Heartedly like Kishoreda takes the Better of me,But,Abhi toh Ye thaan hi liya hai ki Issko Sudhaarna,Especially for Rafi’ji’s Song is A Must to Set thing’s up….Soooo Thankful for the Correct thoughtful Observation & True Appreciation too,Love you Bhai….Tc…


Satheesh Kumar nair said

Jeevan , I heard this song sung by Rafi saab, and Lathaji, now a third version by kishorda ! equally good….beautiful….


It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error.— Adrian Rodgers


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Bahot khoob, Jivan Kohli ji:) Great to hear to Madanmohan ji-Rafi ji duo’s master piece in your voice. Felt like listening to a wonderful cover of Kishore Da’s version of this song (mein, kyaa, hai, and many other places are so Kishore Da like!)

Loved it, Bro!


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Satheesh’ji—-You have Really Given A Big Smile to my face……But Again with Due Respect to Rafi-Sahab,would Surely like to Render his Style Some-day……In fact in Another few Day’s….

Music is Often to be Heard & Rendered or Practiced with it’s melody & Composition,More than Exactly Replicating,that’s what my Belief is & that’s what All Musical pundit’s till Today have preached & Will Remain that for life…Having One’s Own Originality is Also a Great plus point when we Think from the Musical Angle in a Broader perspective….Sonu Nigam Used to Copy Rafi-Saahab’s Song Almost to Near perfection,But Today Has Carved a Niche for Himself with his Own style……

Anyway Opinion’s May Differ…….Thank’s Sateesh’ji for Giving a Short But Sweet Opinion….


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Adwait’ji—-I Am Such a Big Fan of Madan-Mohan Saahab,that I felt Really proud Sharing Atleast the Sir-Name with him haha………You Have Just like Sateesh’ji.Braught a Great Smile on my face……Would Surely like to Cover Rafi’ji in Rafi-Ishtyle Some day……Thank’s Tc,Best wishes….


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Sure, Bro will like to hear other ishtaails too in ur voice but it was a compliment in the first place. I am a big fan of Kishore Da and really enjoyed ur take in his ishtyle, LOL.


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Adwait’ji—I Surely have taken it as a Compliment Only,Just Thoda Baki feed-back Se Prerit Hoke likh Diya,Ishtyle….Hope you have taken it Humorously Bhai….Indian Music ke ye Teen pillar’s toh Humaari Prerna hain/Rahenge……Agar Innmey se Kisiko bhi Hum thoda bhi Match kar paayein toh,Ek Huge Compliment hi Samajhta hoon……But,Ek General Opinion,Yahi Mehsoos ki hai Maine ki,Log Exactly Ussi tarah Chahate hain,jaisa Original Singer ne Gaaya hai,But,Mera ye Maannaa hai,Ki Ek Baar jo Geet Bann jaata hai,Ya Record Kiya jaata hai,Ussey,wohi Original Singer bhi Replicate nahi kar Sakta…,Ek Baar jo Cheez Bann Gayi….woh Bann Gayi….,Ye Aapne bhi Mehsoos kiya Hoga….Kyunki Aap Khud Composition karte Ho….I know you Can very Well Understand that,Haan,Humlog Unse Inspire Hoke Unki tarah Gaane ki Koshish Zaroor kar sakte hai….Kyun ki Tonal Quality Nirantar Change Hoti Rehti hai……I am not Explaining it to You,On your Comment Basis,But in General….

Loved your Comment to the Core Bro….Best wishes,Alway’s…


Neil swanson.. Serious fall again .black out. neck surgery coming in 2 wks prayers requested thanks neil Pro user said

hi jIVan wonderful song. i surely agree
with all comments. we must do a collaboration
again my freind someday soon. anyway another
fine example of ur vocals god bless NEIL.!
My Newest originals


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Azam-Bhai—-I Fully Agree to Each & Every word mentioned & Expressed Above,& I am Also of the Opinion,that the Introspection to How this Great’s were Able to Sustain for So long which is Already a Great Achievement in Itself….is Something to Talk & ponder About in Detail……

