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I bought this piecemeal track from (yes I really mean it because this track was created with some live performance and copy pasted interludes from youtube using Sony ACID software). Nevertheless, I attempted to record this classical song by the legend SPB. I got the lyrics off of the web and corrected it with the help of my telugu friend. If you still find any pronunciation mistakes, its all mine. I started singing using kElvi gnAnam but later joined carnatic classes but did not and could not continue :)) Till date, I regret that since my teacher believed in me more than what I believed in myself. Someday, I hope I can resume the class. Looking forward to the feedback from the classically trained Muzibooyans and hoping to improve based on their feedback. KV Mahadevan avargaLin isai kAlathAl azhiyAdhadhu.



Adithi said

Kaelvi gnyaanathilaye ippdi pattaya kelappureenga! :)

I am sure you can get a better track that this. I can help you find one. You should redo it with that as this one has some disparities in shruthi within!

Peace if possible, but truth at any rate – Martin Luther


Deepa kumar said

Followed Adithi here :) Hearing u for the first time….This is one of my favourite song in Telugu …. I have singing this song since I was 4 :) If anybody asks me to sing, I will be singing this only …. Vera paatte ivalukku theriyaadhaanu ellarum nenachiruppaanga …. lol……Yesterday only I was thinking of finding this track and doing a female version….Saw Adithi’s comment and reached here….Very well sung….I agree with Adithi….Kelvi nyaname ivlo sooperaa….Liked a loooot……To my favs

u can try learning music online….It will not take much of your time…I am also doing the same….All the best!!!

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ராஜ் குமார் அஞ்சன் said

Another Balu gaaru’s gem!!! Valiant attempt with limited knowledge in classical singing…. As you said, the track seems to have serious non-compliant scale problems… Make more friends here that u can get the track shared by those who have covered this already… :-) And I felt ‘gambeeram’ in delivery could have been better… Having said that, good attempt… Keep them coming…
Thanks & Regards,

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Siva said

Kalakitteenga ! Keep the tunes flowing….


Subhashini Mukund said

Lovely attempt Raja. Classical kathu mudicha ungala kaiyila pidikka mudiyadhu polirukke :)



Theagaraj Dhanapalan Pro user said

In the paadalin meethu Thangalukkulla miguntha arvamum, paadavendum endra vida muyarciyum, athai sathitha, atharkundana theiriyathaiyum semmaiyaga paaratugiren.

Miga nandragvey iruthathu.




Raja Mani said

@Adithi, sila nErathula kElvi gnAnam vasadhiyA irukkum. AnA indha mAdhiri classical pAttu pAdumbOdhu OraLavukkudhAn kELvi gnAnam kai kodukkum. Thats when I feel I shouldn’t have quit my carnatic class :( Thanks for your encouraging words. Indha track-ai kAsu kuduthu ArvamA vangi play paNNi nondhuttEn. Bits and piecesA vevvEra scale-a patch work paNNi pazhi vAngittAnunga. yErkanavE enakku semi-classical songs pAdumbOdhu romba consciousness vandhudum. Adhuvum indha mAdhiri oru trackOda pAdumbOdhu konjam thayakkamAvE irundhadhu.

@Deepa, Thanks for visiting my space and for your appreciation. Its very interesting to know that you like this song so much and have been singing this since the age of 4. My carnatic teacher is very close to my house. Its my work schedule & lack of time to practice thats preventing me venturing into the purest form of music. I still goto him for help, whenever I have to sing a semi-classical song in my light music shows.

@Raj, Thanks for your encouraging words. Muziboo is an awesome forum and I’ll keep looking for a good quality track from other Covers of ths very same song.

@Siva, Thanks for visiting my space and for your nice comment.

@Subashini, Thanks for your encouraging words. Isaiyil katRadhu kai maN aLavu kallAdhadhu ulagaLavu. En carnatic teacher sila sangathigaLai pAdi kEkkumbOdhu, irukkuRa kAlathukkuLLa adhaiyellAm kathukkittu pAda mudiyAmannnu malaichu pOyi ninnirukkEn. adhanAla neenga en kAl eppavum tharaiyiladhAn irukkumnu nambalAm.

@Theagaraj, SPB avargaL pAdinAl endha pAttin meedhum enakku Arvam thAnAga vandhu vidum. Thangalin karuthu padhiviRkkum, pArAttudhalgaLukkum migavum nanRi.
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