S.E.X. (For The First Time) Ft. Lala Brown

Lyrics & Chords

ay yo baby, how old are you,
cuz in my book if your 16 or older,
ill bend your ass over,
and thats how most other fellas are too,

so imma give you game breakdown,
when you a virgin the world is still in your palms,
but you gonna have a lotta homies tryin to hit it,
be carefuls my only advice, otherwise someone like mes on it

baby listen because this my edition,
to educate you from a mans perspective on a virgin,
your unclaimed territory, it says dont tresspass,
but i got the erge to pounce when i see that ass,
all you been so far to a man is a tease,
so let me put something in yah that puts your mind at ease,
shes heard my reputation on bringin girls out in the world,
but its a cold place, so whats the decision worth,
you risk everything, i know first timers who have birth,
a kid in your life is not something that you want,
and i aint havin no wife just because fucked once,
always invisioned your first time being perfect,
left yourself askin afterwards was it really worth it

so you had your first time? congratulations, its a new day,
now people are gonna talk but dont listen to what they say,
sex is what you want then its what your gonna get,
i know hundreds of homies whod love to get you wet,
but if we put it on you then dont go tell daddy,
cuz i aint seein no one creepin behind in a caddy,
your mommas all a mess and your families in distress,
just because of irresponsible decisions that led up your dress,
they keep asking whos the guy,
waiting for you to reply,
my suggestion is dont answer i dont remember i was drunk or high,
was it someone you cared for,
someone who shared more,
in common then they just happened to one time walk thru a door,
be careful who you give it to,
and who you give permission to,
the girl relating to this song, yes im talkin to you


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