You must be Aware or Not,I am not sure,But k.l.Saigal Saahab was an Inspiration to All these three Great’s,I have Read it in Some Article….And Each Used to Emulate Him in their Early Day’s….But later Created History with their Own Inimitable Style…….Lata’ji wanted to be like Suraiyya…She was in Great Awe of Her….But Carved a Great & Even Huger niche for Herself,there are Endless stories like that………

Of Course,with Due Respect to All these Great’s….Music when Sung in flow Gives a Much Better Effect,Rather than thinking About Some-One & Singing like that,You Can Come nearer But Not to perfection At All…….Of-Course they’ll Remain Our Inspiration,that Universal truth will Remain……

Many thank’s Azam’ji for an Indepth view,And would Surely join you on such thread’s whenever time permit’s….loved your Each particular thought with Due Respect….Tc & Best wishes….


Adwait Ranade Pro user said

No worries, Jeevan ji. Aapne bahot badhiyaa gayaa. I enjoyed it fully and that’s what I mean:)


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Neil,Would Surely like to Join you Someday….As have Other Hindi classic’s in my Mind….But would surely find Some way Out….All the Best wishes & thank’s for the listen & Encouragement….


Harry Chops said

Jivan bhai – Wow a Rafi sahab’s song in your own style… Felt like listening to Kishore da’s version of the song. Loved your version.
My latest cover
Ankahee (Lootera)


Muzaffar Naqvi Pro user said

Very lovely this track is and who wouldn’t want to attempt such a beautiful song on it. Jivan you make me feel how transformation might have taken place if it was sung by KK. You maintained the concept and sang with heart and throat both. One caution though never break a word like I heard at all 4 instances as Pal-kon, I don’t remember how it sounds in original but an extended l like Pal~kon would sound good and even better if its a deviation from the original. Did I hear Takhveer @ 3:09? Sign you probably got carried away in the melody. The Q in Taqdeer needs attention….but it is not your fault, this is what newer generation is getting used to it many pronounce as either k or Kh or khe in India and k in Pakistan….I wrote this much because I like this song. As for recording vocals your voice amplitude can sometimes fall into (-3 to 0dB) also called the head-room space but must never ever cross the 0dB limit, it will get clipped and make chirping noise. Stay just below -3dB and you will be fine. Enjoyed this song in your voice Jivan.


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Thank’s Harry-Bhai for Enjoying the Song….In my Voice,Tc & Best wishes…

Muzaffar’ji Was Surely waiting for your Review….Whenever there is a Rafi version Song,I know,I have to be Careful in Rendering it,LOL……….Jokes Apart……I Really Appreciate your Angle in thinking,How Kk would Sound……Palkon Seem’s to me More or less as the Original One,But yes,About Taqdeer’s Q…I Can surely say,that pronunciation Could be polished slightly…As,these word’s are hardly Used in Our day to day language…….Regarding @3.09, After Hearing the final version,I too Sensed that,Whether,Have,I Sung it Takhveer.in flow….So,I had checked only my Vocal then,I found it Correct,But yes,I Agree,A Stress on that word made it Sound like that………….Also Apart from palkein,I must Admit,I must have surely varied slightly at places to Get Some space for Harkat’s/Murki’s which Other-wise was Slightly difficult to Render…….

Regarding the Vocal Volume,you have Again given a Valuable tip Here….Because keeping at -7db,….when the Noise Reducing process was Done,It Did make my Vocal sound a Bit muffled & technical too….Would surely keep in Mind……Thank’s Again for Accepting the Song,in my Vocal’s……Would Surely Modify by taking All the Above tip’s too……Shukriya Sir’ji….for Alway’s blessing my song’s with Apt Review…Best wishes…


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Jivan bro….lovely song pick and rendered it in your own style:) Just felt that you could have induced some softness in this rendition…remember KK also used voice modulations in his eternal songs like kuch tho log kahenge…kept it soft ….in fact all his songs for Rajesh Khanna…were soft….i liked this rendition in your voice and style….no nakal wakal but thoda aur modulations :)….loved it.
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. Pro user said

