Taari Aankh No Afini (karaoke)(Gujarati Song)

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Hi All,

This is my first karaoke attempt. Recorded with “KaraFun” and “Audacity”.

This song is dedicated to one of my gujju friend(Ankur Gandhi) who told me about this song.

Its a melodious romantic song.

Hope you like it. Please let me know where I can improve.

Thank you,

P.S.: Lyrics could be found here:http://kalrav1.blogspot.com/2006/05/tari-aankh-no-afini_20.html (Its in gujarati).



Nithya Muziboo staff said

Manish, I feel your singing is perfect.But recording can definitely be improved….Your voice and the backtrack dont seem to blend very well…May be you can check the Home recording discussion thread in Muziboo Lounge!


Nithya Muziboo staff said

The song felt good,kinda rustic,though I didnt understand a word of what it was :)


Manish Trivedi said

Thank you Nithya. I will work on the recording part. I surely need to have a better mic I suppose:)

Well the gist of the song is about “poet/writer praising his lover”. I could try my best to translate it sometime!

Thank you for your comments.


Arun Raja said

good job bro… really sood singing… the way you put it “for my Gujju friend”… dont you speak Gujarati yourself… if that is the case, then it is even more commendable… you come across very confident when you sing… Good job again… 5.0 on 5.0 from me…


Manish Trivedi said

Thank you Arun. Basically I am rajasthani but well versed with gujarati too. Thanks to my schooling:).


Shashank Gokhale said


Ur voice is very attractive….I like content of ur voice….U pronounce words very well…… Check out some of my GUITAR recordings on headphone….on Laptop….u cud do a lot better I GUESS….

- Use good quality stereo cables if u are connecting machine to some music player….
- record at quite placeles add noise in recording….
- dont record near speakers….keep mic away from speakers….
- Check the sound of CPU fan……just cover cpu with something….
- some times loose cab
- wrap up a hanky around mic to filter the air blow….

some tips ….may be useful to u….:D


Yogesh Bhatt said

Hi Where did You got the Karaoke From ?

I have Lot many Guju Songs … Original ones. and Big Fan of Sugam Sangit … I will Past my comments later after Your reply


Ravi Sheth said

how can i add this song or download it ……


Balwinder Kaur said

Hi dont understant this song but love the feel. Can u tell me where can i get the karaoke track. appreciate ur help




Rj Zain said



Mansi said

very nice song


Pinkesh Sanghvi said

Hey Manish Hi, kem che dost, majamma ne, heys bugs this pinkesh here, hi!!! hmm ya good yaar i hve the original song in my pc n my mp4 player n almost make a point to listen our gujarati songs everyday while commuting in trains n i did found ur voice not bad man, u hve done a brilliant attempt, which wud make “‘Go as far as you can see;when you get there,you’ll be able to see farther”


Manish Shastri said

Hi all,

I am big fan of gujarati sugam sangeet and gazals. I am looking for gujarati karaoke tracks. Any one sharing will be rewarded with 2 hindi karaoke songs. I have v good collection of hindi karaoke songs – new and old. Pl reply. I am based in UAE and power plant professional.


Nikhil said

Hi all,

This is historic song, before film relesed all print was burnt due to fire. Only few people bought original disk. Few reals of film are available but copy of new film is not available. There are very good other songs in this film, All India radio broadcast these songs once.


Anil Chaurasiya said

God bless the singer……Really very touching song……


Chirag Suthar said

you have good voice with good variations keep moving ahead.


Sunil said

It’s not much good,but an attampt only.pls bring feelings in your voice.make it so normal that it can speak itself DEAR,and use real KARAOKE and the sound track also.

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