Roja Janeman

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Song from Roja….

Originally sung by SPB sir …… Actually I am inspired by Sreeharshan sir’s comment on my “Enagali mundhe saagali” song …… And plz forgive my hindi accent :-)



Harshan Nambiar - (busy till end of this week) Pro user said

Ravi …ha ha ….I guess I was right …you have an awesome voice which resembles the maestro. You have sung this very well, except for a few minor offs. Very expressive rendition ….just work on your sur ….your hindi diction is pretty good….except for thandi thandi :) This is a good start and Muzibooan’s will really help you out with their honest feedback !!

5/5 from me ….keep it coming.
Check out
Dil ke jharonke mein

sama hai suhana suhana Tum se hi


Pukartha chala hoon mai

“Panthi hoon mai”

Dekha na hai re socha na

my duet with smitha Jaane jaa



Ravi Kichcha said

Thanks a ton Sree sir…… Yeah sure I will work on sur…. :-)


Ravi Kichcha said

Thanks a lot Reema Madam and Nalina…. he he he :-) actually I just sang this song seeing the lyrics , there it was written like “Dhandi dhandi ye hawa” and I was knowing the tune of this song as I heard this in telugu so I didn’t listen to hindi original song :-) …….
Yeah Nalina I will definitely try to improve the skills……


Ravi Kichcha said

Thank u very much Reema madam :-)…….

Hey Raj, thanx man…… sure…. am also a beginner, accepted ur friend request just nw…. once again thanx bro …. :-)


Jenefa (inactive) said

Hi Ravi…

you’ve gotta superb expressive voice!! As Harshanji said you will get even better as you sing more n more….Keep singing!!
Jenefa :)


Ravi Kichcha said

thanx a lot Jenefa…. yeah sure…. now a days am practicing everyday :-)


My recent Renditions :
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Unnikrishnan Kb said

Nice singing… Ravi… i like the way you carried the sining… i give a 5/5


Naren Allam said

now i inspired by U….keep going


Naren Allam said

I found the voice like mix of 2 great singers….

SPB and Hariharan….I have to do better in Telugu.


Sushmita Mishra said

nice singing ravi ji.starting is very nice but i think the harkat in tarse is little bit different.otherwise overal good
comments on my upload tera mera pyar amar
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.with regards,sumi


Ravi Kumar said

Thanx a lot Susmita :-)


Harika said

Nicely sung! slight diction errors but besides that everything is great :)

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