Jivan… Wonderful singing of this great old gem in your own dulcet, deep and unique voice. You have an enviable voice timbre and those subtle voice modulations you give are too difficult even to imitate…
Excellent feel and warmth in your singing and loved it to the core.
Kind regards,


Giri∂hαrαη. u. r. Pro user said

Rahul, Azam ji, Naqvi ji and Harshan… To read all the comments by doyens like you all was also like taking a lesson on Hindi film music and the techniques of singing and also the response by you Jivan. That was very informative and I am sure as long as such enthusiastic connoisseurs and supporters like you all are there in this forum people like me can learn a lot on techniques on music and singing, which otherwise is not possible…

But while reading some of the comments above, I really wonder why we should strive to sound like Rafi saheb, Kishore da or Mukesh ji when we sing their songs and why one should comment about how similar or different we are from the original singer’s voice! The lyrics and tune and background music have their own life and originality which would shine in any voice if sung properly with feel and melody. If we choose only to imitate these great singers (which is extremely impossible) it would ultimately sound like a mimicry only. This is my humble opinion.

Thank you all for informative comments, it was nice reading such detailed feedback…
Kind regards,


Harshan Nambiar Pro user said

Giri etta….this is what I do ….all the time…because my voice is pretty distinct….I just try to follow the style of the original singer…not trying to sound like them. When I say style I mean the voice throw and modulations….so that soul of the original composition is done a little justice….because if you look at the composition from a composers stand point….there is a reason why a specific song was given to rafi saab, Kishoreda, Mukesh,Talat, Mahendra kapoor….it was for their style of singing and voice offcourse….However I also agree with you why one should worry about how the original was sung….I have seen a video where kishoreda as a tribute to rafi saab sings Man thadpat in his own style without copying rafi saab….and there were some real nasty comments….and me being a huge kishoreda fan …felt bad at those comments…but i felt the same as what the others felt :) Agree with Azam bhais pointers …esp….pointer number 2….Those “unforgettable” memories are not just playing in your head but they also are playing in the listeners’ heads…and this is so true with gems. Jivan bro sorry for using up your space :) but this is healthy discussion :)

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Wow!!……To All friend’s Above,I Wouldn’t have Minded At All,If you Would have Continued Here itSelf….It’s Really a Healthy topic & Wouldn’t have Mattered a least….

Azam-Bhai,Harshan-Bhai & Other’s too……these All thought’s are Coming from Some true & Deep Music lover’s & Truly Appreciate them……


Srini S said

Jivan bhai agar meri taraf se koi ghalati ho to maaf kar dena.What i meant is not only this song but when i hear your other songs also you sound like kishoreda i mean you have a natural voice like dada and you dont copy or imitate anyone and that too the depth in your voice is like kishoreda’s depth.Aap koi bhi gaana gaaiye aapka voice mein kishoreda ka flavour hai.You have a natural voice like him.Aap bura na maaniyega.Kishoreda is kishoreda and jivan is jivan.All the best.

Copying or imitating is different and having a natural voice like a original singer is something different.They are god gifted.

My latest upload,

Nenje kadhal unakku vendaam (Original composition by Adwait ranade)


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Oh!! Hi Srini….Loved your View Dear a lot….I Didn’t mean for you,But in General….Really Sorry,I Posted that View on your Reply Column,But,It was a General Opinion…

I fully Side your view On the kishore-da flavour,By God’s Grace that has Naturally Creeped in,And Am Deeply Honoured too,When Any Music lover link’s me with One Great Maestro like Kishore-Saahab……I am too Small in Comparison,And I Do Humbly Accept Such Gestures….

But,I Even Give Equal Weightage on Rafi-Saahab’s Song’s….If Only,I Could Render it to perfection,Some of his Subtle,Intricate & Mastered Style….That is just a thought,Desire….But Broadly Speaking,I am Surely of the Opinion,that,that should be my Aim,Not my Goal………Someday,I’ll Give a Blend of the Two…haha……As,I Adore Both a lot….

Again Dear,Just Expressing a General View-point & My Thought’s……

Srini-Bhai….Maine Aapki Koi bhi Baat ka Bura nahi Maana Dost,Just Sharing Some thought’s….Am Extremely Glad that You All Music lover’s are So Inspiring,Encouraging & Supportive that,Another Music lover like me Can Only Get Better from Here….Tc & God Bless….


