Sangeetha jathimullai

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Dear all,

This is one of my dream song. This is one of the song proved SPB as legend.

My first attempt on carnatic based song. I just recoded with my laptop. Also, i am not a professional carnatic singer. Anyhow, I have given my level best. I really appreciate if all of you listening comment on this. Please let me know my correction and mistake.

Song: Sangeetha jathi mullai
Movie: Kadhal oviyam



Nithya Muziboo staff said

Hi Prakash,

I will give you 5/5 for even attempting a song like this without a carnatic background. I have listened to the original long back, dont really remember how SPB has sung this. You have done a pretty decent job. If you want some feedback that u can work on, here they are

1) Some improvement on Tamil pronunciation! the mispronunciation was in quite a few places, so am not able to list

2) in the beginning alaap, you have to sing right from the throat ( innum azhuthama), the notes were right, but i guess u were a lil concious

3) in the ending swaram part again, ur notes were right, but sounded a lil tired.can you record it in parts? then all this can be solved!

But really really cool job!


Prakash Namasivayam said

Hey Nithya…

This is what i expect from muziboo. Your detailed comments will help me to improve myself. I really thank you for pointing my mistakes. I will definitely make note of the improvements you mentioned and try to improve myself in future.

Prakash N


Shashank Gokhale said


I am a Marathi person….So Not sure about the language of the song….So for Pronounciation….I am not authorized….

About the Notes, I think many places to improved….You voice sounded little thin to me……thought in the Middle part of the scale….You can put some weight in you voice while hitting notes….It would make listenerd believe that u wanted to do that…. :D

Notes were out of scale at many places….where you sing fast lines mainly….

I can Evaluate better if I know the language I guess…. :D

Nice try and as Nithya said….this is real difficult song…. :D


Nithya Muziboo staff said


AS Shashank pointed, notes were off in some places more bcos of the tiredness than due to your ignorance. If you listen to it now, you can find them yourself. The best way to master such songs is to master it in parts. Try to practice and upload just the alaap without the backtrack. You can use a tanpura or a Sruthi box. It easier to give feedbakcs that way and for yourself too, you will perceptably notice improvements.


Prakash Namasivayam said

Thanks nithya,

I will try to record it in parts and upload it once again. But, i’m just recording with my laptops with very little options. Anyhow, i will try to improve my notes.

Thanks for taking time to comment on songs.


Kumaran said


Even though there were some off notes in the aalapanai, the energy looked solid and I really appreciate your courage in selecting and rendering this song.


Prakash Namasivayam said

Hi Kumaran…

Thanks a lot for your encouraging comments.


Sushane Shankar said

great try Prakash…………. I need hardly mention dat dis s a really really tough song……. u’ve done justice 2 it………… keep dem cumin…….


Murali Venkatraman said

In my opinion, this is an overhyped song of SPB. SPB as I know had high fever when recording this song, and ended doing an average job. There are so many other songs of SPB which are far more difficult and rendered superlatively by him.

That said, I did not mean it is an easy song for other singers. But your attention to details of such a long song given you are not trained does make me sit up and watch. Good attempt man !


Venkat Raman said

i am venkat. can u send the karaoke track of sangeetha jathi mullai song immediately. Plz


Venkat Raman said

my id is


Balasundaram R said

Gr8 try, finally good result. Keep it up. Sung well. Can you send me the Sangeetha sathimullai karaoke track? I would like to try this song.
Bala.R (Chennai)


Theeban Ganesh said

hi daaaaaaaaaaa
nice attepmt….
nalla irukku….
i heard it from u 1day lively u remember???
nice daaaa


Krishna Prasad said

Bealutiful man…. xcellant job…
throw out ur voice…. that will really be superb…


Divya Sudhakar said

wowwwwwwwwwww simply superb man………… keep rocking


Ashok Kumar said

Prakash… really nice rendition. it will be more good if you tried with some nice track like original



Ravi Govindasamy said


This is Ravi G. Enna voice yeah unakku. Excellent Singing U rock Really.

Also listen my songs.

Ravi G


Giri said

Very well attempt. I would give you 9 out of 10 for this. There are of course some flaws like pronunciation, pitch, modulation etc….but for such a great song….we are not legends.

Keep up the good work sir.


Arkay 4music said



Krithi Srini said

can you send me the swaras of the last para. I am trying to sing this song. thanks in advance


Nihal Shukkoor said

prakash ji can u pls send this song karaoke to me…pls to


Nikhil Gangadhar said

excellent rendering bro. last paragraph with vizhiillai, was a bit different from that of the original, but swaras and the rest was awsome……… great job, hope to listen to more song of urs


Aravind said

Hi Prakash,

Bravo! Great effort.

A request, like others, I am also looking for the good quality karaoke track. Can you please send it to me on please.

Regards – Aravind


Augustine said

Hi prakash u sung really well,Good attempt with confidence .Keep it up.Just reply me back to the e-mail ID


Ponmani said

any one having sangeetha jathi mullai song karoake and swarangal plz send to my mail


Hari M said

Hi Prakash,

Your voice is very nice! Very minor opportunities in my opionon but I am also a learner. Although it is recorded in a laptop, I think you have used a best software. Which one did you use? Where did you get this Karaoke track, please send it to my email


Gokul said

Hi Prakash,

Am gonna try this song can u pls send me the Karoke track for this to mt email


Ananth Kumar said

Hi Prakash,
Im practising this song for a competition where im going to sing it infront of public …….
Can u please send me the karoke and help me out…

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