so good

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Definition of the phrase I feel so fine
hadnt felt it in a while
so I look up and smile
finally got the chance to look back at the past
reflect upon it to try to fix myself
right now sky’s the limit
I think I can do anything
rainy or cloudy
in my heart it’s always shining
look around me
all this positive energy
feeling high without weed
noone knows it like me
gotta let yourself be free
screw my comfy zone
so I go out alone
there I find you wow
timing is right now

verse 2)
there goes a girl
with a long wavy hair
나 같은 초짜에겐 이런 찬스 많이 안와
so I decide to grab it
that’s how we end up talking
you just stand there blinking
so sexy that im melting
not knowing how to do it
I stumble words upon it
and then there she goes
flying out my window
weird cuz I don’t know
that I dnt care no more
show my love so
feeling good oh
just keep smiling
displaying my style see
lyrics don’t make sense
this is my hobby


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by Han-jo Kim

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