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Giri-Bhai—In this Interesting Discussion,I Really forgot to Thank you for Your Constant Encouragement Bestowed Upon my Rendition’s & Uplifting My Spirit with Such Valuable Feed-back’s….I Truly Respect Your Great Opinion mentioned in the Discussion with Utter Humbleness….Tc & God Bless…


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Harshan-Bhai—-Really Appreciate your Pointer & Will Definitely Work on those to Improvise Upon to Get Better….Thank’s Dear…I Surely take it in a Sportive Spirit…Tc & Best wishes…


Deep Dobhal said

Kya track cha Jivan Da ! Aapki awaaz ku through jan sadani raundu , jabardast chhao…Kuch geet badli bi cha aapn…wa bhinnta bhali bi lagi sun’namu…aapai awaaj ku prakaar ee different cha…ek prakrtik gun cha wai ma…ju aapka pahadi hona ku kaaran bi hwai sakdu…ar aapku effort bi…par ju bi cha…bhaot sundar cha…
Deep Dobhal


Rajesh Pandya ( kuchh naya har bar ) said

Tried with full faith in music and with full satisfaction, I can say. I think you really enjoyed as I. Uper ke sur bhi achhe se lagaye. Thanks for sharing.
Rajesh Pandya
Don’t forget to visit for new uploads of friend’s who are visiting your page for real inspiration.


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Deep-Bhai….Aapne Sahi Notice kiya hai….Actually,Iss Baar Recording, Maine thode Alag Dhang se ki hai,Jaisa Description mein bhi likha hai……Aapki Hausla Afzayee ka Aur Mere Geet ko Sunney ka Intezaar Rehta hai….& Love you Bhai for Alway’s Supporting the Rendition’s…


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Rajesh’ji Bahut-Bahut Shukriya Sir’ji for your Kind Comment’s & Liking the Song….


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Priya’ji Many thank’s for Enjoying my Rendition….Tc & Best wishes…


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Sarmi’ji—So Very Glad to See you Here,And Yes All the Above Healthy Discussion’s have been Carried Ahead in this link Here

Soooo very thankful for Keenly Understanding the Intricate Aspect of this Song & it’s presentation too,Extremely Happy for that….Also,Agree that the Mixing technique Does Give that Added Star’s to Any Rendition & Will work Upon it to Better it….Thank’s A lot…


Asrar Ahmed khan(aadil) said

jiavn bhai…not an easy one to sing but u have done agreat justice to this classic….keep singing more of these gems…regards.aadil


>>mushy<<- said

bahoot khoob jivan bhai kya gana chuna hai….
liked it in ur voice ….
take care
Music has no country, no religion , Its Universal


Hemanth Kumar Pro user said

Bro, your Hindustani training shows quite evidently in your latest renderings…. Marvelous mate :-)!! What a difficult and high pitch song…. again you have pulled it off effortlessly.

One small thing is the vocals sounded a bit sharp…. you may have to tweak the treble or gain to make it a bit softer…. that will suit Rafi saheb’s songs quite well, I think….

Superb cover indeed….

Many thanks and warm regards,



Shailender Pro user said

Jivan bhai……I love this osng to the core and listening it in your voice was an added charm….

Your voice and style did great justice to the original……as usual, the expressions were fantastic…….

Just felt, Like Rahul above that the mukhda needed to be sung a bit softer……

Loved the discussion above on the song here……gave valuable insights……

Music is my meditation…….Shailender


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Thank’s Asrar Bhai,Mushtaque’ji,Hemanth—for your Valuable Tip’s……,Shailender’ji……All of you for your Blessing’s & Encouragement….God Bless….


Ajay m nair said

Wonderful song selection…… this has an excellent composition…. u have wonderfully sung with ur gr8 voice and with lovely feel and expressions…… loved it v.much from u

“The above comments are made upon my v.little knowledge…. the recipient plz forgive if iam wrong”


Ramesh Tadi (away...) Pro user said

Jivan bhai…

wonderful presentation of this beautiful composition in your awesome vocals… you covered this great care and accuracy as per me… wonderful harkats, expressions… loved it bro’

keep them coming.
Ramesh Tadi


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Thank’s Ajay’ji for Such Great praises On my Rendition….Very kind of you,God Bless….

