Tanha Lamhon Mein

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Alternate lyrics for Malayalam song ‘Thumbi Kinnaram’ from Naran. Music by Deepak Dev. A great and very fresh sounding track, but not featured in the movie.
I wrote this on request from Swati Kanitkar (http://swatimusic.blogspot.com), as she liked the song very much (although, she doesn’t understand a word of Malayalam :)) and wanted to sing a hindi version of the song and Jo (http://www.muziboo.com/member/jocalling) accompanied her in rendering this duet. Music transcends all boundaries!

This is not a translation of the original Malayalam lyrics.


Tanhaa lamhon mein, chuu jaate ho
meeTe kwaabon mein, aa hi jaate ho
soyi aankhon ko, tum jagaate ho
dheere se ye siili hawaa, terii yaad laayi yahaan
ye boltii khaamoshiyaan, tumse milkar ye aayii hai shaayad yahaan
tanhaa lamhon mein….

neelaa aasmaan, dil uDtaa hai wahaan
sanG hai kwaabon kaa kaarvaan
halkii bekhudii, teri yaaden har kahiin
lagtii ab nayii zindagii
terii palken, neeli aankhen
dil se ye kyaa keh gayiii
terii saansen, kaali zulfen
dheere se duniyaa yoon mehkaa gayii
(tanhaa lamhon mein…)

dil kii ankahii, kuch baaten mai sunuun
seene se mujhe laG jaane do
halkii chaandnii, dheemi dheemi raagini
terii baahon mein zindagii
aaj hum kho jaayee, sapnon ki duniyaa chale
in haseen sapnon ko, hakeekat banaayenGe ik din sanam
(tanhaa lamhon mein….)



George Kuruvilla Pro user said

Wow Ajay… didnt realize u wrote the lyrics for this. I am a huge fan of Swati’s singing. Gr8 job with the lyrics as well. Jo had uploaded this song a while back and I have favorited it :-)

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Adwait Ranade Pro user said

Ajay, it’s a great combination of every Dept being at it’s Best….
Congratulations for your wonderful lyrics Buddy! Swati and Jo are brilliant in singing (I am hearing them for the first time and am very glad to have visited this one)and Deepak’s music composition is terriffic. Keep the good work of such a high class continued friends….
Adwait Ranade
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Shailender said

Just wonderful and amazing…….you have real talent for writing poetry and lyrics…….

Swati and Joseph’s voices have leant magic to this song………simply brilliant……


Harshan Nambiar (away for a month india vacation) Pro user said

Ajay ….I know about you through the blogworld:-) Great talent you have, very well supplimented by Swati’s & Jo’s singing ….very very soothing and expressive rendition ……

Keep it up ….my friends …full marks from me.
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Smitha Passanha said

This was so amazing Ajay! Loved everything abt it! The lyrics were beautiful, the vocals were awesome! 5/5.

- Smitha

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Meena Menon (visit my blog : http://meenamenon.blogspot.com/) said

wow……very nice lyrics yaar……!!!
really happy to see that it is not a mere translation………you just grabbed the mood and recreated the whole song……and in fact i haven’t noticed this malayalam song yet… :)
but now i heard it……and want to tell you frankly that your lyrics is more beautiful than the malayalam lyrics….and this tune also suits more to a hindi song i think….!!
anyway … very happy that i came to your place….keep it up ajay….
may god bless you

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Ajay Chandran said

HI Meena… that is very kind of you… thank you. When I listened to the original, i felt this could be a good hindi song. Thanks to Swati for pushing me to write this one.
And there is no fun in translating, no originality and it would have been tougher too! :) Its my interpretation of the composition.
Do listen to Koii Raaz-e-dil. Another malayalam track experimented ;)

Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback!

Cheers, Ajay


Ajay Chandran said

from the man himself! what more can I ask for Deepak. :)

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