sri varalakshmi

Lyrics & Chords

sri varalakshmi.
sri raaga.
rupaka tala.
composition of muttuswamy dikshitar.



Lohith K said

good stuff. haven’t heard anything like this from a long time. thanks. all the best.


Joseph Thomas said

Super cool! Loved it totally.


Nithya Muziboo staff said

You have played very well.How long have you been playing?…I love Sree raga


Lakshmi Srinivas said

very nice to listen sri raaga. you have done very well


Prateek Dayal Muziboo staff said

I don’t have much knowledge about raagas but your playing skills are really good …. have not heard much of this stuff otherwise … looking forward to more

Can you tell briefly about what this raaga is? If its possible :)


Vasudha Sundar said

To know more about Carnatik raagas, one can visit

A good site just right for music lovers


Malarvannan S said

I don’t have much idea about ragaaaas, but it made me calm after hearing this….it reduced my tension….i know music has that power….particularly flute music soothes anybody….keep doing the good work….


Shashank Gokhale said

Your Flute Remind me ‘Malgudi Days’….I am not sure if thats the same Raaga….

I liked your playing skills…

May be you can do a better recording….

Please check this link for learning the basics/tips & tricks of ‘Recording Flute’ ….

Keep good work….


Murali Venkatraman said

Hi Soumithri ! I have been searching so long for a flautist in the blogosphere for almost years now. You are the first in that respect. I thoroughly enjoyed your rendition !


Dhiraj Barla said

Wonderful job man, as Murali said there is no one like you in the whole blogsphere, very well played. loved it tottaly.


Ram N said

Beautiful Shri. You seem to effortlessly move without going out of scale. Seem to have a good control. I always wonder the beautiful and full sound the flute produces and your flute is very pleasant to hear. Good work!

Couple of minor points:
In “Shree Saarasapathe” right after “Shree”, you give a pause… I haven’t heard it in other renditions. Also in dhuritha kalam, it sounder little flat.

I wish you did some nirval in “Sevakajana paalinyai”…. It would have been more complete :-)

Great job.

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