Thank’s Ramesh’ji….For Such Encouragement & Embracing feed-back….Thank’s for your listen too……All the Best…


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Thank’s Adina,Your Comment’s were Really very touching too…Thank’s for Such Beauty of a Feed-back….Tc & God Bless…


Nirmala Kp said

nice one ,jivan ,liked a lot


Nouman Khokhar (busy! will be back soon) said

Jiavn sir,
First time on your space.
Very nicely sung with great expressions. liked it :)

Abhi Abhi-Jism 2


Madhukar Mehta said

Jivan bhai;

First, sorry to be late, I have been too busy off late. Next, I love your zeal in pursuit of learning and continuous improvement!! The discussion above has been valuable for me as a novice amateur who is at the bottom rung of the amateur ladder in this forum. Your attempt for this song is commendable but from my perspective, you probably should reduce the vibrato in your vocals for the songs by Rafi sahab.

Cheers…. L+F



Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Many Thank’s Madhukar’ji……Can Understand the Other Chores, Do Hold All of Us,Here & there……Thank’s for the Observation too……will Surely Work on it………All the Best…


Kuntal said

Jivan Ji,

First off, So sorry for arriving late here……Beautiful pick….bahut sunder gana hai yeh….one of my favs….I am also planning to sing it some time….you have sung it beautifully….Loved the way you said Rakha Kya hai….felt like listening to Kishore Da’s version of this song! Loved it!


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Hi Kuntal’ji—Very Glad to See you,No Issue Kuntal’ji-I can Understand your late Arrival,Taking Care of Kid is Alway’s a lovable & Time ConSuming part…….

Thank’s for liking the Song….In this One,I Tried a Different Recording though,which,I am Not Sure About the Mixing part….But Any-way will Improve it…….Would Surely like to Hear your Version too……All the Best….


Khawer Khilji Pro user said

Jivan bhai- What a selection bro. A very nice tribute to the legend. Your singing was very nice
as usual. Beautiful presentation.


Anirban said

I loved this!! You sang it in your own style!! and thats why it sounds so fresh!!! Great work!!!



Zubair Alam said

Jivan Kohli ji, wah, wah, wah. mazza aa gaya hae. Beautiful song selection and super singing. I simply refuse to look for any flaw because I loved your presentation and am still swaying in its pleasure.

God Bless.
There are as many paths to God, as there are souls on earth. Bulleh Shah-1680


Jivan Kohli (will be away for long--other commitment's..--busy on a learning mode---) said

Many Many Many Thank’s to khawer’ji,Anirban’ji & Zubair’ji for All your love & Support…….God Bless…


Rajeev Bhave said

Jivan Bhai, zara daer se aa raha hoon per kafi dinin se soch raha tha sunane ka. Maine public singing issi geet se ki thi aur yeh geet hamesha hriday ke paas rahega! Maine discussions bhi padhe par main iss layak nahin hoon ki kuch arpit kar sakoon. Mujhe aapka version accha laga. original se hat ke kuch jagahon pe aapne apna rang dikhaya hai jo mujhe bhaya. Log mehfilon mein jaate hain original geeton ko naye rang mein sunane ke liye. Yadi original hi sunana hai toh CD pe suna jaa sakta hai. Haan kuch geet aise hote hain jinse chedkhan bohot samhal ke karna padta hai. Ek sur bhi galat laga to gire khai mein! Meri asha bhi hai iss geet ko cover karne ka – ab inspiration mil gaya hai!
Rajeev Bhave

My latest upload – Saanware – Ksitij Tarey


Archana(hope to be active soon!) said

This song is one of my favs.I loved the way u emphasized “Madan Mohan Kohli” ji’s name (same lastname as urs) as we generally call him “Madan Mohan” ji.

Great singing Jeevan ji.Loved all the variations and all the feel that u brought into this song!!!!!

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